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Chapter 487: Typical Example of Misogyny

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On Shi Xuexins side.

She had to go back to Taizhou Town to film, so she was under a lot of stress.

In her eyes, Taizhou Town was too far from the capital, and life was inconvenient everywhere.

In her memory, Old Master Li was always busy in the fields in the countryside.

Sometimes, he would even bring her along.

The people there were used to coming and going in the fields.

What she especially hated was that there was mud everywhere.

Everyone in the village had mud on their bodies.

It was a nightmare.

Now they wanted her to go back.

Every cell in her body was filled with resistance.

“Alright, youre just going to film, not stay there forever,” Yu Xiuhua said.

“Besides, isnt that Zhu Junrong your teacher Maybe Taizhou Town isnt what you think it is.”

“Zhu Junrong being my teacher was just a coincidence.

Old Master Li is just a farmer.

He doesnt know anything,” Shi Xuexin said.

“What if he wants me to show my feelings for him when we get there I really cant act…”

Yu Xiuhua prepared a lot of food for her.

“If youre really not used to it, use what I prepared for you.”

It was only then that Shi Xuexin managed to sort out her thoughts about returning.

She had brought a lot of things and placed them in her nanny van.

When she came out, she found her manager and asked her to post an article for her.

The content of the article was about her swapping identities with Shi Jin.

It detailed how she had grown up in the countryside with difficulty while Shi Jin had grown up in places like the Shi villa and the capital.

Even so, she continued to study diligently.

She learned many things and cultivated many interests.

Although she could not compare to Shi Jin, she never stopped working hard and kept improving.

This time, she didnt intentionally praise herself to suppress Shi Jin.

That was because she knew that with Shi Jins current status, she could no longer suppress her with just an article.

After the article was sent out, Shi Xuexin received many good comments.

“I didnt expect a young lady from the village to have such ambition.”

“Its understandable that shes not as good as Shi Jin.

After all, Shi Jin grew up in the capital and was carefully nurtured by her family.

Her horizons and knowledge are completely different.”

“Sigh, its such a pity for Shi Xuexin.”

“Therefore, a persons growth environment is still very important.

Its best that we dont keep judging Shi Xuexin.”

“I didnt expect Li Juekai, the Best Actor, to also have come from the countryside back then.”

“Shi Jin is really lucky.

She grew up in the Shi family and did not live in Taizhou Town.

Thats what made her foundation strong.”

As Shi Xuexins article was very peaceful, everyone was fair and objective when discussing it.

After the director found out about this matter, he specially went to interview Shi Xuexin before setting off to find out more about her previous living environment.

“Xuexin, was it inconvenient for you to live in the countryside”

“Yes, although its really inconvenient and difficult to walk on the road, and its often covered in mud after it rains, Grandpa still treated me very well.

He always used an old bike to send me to school.”

“Was the place where you went to school far away”

“Its quite far away, but I miss it quite a bit too.

My relationship with Grandpa has always been quite good.” Shi Xuexin hated that place to the core, but her words were filled with nostalgia.

“Were you studying the violin and piano at the time”

Shi Xue thought for a moment.

“I did learn a little back then, but mainly, I learned it after returning to the Shi family.”

“What else have you learned”

“I learned a little bit of whatever other kids were learning, but I didnt learn them systematically.

Only when I returned home, did I have more time to study with my teacher.”

The fans could not help feeling sorry for her.

“This is a little too much.

Why is the Li family treating Xuexin like this I heard that Shi Jins two older brothers have been studying outside the village very early.

Why did they leave Shi Xuexin alone in the small town to study”

“This is a classic example of misogyny, ha.”

“Luckily, Xuexin is talented.

Even if she didnt learn anything in Taizhou Town, she still relied on her talent to start her new life.”

“Thats right.

The Li family shouldnt have done that.”

“If Xuexin stayed in the Shi family from the beginning, her current development would be many times better than Shi Jins.”

This attracted many fans for Shi Xuexin.

Even the incident with Wen Wangs violin, where she stood in the midst of a whirlpool of suspicion, she now received a lot of support and defense because of it.

Her fans felt that she would never do such a thing.

It was also the first time that the Shi and Li families had appeared in the public eye in such a neat manner, receiving everyones doubts and criticism.

Although Shi Xuexin did not have many fans, they all felt that they had grasped justice and were especially powerful.

They even asserted that if Shi Jin had grown up in the Li family, she would have achieved nothing now.

The live broadcast also began with this controversy.

Following the live broadcast camera, everyone saw beautiful fields of vegetables and farmland.

The roads were very spacious and there were many cars of various styles everywhere.

Although they were not luxurious, they were similar to those of ordinary small cities.

It was not the inconvenient countryside that Shi Xuexin mentioned.

The production teams car arrived at Old Master Lis doorstep.

Shi Xuexins eyes were immediately filled with tears as she whispered, “Grandpa, Im back.”

A staff member of the production team saw her like this and hurriedly handed her a tissue.

She wiped her tears and said, “Im sorry, Im a little emotional.

This is the place where I grew up.

Im too emotional.”

Everyone expressed their understanding.

Shi Jin appeared at the entrance of the Li family and came forward to greet everyone.

She was holding a bunch of vegetables in her hands, her expression calm.

“Hello everyone, come in for tea.”

The villagers gathered around to watch the commotion.

The director wanted to give Shi Xuexin a surprise, so he called a few neighbors over.

He wanted to put on a touching show.

A few villagers walked forward.

The director had expected them to show a look of longing after seeing Shi Xuexin and reminisce about the past.

However, when they walked over, they didnt see anyone they knew.

They couldnt help but ask, “Wheres Xuexin Im sorry, we havent seen each other for almost ten years, I really cant recognize her.”

“Thats right..

Xuexin didnt like to talk when she was young, nor did she like to play and greet us.

She hasnt been back for so many years, so she must be unfamiliar with us, right”

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