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Chapter 484: A Slap in the Face

The audience was also asking, “Who is Zhu Junrong”

“Ive never heard of this name before.”

“Search it.”

“I cant find it… No, I can find the English version.

Oh my god, its actually the worlds top violinist, a violin educator who created a new school of violin in the country and affected this generation of violinists”

“Ten Wen Wangs cant even compare to him!”

“This name only appeared in the books of the advanced education specialization in our violin class.

Its normal that ordinary people dont know it.”

“Its normal for Shi Xuexin to not know.

I only knew this name after I got into a postgraduate course.”

“Ive found it.

The finale performance tonight is Elder Zhu!”

“Then our ears are blessed tonight!”

“However, Shi Xuexin is also going on stage today, but she doesnt know Elder Zhu.

Its indeed a little…”

As the live broadcast continued, everyone was fortunate enough to follow the production team and enjoy the live performance of “Respecting Classics” Global Violin Tour in Country S.

This performance could be said to be a grand performance of the violin industry.

Not long after the concert started, Wen Wang went on stage.

He switched to a different violin and played on stage.

They did not see him play with Tanata.

Many of the audience still felt sorry for him, and also for themselves for not being able to see it.

The matter of Shi Jin cutting the strings of Tanata was brought up again.

Everyone felt pity and regret.

No one doubted Wen Wangs words.

After all, as a master of his generation, his words were like a golden rule.

Moreover, he was already so old and wasnt someone from the entertainment industry.

Why would he fight with Shi Jin over jealousy If there was a problem, it must be Shi Jin!

Wen Wang had two songs.

When the second piece began, Shi Xuexin followed him on stage.

At that moment, Shi Xuexins reputation and good reviews had finally reached the peak of her participation inCome to My Home.

The audience still had the ability to appreciate and distinguish talent.

Her rich lady image did not bring her to her peak.

Her big mansion did not allow her to reach her peak.

However, an extremely artistic violin piece with Wen Wang had finally pushed her to the peak.


“She comes from such a good family, yet she still works so hard!”

“She lives the life everyone wants to live.”

All of these became labels for Shi Xuexin.

Her popularity and reputation were unprecedented.

Shi Xuexin could already predict how regretful Chu Ling and his company would be.

She also knew that after tonight, her life would be smooth sailing.

She could surpass Shi Jin and quickly walk on a successful path.

Perhaps, even Boss Xiang would have to give in to her in the future.

She went to the livestream without changing her gown and looked at Shi Jin arrogantly.

Shi Jin had already received Zhu Junrongs WeChat message.

She stood up and said, “Excuse me.”

“Sis, where are you going” Shen Xinghe immediately followed her.

Seeing that the cameraman was about to follow them, Shi Jin said, “Im going to the toilet.”

Shen Xinghe could only sit down awkwardly.

Shi Xuexin gestured for everyone to keep quiet and continue enjoying the concert program.

She did not want to affect everyone by speaking.

Everyone stopped looking at Shi Jin.

When the audience saw Shi Jin leave, they didnt know what she was doing.

Of course, the haters could not help guessing.

“She must have left because she was afraid that Shi Xuexin would outshine her.”

“Shi Xuexin is really pretty.

Shi Jin pales in comparison.”

“Thats enough from upstairs.

Are you comparing Shi Xuexin with Shi Jin, who has no makeup on”

“More importantly, even without makeup, she looks prettier than Shi Xuexin.”

Wen Wang just assumed that Shi Jin was guilty and didnt dare to come over.

After his performance, he felt much better.

However, his regret was mixed with anger.

He wouldnt let this matter rest.

“Next, its our finale performance.

This time, were lucky to have invited a music education expert who has influenced an entire generation of us.

Hes also a violinist who has faded out of the stage for twenty years.

He has won all the violin awards and is now a permanent judge for all the major awards.

He is the greatest violinist of this century, Elder Zhu Junrong!”

Shi Xuexins mind went blank when she heard the warm applause.

Zhu Junrong Was it the Zhu Junrong who taught her how to play the violin when she was young

Impossible! How could that elder be her old violin teacher!

There was nothing in the Li family at that time.

Even Li Juekai, the Best Actor, did not have much work at that time.

He had been quiet for more than twenty years.

How could such a situation happen So it definitely wasnt the same person.

“Now Elder Zhu is bringing his disciple onto the stage.”

The applause from the audience was thunderous.

The audience knew too well what the name Zhu Junrong meant.

Many people fought for the tickets because they wanted to witness Elder Zhus glory many years later.

Back then, it was difficult to get a single ticket, and it was even more so now.

Now that he had brought his disciple here, everyone was equally excited.

Everyone was glad that Elder Zhu had a successor.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

“I wonder who it is”

“To be able to watch Elder Zhus live broadcast, I can die without regrets.”

“Many years have passed in the blink of an eye.

I didnt expect to hear Elder Zhus wonderful music again.”

The live broadcast attracted countless middle-aged fans.

Zhu Junrong went up the stage with a violin.

A slender young girl followed beside him.

She wore a simple dress that outlined her slender figure.

She followed Elder Zhu to the center of the stage.

“Its Shi Jin! Its really Shi Jin!” Shen Xinghe jumped up and pointed ahead.

Xia Peifeng thought about it.

He had a premonition just now, but he did not dare to make such a bold guess.

He did not expect that reality would be more shocking than he had imagined.

This time, it was Lin Yaos turn to open his mouth wide.

Wen Wang was stunned.

It was Shi Jin It was Shi Jin!

The violin in Shi Jins hand was called Escania.

It was a violin used by the top violin expert Fritz Chrysler.

It had been kept in a French museum.

This Escania was invaluable.

Comparing Tanata to it was like comparing Wen Wang and Zhu Junrong.

Ten of them could not compare to one.

Wen Wangs mouth fell open… Shi Jin was Zhu Junrongs student.

The violin she used was Escania.

In other words, Shi Jin was used to using the worlds best violins.

Why would she be jealous of his Tanata

She was already Zhu Junrongs student, so how could she be jealous of his favoritism towards Shi Xuexin How could a person who owned a castle be jealous of someone elses cottage

The comments became lively..

“Oh my god, thats Shi Jin!”

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