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Chapter 488: Completely Out of Place

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The director didnt expect things to turn out like this and hurriedly got someone to call them away.

Shi Xuexins expression turned slightly awkward.

The staff was surprised as well.

They had thought that Shi Xuexin was very familiar with the villagers, but it turned out to be a blunder.

The fans in the comments were saying, “Xuexin has changed a lot, its normal that they didnt recognize her.”

“No, didnt Shi Xuexin say that she has feelings for this place She hasnt been back for almost ten years.”

Shi Jin called for everyone to enter.

Shen Xinghe immediately walked to her side and asked, “Sis, is this a vegetable sprout”

“Yeah, I just picked it.”

Shi Jin placed the vegetables in his arms.

“No, Ive left some work for you in the kitchen.

Youll have to cook the roasted chicken with Grandpa Wang later.”

“I like this mission!” Shen Xinghe immediately rolled up his sleeves.

Lin Yao and Xia Peifeng walked in.

The camera followed their line of sight.

Because of Xuexins previous statements and interviews, they also thought that the situation in Taizhou Town was very tough.

They had prepared many supplies and food.

However, when he walked in, they realized that it was a completely different world inside.

The courtyard was huge and neatly decorated.

There were grape vines crawling all over the rockery, and the winding path was not far away.

There were birds singing and flowers everywhere.

The floor was even tidied up.

On a table not far away, there was a chessboard and tea set.

Lin Yao glanced at the tea set and his eyes darkened.

This tea set looked familiar…

Ever since Wen Wang met Zhu Junrong last time, his attitude towards Shi Jin had changed drastically.

He didnt dare to underestimate her.

He took a look at the layout of the courtyard and felt even more respect for it.

Shi Xuexin immediately shouted, “Grandpa Grandpa”

An old man dressed in old fashioned clothing with white hair and a beard walked out.

Shi Xuexin did not recognize him immediately.

The director immediately gave him a close-up shot.

“Are you Xuexin” That old man said, “Old Master Li has gone out.

You guys can go look for him later.”

From the looks of it, the elders attitude towards Shi Xuexin was rather cold.

Lin Yao asked, “This is…”

Shi Xuexin had never taken these people seriously.

When she returned to the Shi family, she wished she could sever all ties with them.

So she couldnt answer Lin Yaos question.

Lin Yao took another look at Shi Xuexin, deep in thought.

The cameraman did not dare to continue filming.

The situation was too awkward.

It was Shi Jin who walked out and said, “Grandpa Wang, can you help Shen Xinghe He doesnt know how to control the fire.”

“Alright, Ill go and help.” Grandpa Wang immediately smiled and said.

Shi Jin said, “Then Ill go fetch Grandpa.”

“Alright.” Grandpa Wang waved at her.

Shi Xuexin did not want to miss such a great opportunity to reunite with Old Master Li.

She immediately said, “Ill go too.”

Before they left, Shi Jin took out the tea leaves that she had brought back and passed them to Xia Peifeng.

“Please entertain everyone.”

The cameras separated.

Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin were in the same group.

Shen Xinghe and Grandpa Wang were in the same group.

While Lin Yao, Xia Peifeng, and Wen Wang admired the courtyard and enjoyed tea.

When Shi Jin walked out, there were many people greeting her along the way.

The two times she came back, she had stayed in the village with Fu Xiuyuan and ran around with her grandfather.

She even helped cure some peoples headaches and fevers.

Naturally, many people knew her.

However, it had been many years since Shi Xuexin had returned.

Back then, she had lived here in self-pity and seldom interacted with others, so no one knew her.

The comments started to feel strange.

“Whats going on”

“Thats normal.

Shi Jin is from here, and Shi Xuexin is not.

Its normal that everyone greets Shi Jin and not Shi Xuexin.”

“Then the people here arent that nice.

Theyre giving Shi Xuexin the cold shoulder.”

“Can you guys take a good look They just dont know Shi Xuexin, but theyre still very friendly.

They even gave her an orange just now.”

“Why do I feel like Shi Xuexin is completely out of place here”

When Shi Jin arrived at the vegetable field and saw that Old Master Li was busy, she immediately went forward to help pick the vegetables and sweet potatoes.

It was only then that the audience saw that she was dressed in plain clothes that were commonly seen in the countryside.

She had a pair of gloves and a pair of boots.

It was very convenient.

Because her face was too outstanding, no one had paid attention to how she was dressed.

As Shi Xuexin was dressed too beautifully, she did not enter the vegetable field, causing another wave of discussion.

After Old Master Li was done, he saw Shi Xuexin and greeted her with a smile.

“Xuexin is back”

“Grandpa, I miss you so much.” Shi Xuexins eyes immediately welled up with tears.

It was deeply touching.

The cameraman quickly gave her a few close-up shots.

Old Master Li smiled.

“I didnt see you the previous few times I went to the capital.

I was quite disappointed.

Its rare that youre finally back.”

“Im sorry, Grandpa.

I was too busy previously.” Shi Xuexin rushed forward and held his arm.

The bullet screen said, “Didnt Grandpa Li see Shi Xuexin previously”

“Shi Xuexin didnt see Grandpa Li because she was too busy”

“Grandpa Li looks a little familiar.”

“Hes very refined.

No wonder he could give birth to Best Actor Li and a granddaughter like Shi Jin.”

“I didnt feel it just now, but after Shi Jin came out, I realized that Shi Jin really looks more like Old Master Lis relative.”

Shi Xuexins performance was a little fake, and the comments gradually began to show doubts.

However, she was still immersed in her own emotions.

Old Master Li, Shi Jin, and Shi Xuexin returned to the courtyard.

When Wen Wang, Lin Yao, and the others saw them return, they immediately stood up.

Old Master Li had his own aura.

Lin Yao and Wen Wang felt that he looked especially familiar, but after thinking about it carefully, they realized that they had indeed never seen him before.

They couldnt help, but think that it might be because everyone was familiar with Li Juekai.

Now that they saw Old Master Li, it was no wonder that he looked familiar.

“Everyone, take a seat.

Theres no need to stand on ceremony.” Old Master Li opened his mouth to speak.

His voice was loud and full of energy.

For some reason, Wen Wang, Lin Yao, and Xia Peifeng subconsciously came forward to help him carry his things.

This was an instinctive reaction, not a polite greeting or anything to show in front of the camera.

The three of them didnt know why, but they were instantly awed by his presence.

“Its rare for everyone to come here as guests.

Tonight, I have to bring out my good wine.”

“Grandpa, your body is not suitable for drinking,” Shi Jin persuaded him immediately.

“Ill just drink a little, just a little.” Old Master Li said.

Shi Jin pulled a long face.

“Everyone can drink, but you cant.”

Xia Peifeng smiled and said, “Grandpa Li, let me drink soda with you.”

“Grandpas stomach hasnt been too good recently.

His blood sugar is a little high, and so he cant drink soda either..” Shi Jin was like a little beast that had exploded.

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