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Chapter 48: How Could She Come in Third

“Little Raindrop!”

Yao Jiahong was stunned.

Deng Yufei was always a good singer-songwriter with great vocals.

How could she do so badly In that case, Shi Jin had to fare even worse.

“The next contestant who has entered the elimination zone is….

Little Sailboat!”

Little Sailboat was Cui Hang.

Since Deng Yufei had ruined the performance during the second half of the song, Cui Hangs ranking was fair.

Yao Jiahong glanced at Shi Jin.

“The contestant who came in first with overwhelming results is the talented singer-songwriter, Little Rose!”

“In second, is Little Flag!”

Wen Yongwei and Shen Qi had managed to maintain their previous results.

They started counting down to announcing Shi Jins results.

The film crew was keenly aware that Shi Jin was the most controversial contestant, so they saved her results for the last.

The host inhaled deeply when he saw her ranking before he said, “I cant believe that Little Stone could have such results!”

“She came in… third!”

Chu Lings fans exploded with a lot of comments.

“How can that be”

“This is a conspiracy!”

“The program really has to stop sucking Chu Lings blood!”

“How could she come in third”

Fortunately, some of the viewers spoke the truth.

“But Little Stones song was really good!”

“I already heard it for the third time.

Her vocals are excellent!”

“I really hope she stands on her own two feet from now on.

She will do even better without obsessing over Chu Ling!

However, comments from her real fans were quickly overwhelmed since there were simply too many anti-fans.

Shi Jin finally turned off the television after seeing Gu Qinghua come in fifth.

She turned her head sideways and saw Yao Jiahong looking at the television dejectedly with his mouth wide open for a long time.

“Our deal still holds up, doesnt it” Shi Jin spoke with affirmation.

Disappointment even emanated slightly from Yao Jiahongs slicked-back hair.

Yao Jiahong was a man of his word.

Since he had already made a bet with Shi Jin, he had to keep his word.

However, he could not help feeling depressed about working with Shi Jin long-term.

He had always wanted Deng Yufei to sign with the talent agency.

He had heard her creations and found them amazing, moving, and brimming with potential.

Every time he heard her music, he could not help thinking about it for days.

Deng Yufeis vocals needed improvement, so he was planning on helping to work on her singing after signing her.

Since Deng Yufei was an incredible singer-songwriter, it was a matter of time before he turned her into a hit.

However, he had not gotten around to doing it since he promised Fu Xiuyuan to only work with Shi Jin.

As for Shi Jins singing skills, there was nothing for Yao Jiahong to consider as it was nonexistent.

He recalled Shi Jin telling him that Fu Xiuyuan helped to buy all the creations she had used.


“Of course,” said Yao Jiahong before he stumbled out of Repulse Bay Villa.

Shi Jin smiled brightly at Fu Xiuyuan.

“From now on, I will stay with Supreme Entertainment and work with Jiahong.”

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuan watched as the young woman smiled while he nodded calmly.

He liked seeing her smile, so he had to let her do things she liked and keep her that way.

That was provided she did not leave him.


Deng Yufei felt upset when she surprisingly came in the last eight.

She could not blame Shi Jin for it since Yu Guannan and Chu Ling had both reminded her to practice a lot.

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