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“Master Wen, when everyone was resting last night, our cameras were removed.

We didnt continue filming, so we dont know what exactly happened, but I can guarantee that no one in our production team would do such a thing!” the director promised repeatedly.

Wen Wang said angrily, “Then what should I do now I have to go on stage tonight!”

“Could you get a different violin”

“A different violin You make it sound so easy!” Wen Wang was so angry that he kicked the chair over.

How much glory would it be for him to get this opportunity to go on stage How much glory would it be to bring Tanata to the stage

The filming of the show was still going on and the director was also going crazy.

The concert was about to begin.

Now that the outside world knew about this matter, there was fervent discussion.

Within a short period of time, there were several trending searches.

The audience also turned into detectives and came to investigate the case.

Many people rewatched the live broadcast carefully, not missing a single shot, just to find some clues.

The programs viewership soared.

However, the director did not want such popularity.

Wen Wang was relentless.

Since everyone was going to the concert venue, the director wanted to solve the problem on the way.

Everyone got into the nanny van for the concert.

The live broadcast was temporarily cut off at this moment and replaced with the unused footage recorded by the cameraman.

In the car, the atmosphere was tense.

Shen Xinghe tugged at Shi Jins sleeve.

“Sis, what happened”

“I dont know.” Shi Jin shook her head.

She realized that they had stopped the livestream.

The director was also in the car, but the cameramen were not.

Something unexpected must have happened.

“Its like this, everyone.

I dont know who broke Master Wens violin strings, but Id like to interrogate everyone.

Of course, Ill also interrogate all the staff members,” the director said cautiously.

“Ill just delay everyone for a while.”

Lin Yao asked, “Which violin”

“Tanata.” There was no smile on Wen Wangs face.

It was extremely dark.

Shi Xuexin felt both regretful and sad.

“How could that be”

The director continued to investigate, but Wen Wang asked first, “I only have one question.

Where were you all last night”

Everyone could understand why he was so anxious.

They did not blame him for being rude.

Lin Yao was the first to speak.

“I was sleeping in my room, and I didnt come out at all.

As you know, Im the furthest away from the room where the violin is kept, so I cant go there.

If I want to go there, I have to pass by all of your rooms.”

Xia Peifeng said, “I had insomnia last night and had been compiling my songs.

Halfway through, I even video-chatted with my manager for about two to three hours to discuss my new song.

After that, Ive been testing my voice.

Ive recorded all the demos.

Ive recorded everything on my Weibo account.”

Shi Xuexin also said, “I was sleeping.

Also I really like Tanata.

I wouldnt do anything to it.

Master Wen can testify.”

“Xuexin wouldnt do such a thing,” Wen Wang said immediately.

Shen Xinghe stuttered, “I-I-I didnt go out last night.

There was a cameraman who slept in the same room as me.

He can testify that I was there the whole time.”

The director asked curiously, “Someone was sleeping with you”

“He said that the people in the same room were snoring too loudly and wanted to sleep somewhere else.

He asked if I was okay and I agreed.”

Among this group of people, Shen Xinghe had the least arrogance and was also the most ordinary.

Therefore, many staff members did not treat him as a celebrity.

Hearing his words, everyone believed it.

He continued, “Besides, Im not familiar with the violin.

I dont know anything about strings.

Why would I do that And touching that wont do me any good.

I wouldnt have done it.”

Everyone felt that Shen Xinghe was honest and would not do such a thing.

Moreover, Shen Xinghe had a good personality.

Everything was written on his face, how could he do this

Shi Xuexin could not help, but secretly pinch her palms.

Damn it, she did not expect a cameraman to have stayed with Shen Xinghe.

This way, Shen Xinghes suspicion was mostly cleared.

She had never planned this.

Shi Jin was the only one left.

She raised her eyes and looked at Shi Xuexin lazily before saying slowly, “I was asleep.

I dont know anything.”

Wen Wang looked at Shi Jin suspiciously.

“Shi Jin, is it you”

Shen Xinghe immediately said, “It cant be Shi Jin.

What good would it do her”

“She doesnt know how to play the violin, but she looks down on it.

She treated it coldly before.

Who knows if she ruined my violin out of jealousy” Wen Wang spoke without thinking.

His words didnt match his status.

He also knew that he should not jump to conclusions.

However, no matter what, he could not calm down after encountering such a situation.

He was already on the verge of exploding.

The director quickly tried to smooth things over.

Wen Wang snorted and said, “Shi Jin is the biggest suspect now.

Why dont you let her make it clear Speaking of which, Shi Jin had a lot of objections from the start of the recording.

I want to know if its because Im biased towards Shi Xuexin that triggered Shi Jins dark thoughts”

“Master Wen, you must have a basis for your words.

Otherwise, you cant bear the responsibility!” Shi Jin looked up and stopped him coldly.

At that moment, Wen Wang was indeed frightened by Shi Jins gaze.

This was the first time he saw ruthlessness and determination in this young ladys eyes.

Fear arose in his heart, but a moment later, his anger suppressed his fear.

Why should he be afraid of a little girl

He said angrily, “Shi Jin, everyone else can clearly explain what they were doing.

You are the only one who cant say anything.

You are the only one who has such thoughts.

I dont think I am wronging you!”

“Master Wen, I dont think Shi Jin would do such a thing.

She just has something against me.

She wouldnt have anything against you.” Shi Xuexin immediately came to mediate.

Initially, she wanted to frame Shen Xinghe.

She didnt expect things to suddenly change, so she aimed towards Shi Jin.

That was good too.

Shi Xuexin wanted to see how Shi Jin would resolve this problem.

However, Shen Xinghes side still needed to be dealt with.

Shi Xuexins words were undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

Wen Wang became even angrier.

“Why should she have anything against you Is it a mistake to have talent Shes just a fake daughter of the Shi family.

What right does she have to have anything against you”

Everyone fell silent at those words.

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