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Lin Yao was the most knowledgeable person among them and had heard a little about everything.

When he heard this name, he said in surprise, “This is a seventeenth-century violin.

If it can still be used, its a priceless treasure.”

“It can still be used.” Wen Wangs face lit up as he took out his violin.

Lin Yao and Xia Peifeng were shocked.

They could not help going forward and observing.

“Its real!”

Lin Yao said, “I saw it at an auction last time.

I didnt expect to see it here today.”

“Its also my honor.” Xia Peifengs voice sounded a little solemn.

Shen Xinghe didnt really understand, but after hearing seventeenth century, and Gegrini, he knew that these names were extraordinary.

He went forward to take a look.

Shi Jin took a glance and looked away.

Wen Wang smiled and said, “According to our rules today, only Xuexin can try it out.”

Lin Yao and Xia Peifeng revealed a trace of disappointment.

They could see it up close, but they could not touch it.

Clearly, they were still a little disappointed.

However, the rules had already been set.

They did not say much and only looked at Shi Xuexin enviously.

Shen Xinghe, on the other hand, did not have that many emotions.

He knew that this violin was valuable and he was afraid that he would ruin it.

It was best if he did not touch it.

Shi Xuexin picked it up carefully, held it in her hand, and solemnly tested a few notes.

Even though she was playing the same tune as before, because she was playing with Tanata, everyone naturally felt that there was a unique charm to it, and the feeling was completely different from before.

“Oh my god, I really saw Tanata!”

“A name that lives in our teachers mouths actually appeared.

I want to get my teacher to take a look!”

“A once in a lifetime experience!”

“No wonder the production team invited Wen Wang.

Its really an eye-opener for me.”

“I still have to see Wen Wang appear on stage tonight.

My expectations for this program were not in vain.”

“Wow! I envy Shi Xuexin for being able to touch such a good violin with her own hands.”

Shi Xuexin only tried a small part before returning the violin to Wen Wang.

“Master Wen, will you bring this violin to the stage tomorrow” asked Shi Xuexin.

“Of course!” Wen Wang smiled and said, “When the time comes, I welcome everyone to come and support me!”

He put away the violin and put it in the cabinet.

His collection cabinet was custom made, but it was not locked.

It could be seen that he often came to personally clean and tidy up the violins.

It was soon time for dinner.

Today, Wen Wang held dinner in the courtyard.

Everyone could watch the sky while having dinner.

Shen Xinghe sighed.

“If only I could eat in a house like this forever.”

Lin Yao couldnt help saying, “Master Wen, after living in a courtyard house like yours, I suddenly feel that my house isnt that good anymore.”

Wen Wang could not help laughing.

Xia Peifeng nodded in agreement.

“Its a blessing to be able to live in such a house.

If I could sit here and compose, my happiness would double, right”

He looked at Shi Jin, who looked calm and not as agitated as them.

“Its great to have such a house in the capital.”

“Its quiet amidst the chaos.”

“I am Shen Xinghe himself! I am filled with envy.”

“Shi Jin is quite calm.

She doesnt seem to be envious of such a house.”

“Everyone has different preferences.

For example, I like living in apartment buildings and I dont like this kind of environment.”

After dinner, they rested for a while before returning to their own rooms.

There was still filming tomorrow and they had to prepare for the concert tomorrow night, so everyone went to bed early.

The next day, everyone followed Wen Wang and visited his violin room, practice room, etc.

They followed his footsteps and once again witnessed the various instruments, music scores and so on in his house.

In the afternoon, everyone started preparing for the concert.

Since it was Shen Xinghes first time going to a classical concert, he grabbed Shi Jin and asked about the process.

“Should I wear a suit or something How do I do my hair”

The audience burst into laughter.

“This is me.”

“Theres no need to prepare too seriously.

Just ask the waiter for the menu and order your favorite song.

Doge meme.jpg”

“Thats right.

Remember to wear a handsome suit and comb your hair like an adult.”

Finally, Shen Xinghe took out the suit he had prepared and dressed up.

He was already quite good-looking.

Previously, he was always dressed in sportswear, and the management company did not properly tidy him up.

This time, after cleaning himself up, he looked quite decent.

The audience was stunned by him for a while.

In an instant, the entire bullet screen was shouting, “Ahhhhhhh!”

On Wen Wangs side, there were relatively fewer people watching.

However, there were still a lot of violin enthusiasts who especially liked watching him, so the number of people watching wasnt that small.

He finished putting on his suit and tie and reached for the Tanata hed prepared earlier.

He held it in his hand and reached out to touch it gently.

He cherished it very much and also yearned for tonights concert.

He was not young anymore, but this was the first time he was on such a good world stage.

He could finally fulfill his long-cherished wish.

Many people on the bullet screen were excited as well.

Their love for music made the audience feel the same way as Wen Wang.

However, the next second, Wen Wangs expression changed drastically.

Everyone followed his finger and saw that one of the strings on the violin had broken.

It was fine yesterday, but it was broken now

Everyone remembered that Shi Xuexin had tried the violin yesterday and there was no problem at all.

So, the violin had been fine before, but now, there was a problem

Wen Wangs expression was very ugly.

He lowered his head to check and said, “It was cut by a sharp weapon.”

The director did not stop recording.

Everyone heard what he said.

Considering that the impact was not good, the director cut off the image and did not continue to play Wen Wangs video.

However, there was already an uproar in the comments.

“So whats the situation now”

“Master Wens violin was destroyed on purpose”

“Who would do such a thing”

“It cant be someone from the program team, right”

“Shi Jin is still the smartest.

She didnt even touch the violin yesterday.”

“Why did the production team cut the screen Cant we continue We want to watch!”

The production team immediately comforted Wen Wang.

However, Wen Wangs entire mentality collapsed.

“Whats going on Can any of you tell me whats going on Why is my violin like this Huh Can anyone tell me”

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