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Chapter 485: Broken Zhu Junrongs Heart

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“So, when she said that Master Wens violins were just average, they really were average!”

“Shes right.

Did you see that Shes using Escania!”

“So, why would Shi Jin cut Master Wens violin strings”

“Thats right.

Master Wen jumped to conclusions.

Is there a need for Shi Jin to target him”

“Im tired of telling you guys that my daughter is innocent this whole time.”

On the stage, Zhu Junrong and Shi Jin had already started their performance.

The sound of their violins echoed with each other, bringing a feast for the ears.

Wen Wang turned back to take a glance at Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin stood rooted to the ground like a wooden sculpture, as though she had lost all her senses.

Wen Wang understood her shock.

After all, his shock had reached its peak.

However, what Wen Wang did not know was that Shi Xuexin was not thinking about Shi Jin.

She was thinking that Zhu Junrong was her old violin teacher!

It was the teacher who had taught her for a year when she was young.

However, later on, she despised Zhu Junrong too much and said some harsh words that hurt Zhu Junrongs heart.

He no longer cared about her.

Now, she wanted to tell the whole world that Zhu Junrong was her teacher, but just now, she had said that she didnt know Zhu Junrong and had nothing to do with him.

How could this Zhu Junrong be that Zhu Junrong

Shi Xuexins fingers were pinched together, but she did not feel any pain.

If she hadnt fallen out with Zhu Junrong back then, would she be the one standing on the stage and not Shi Jin

Thunderous applause sounded from all around, pulling Shi Xuexin out of her reverie.

She suddenly woke up and saw Zhu Junrong and Shi Jin bowing on the stage before starting the next performance.

Hearing the applause, she knew that Shi Jins performance would not be bad.

She leaned against the sofa weakly.

At that moment, the director seemed to have found the greatest treasure and was continuously instructing the staff to give Shi Jin the best shot.

Was anyone paying attention to what Shi Xuexin was doing

Was there anyone else who was surprised by Shi Xuexins performance

Was there anyone who cared about what Shi Xuexin was thinking

All her glory was gone in front of Shi Jin.

At this moment, Shi Jin had already left the stage.

She and Zhu Junrong walked down the stage and entered the private room.

All the cameras followed her.

Shen Xinghe rushed forward excitedly.

“Congratulations, Shi Jin! Your performance was amazing!”

“Congratulations.” Xia Peifeng recovered from his shock.

Lin Yao opened his mouth and felt that his voice was no longer his.

“Shi Jin, I really didnt expect you to play the violin so well.”

Shi Xuexin and Wen Wang did not speak.

Both of them were too ashamed to speak.

Shi Jin replied graciously, “Thank you.”

“Shi Jin, why didnt you say so earlier” the director said excitedly as he rubbed his hands together.

At this moment, the viewership ratings for this show had reached its peak.

“If you had said so earlier, I could have set up a few more camera positions to record the scene you just performed.”

“I didnt intend to go on stage before.”

Everyone understood what Shi Jin meant.

She had no intention of going on stage, but Wen Wang was furious and insisted that she had broken the violin.

In order to prove her innocence, she could only go on stage to prove herself.

Everyone looked at Wen Wang with a meaningful gaze.

Wen Wang also knew that he must have misunderstood Shi Jin.

The Escania in Shi Jins hands was a priceless violin.

She already had such good things, so why would she care about what he had

However, he was an old man who had been famous for a long time.

He really could not bring himself to apologize.

Shi Jin said to everyone, “Right, let me introduce everyone.

This is Elder Zhu, my teacher.”

“Greetings, Elder Zhu!” Lin Yao knew of Zhu Junrong.

He was knowledgeable and had researched a lot.

He knew that Zhu Junrong had an outstanding reputation in the world.

“Greetings, Elder Zhu!” Shen Xinghe and Xia Peifeng could not contain their excitement.

Even though Shen Xinghe did not know much about music, the violin performance earlier was like entering paradise.

It was a real experience.

Xia Peifeng also knew Elder Zhus reputation and value.

To a certain extent, he was just a kindergarten student in the music class in front of Elder Zhu.

Zhu Junrong greeted everyone in a friendly manner.

“You are Shi Jins friends and also my friends.

I didnt know that everyone was here today, so I did not come previously.

I apologize.”

“Youre too kind.

Its already our greatest honor to be fortunate enough to hear Elder Zhus performance,” Lin Yao hastily said excitedly as he held onto Zhu Junrongs hand.

He thought about asking Elder Zhu for an autograph later.

At that moment, Shi Xuexin could not go forward, nor could she say anything.

She shrank like a quail.

“Elder Zhu, I heard that Eldest Senior Brother has special skills in repairing the violin.

He can do it without leaving any traces and have it be as good as new” Shi Jin asked.

The Eldest Senior Brother she was talking about was Zhu Junrongs eldest disciple.

He was also a violinist with a reputation that was even more prominent than Wen Wangs.

Wen Wangs heart was filled with hope when he heard what Shi Jin said.

Although his violin couldnt be compared to what Shi Jin and Zhu Junrong used, it was enough to match his status.

However, now that the strings were broken, whether it was value or influence on performance, it would be greatly reduced.

If new strings were used, it would undoubtedly make the entire violin lose its value.

This was also the reason why he had lost his temper.

It was not an easy task to find a suitable person to fix the strings.

He looked at Zhu Junrong hopefully.

Zhu Junrong nodded.

“Mm, hes not bad, but its also due to the praise from the outside world.”

His words were humble, but his meaning was clear.

That eldest disciple really could fix it.

Shi Jin asked again, “Then, is it convenient for Eldest Senior Brother to repair it”

“It depends on what part was damaged and what was damaged.

Different parts and different levels of damage makes a difference in the difficulty in repairing.”

Upon hearing Zhu Junrongs words, Shi Xuexin thought of the value of the Tanata and blurted out, “The damage was done on the A string.

It was cut by a sharp weapon.”

The moment she said that, everyone fell silent.

Shi Xuexin also realized that she had spoken too quickly and was momentarily stuttering.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at her.

“Oh, so it was the A string that was cut.”

“I… I only found out after I saw the screenshots on Weibo..” Shi Xuexin quickly tried to salvage the situation.

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