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Chapter 480: Ill Embarass Myself

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Shi Jin did not care.

She had the same impression of Wen Wang and Shi Xuexin.

She did not interfere with their activities and only guarded against Shi Xuexin attacking Shen Xinghe.

Shen Xinghe did not know much about this, but he found it interesting.

“Then how do we do it”

“Master Wen, why dont you give everyone a prize” suggested Shi Xuexin.

Wen Wang smiled and said, “How about this Lets play the same song.

Those who play it well can use my favorite violin to continue performing.

Those who play relatively well can use my good violins.”

“Then, the one who plays the worst can only use youraverage violin,” Shi Xuexin said jokingly.

“Okay, okay,” Lin Yao responded.

Xia Peifeng really wanted to see Wen Wangs favorite violin.

He said, “Then Ill have to embarrass myself too.”

Shen Xinghe, who had never learned the violin before, asked, “Can I participate too”

“Everyone can participate.

How about we start with you” Wen Wang said.

Shen Xinghe did not mind.

He immediately picked up the violin that Wen Wang handed to him.

Wen Wang performed the song twice and taught him some basic skills before letting him try it out himself.


The sound of nails on chalkboard resonated.

Shi Xuexin burst out laughing.

Lin Yao and Xia Peifeng could not hold back either.

Shen Xinghes face was slightly red, but he mocked himself, “How well did I scratch the chalkboard”

“Pretty well,” said Shi Jin.

“Oh my god, Im laughing so hard!”

“So playing the violin badly really sounds like nails on chalkboard.”

“Hahahaha,pretty well.

Shi Jin is killing me.”

“Shen Xinghe really took over all my laughing points today.”

Next was Lin Yao.

He was not any better than Shen Xinghe.

The sound he made was: “Kacakacakacakaca…”

“Oh my god, I didnt expect there to be another sound, hahahaha.”

“Is this nails on chalkboard too”

“Pfft… Ill never say that my cousins violin playing sounds like nails on chalkboard again…”

Lin Yao scratched his head: “Ah, I didnt think it would be so difficult.”

Shi Xuexin said, “Why dont I try”

Lin Yao handed her the violin.

Shi Xuexin had deliberately played before Xia Peifeng did.

She knew that Xia Peifeng was a talented musician and was definitely good at this.

So if Xia Peifeng performed it before she did, the effect would be greatly reduced.

However, if she went first, Xia Peifeng would have to perform many times better than her in order to crush her in terms of reputation.

She immediately threw herself into the competition and began her performance.

Everyone listened attentively.

“Shi Xuexin is talented.”

“Giving Ji Song as gifts last time must have been an accident.”

“We still cant completely deny a persons skill because of that.”

“I can tell shes hardworking.”

Because of Shi Xuexins hard work, her reputation began to turn around and she received many positive comments.

After she finished her performance, she humbly said to Wen Wang, “Master Wen, if theres anything wrong, please guide me.”

Wen Wang nodded sincerely: “Not bad, this performance is very good.

You have improved a lot compared to before, you are even more familiar with plucking the strings.”

“Ive been practicing at home recently.” Shi Xuexin became even more humble.

She smiled and handed the violin to Xia Peifeng.

“Teacher Xia, you can do it.

Im looking forward to your performance.”

Xia Peifeng took it over and posed in a very professional manner.

Coupled with his handsome face, this posture was not bad.

Everyone in the audience was looking forward to it.

After all, he was the young prince of songwriting and the undefeated legend of the music industry.

His capability was obvious to all.

Xia Peifeng glanced at Shi Jin and started playing.

The first note was off, then he continued playing wrong notes.

Shen Xinghes eyes widened.

This technique was worse than his

Lin Yao couldnt help laughing.

Xia Peifeng shrugged.

“Previously, the violinist in my studio told me to stay away from the violin.

I didnt believe it, but…”

“Hahahaha, why is it so funny”

“I remember that Xia Peifeng is very good at playing guitar and piano.”

“Hahahaha, this is really too much!”

“I never thought that he would have such a day.”

“In the beginning he looked so cool, hahahaha.

In the end, just like that”

Lin Yao was surprised too.

He did not expect Xia Peifeng to not know how to play.

In comparison, Lin Yaos performance just now wasnt too bad.

Shi Xuexin, on the other hand, felt that she had been a little rash by snatching it from Xia Peifeng.

It was better to wait for Xia Peifeng to perform first before she went up.

The effect would have been better.

Xia Peifeng looked at Shi Jin.

“Do you want to try”

Shi Jin didnt want to use Wen Wangs things, so she shook her head.

“Forget it.

Im not very good at it either.”

Wen Wang noticed that she kept saying that shewasnt very good at it.

If she was bad, just say she was bad.

Whats the point of saying she wasnt very good

“So, is Shi Jin really going to give up on this opportunity”

“Ah, if youre not good at it, it means youre not bad either.

Try it.”

“I think Shi Jin really doesnt know how to play.

Lets forget about it.”

Seeing that Shi Jin was not participating, Wen Wang did not force her.

He said, “Alright then.

Xuexin performed the best.

The other three were around the same level.

Shi Jin did not perform.

The three of you can come and see my collectible violins.”

The bullet screen said, “Its too difficult for Master Wen, these people are so bad.”

“Hahaha, I didnt think that only Shi Xuexin alone could do it.”

“Look, his violin collection is really amazing!”

“Heavens, its true! Those three violins are my lifelong dream!”

Wen Wang took out three violins and handed them to Lin Yao, Xia Peifeng and Shen Xinghe.

“These three violins are all master-level.

I usually cant bear to use them myself.

You can take them and feel them.”

The three of them each took a violin and touched the body of the violin, carefully feeling the smoothness and delicateness of the violin and the soul-stirring beauty it brought.

Even a layman like Shen Xinghe could not help, but exclaim.

He said to Shi Jin, “Sis, do you want to try”

“No, Im good,” Shi Jin shook her head and said.

Xia Peifeng glanced at Shi Jin and saw that she didnt even want to try Shen Xinghes.

So he gave up on the idea of giving his to Shi Jin.

Lin Yao could not help asking, “If what you show us is so good, wouldnt what Master Wen shows Shi Xuexin be even better”

“Yes, the one Im showing Xuexin is a violin the famous violinist Gegrini used..

Its called Tanata,” Wen Wang introduced it simply, but proudly.

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