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Chapter 483: Is This Really A Talent

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Lin Yao and Xia Peifeng were originally trying to stop the fight, but when they heard this, they did not know how to stop it.

The director was also filled with bitterness.

Other than Shen Xinghe, he couldnt afford to offend any of these people.

If Wen Wang said that about Shi Jin, how was he going to clean up the mess

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows slightly and said coldly, “So youre certain that I did it”

“Unless you prove that you didnt do it!”

“Ha, what a joke.

Theres no such rule in court.

I am innocent until proven guilty.” Shi Jins tone became even colder.

“Master Wen, I hope you dont regret what you just said.”

Wen Wang knew that with his status, it would be degrading to argue with Shi Jin, but his anger must be released somewhere.

Seeing that the nanny van had already arrived at the concert venue, the director cautiously said, “Everyone, we are already dealing with this matter urgently.

Why dont we arrange our next plans first What do you all think”

Lin Yao tried to smooth things over.

“Work first.”

Xia Peifeng also said, “We are responsible for the audience.

Everyone, put your emotions aside first.”

Wen Wang opened the car door and left angrily.

“Master Wen!” Shi Xuexin shouted as she turned around and said to everyone, “Ill go and persuade Master Wen.

Ill take my leave first.”

Lin Yao glanced at Shi Jin and said, “Everyone, dont be anxious.

We will definitely find a solution to this matter.”

He did not follow her, feeling that there was something fishy about the situation.

Xia Peifeng handed Shi Jin a bottle of soda.

“Dont be angry.”

Shen Xinghe didnt dare to say anything.

He went forward and took the soda.

He opened it and handed it to Shi Jin.

Seeing that she had taken it, he went to massage her legs.

Shi Jin nudged him to the side.

If Fu Xiuyuan saw this, how many lives did Shen Xinghe have to pay However, after Shen Xinghes antics, Shi Jin was no longer depressed.

She smiled.

Shen Xinghe saw her smile and asked, “Sis, what do you want to eat Ill buy it for you.”

“Ive suffered on your behalf.

You better remember this.” Shi Jin had already understood the whole story and said lightly.

“Huh” Shen Xinghe did not understand.

Lin Yao and Xia Peifeng did not quite understand.

The director said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, bear with it for now.

We must finish filming properly.


“There wont be any problems on my side.”

Although the director had not interacted much with Shi Jin, he knew that under her cold exterior, she was a person who would keep her word.

He was relieved and chased after Wen Wang.

Shen Xinghe then said, “They are really going too far! How can they do this”

Shi Jin lifted her lashes and looked outside.

She did not say anything and opened WeChat.

Coincidentally, Zhu Junrong was sending her a WeChat message asking her where she was and if she would be here tonight.

“Elder Zhu, Ill be there,” Shi Jin replied.

Wen Wangs denouncement of Shi Jin quickly spread on Weibo.

Everyone knew that Tanata had been destroyed.

And everyone was guessing who did it.

At the start, there were all kinds of comments.

After Wen Wang posted on Weibo, hinting that Shi Jin was the culprit, the situation started to change.

“Master Wen said it himself, how can it be wrong”

“Shi Jin had already made it very obvious previously.

Her attitude towards Shi Xuexin and Wen Wang was very cold.

This coldness is mixed with extreme jealousy towards Shi Xuexin.”

“I think so too.

Shi Jin is a fake heiress who came from the Shi family.

She must still miss her life in the Shi family, especially when she saw how well Shi Xuexin was living in such a big mansion.

She had to rely on herself to work hard.

This psychological imbalance must be very serious.”

“Why would Shi Jin do such a thing”

Suddenly, in everyones eyes, Shi Jin was mentally unbalanced and she cut Wen Wangs violin strings out of jealousy.

Those who really liked the violin couldnt help criticizing Shi Jin.

“This is such a rare violin.

It was destroyed just because of your jealousy”

“Ive never seen such a shameless person!”

“This has really broadened my horizons!”

Yao Jiahong made an urgent call to ask about it.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Talk to the production team first.

I will settle this quickly.”

“Understood,” Yao Jiahong said.

“Let the public opinion on the Internet ferment for a while longer,” Shi Jin said nonchalantly.

Because she knew that all of these things would soon disappear.

The live broadcast of “Come to My Home” continued broadcasting normally.

Wen Wang looked slightly better.

In the live broadcast, Shi Jins expression remained the same.

As Wen Wang and Shi Xuexin were about to go on stage, they changed outfits backstage.

After changing their clothes, the two of them went to the seats in front and met up with Shi Jin and the rest.

As they were going to film, Wen Wang specially asked for a private room on the second floor for the production team to film.

Everyone chatted for a while.

Although the atmosphere on the surface was alright, Wen Wang and Shi Jin did not meet each others eyes.

It was awkward.

Wen Wang asked, “Xuexin, do you know Zhu Junrong”

Shi Xuexin immediately thought of her teacher who taught her the violin when she was young.

She immediately shook her head.

“I dont know.”

“Are you sure” Wen Wang asked again.

“I havent heard much about him.” She didnt want her growing up in the countryside to be publicized, so she shook her head again.

“What a pity,” Wen Wang said.

“Whats wrong, Master Wen” asked Shi Xuexin.

Wen Wang said, “I think your violin playing style is a little similar to his.”

“Who is he” asked Shi Xuexin.

Wen Wang shook his head and didnt say anything else.

It was precisely because Shi Xuexins violin playing style was somewhat similar to Zhu Junrongs that Wen Wang had always thought highly of Shi Xuexin and felt that she was a talented seedling.

However, since she didnt know Zhu Junrong at all, she probably wasnt the person he thought she was.

He remembered that Zhu Junrong had taken in a very ordinary little girl as his student back then, which caused a sensation in the circle.

However, in a short period of time, no one mentioned this matter.

Wen Wang didnt know who the little girl was.

Later on, when he met Shi Xuexin, he vaguely made the connection.

However, Shi Xuexin had repeatedly said that she did not know him, so he could only forget about it.

With Zhu Junrongs reputation, it was normal that Shi Xuexin did not know him since even Wen Wang had not met him in his circles.

In that case, Shi Xuexins violin music was similar to Zhu Junrongs, but it should be a coincidence.

He was also rather curious.

Shi Xuexins talent was mediocre, and she was not suited to learn the violin..

However, she happened to have Zhu Junrongs shadow on some of her playing.

Could this really be a talent

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