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Chapter 479: You Want to Go On Stage

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“Thats right, Master Wen.

This is a seventeenth-century violin.

Its very expensive.

It took me a lot of effort to get it.

Now, I want to give it to you.”

“Are you really going to give it to me” Wen Wang was very excited.

This was the dream of everyone who liked the violin.

This was a value that money could not measure.

Shi Xuexin shook her head and said, “Unfortunately, I really want a chance to step on stage.”

She wanted this opportunity desperately.

Ever since she was slapped in the face by Shi Jin at the Warsaw Music Awards, her reputation had been ruined.

Even after she showed off her image as a rich and beautiful young lady, it didnt change much.

Although she had the support of Boss Xiang and was not short of money, it was not easy to get a good reputation.

The concert “Respecting Classics” Global Violin Tour was the best resource she could get her hands on.

Wen Wang understood what she meant.

“You want to go on stage”

“Master Wen, there is no one that doesnt want to be on that stage.”

“But its very difficult to get on this stage.

Even I have applied for it for many years and have been working hard all this while.

Only now did I barely get this opportunity.”

“Master Wen, I know you have two performances.

Every performer can bring a partner.

You can bring me along in the second half, right” said Shi Xuexin.

“You have always said that Im very talented and that you think highly of me.

I just lack a chance.”

Indeed, Wen Wang truly felt that Shi Xuexin was talented.

Otherwise, he would not have become friends with Shi Xuexin after meeting her through Chu Ling.

Furthermore, there was Boss Xiang behind Shi Xuexin… as well as this Tanata!

“Okay, I promise.”

Wen Wang agreed.

# “Respecting Classics” Global Violin Tour #

# Shi Xuexin is about to participate in “Respecting Classics” Country S Show #

# The youngest violin player Shi Xuexin #

“Is Shi Xuexin really participating”

“Rich and beautiful ladies are indeed well-rounded.

I heard that she knows a lot of things.”

“This time, Master Wen will participate as well.”

“Im actually looking forward to it!”

“Yeah, there arent many talented people in the entertainment industry.

If she really plays well, I will change my opinion of her.”

All of a sudden, Shi Xuexin seemed to have regained her former glory of entering the entertainment industry.

She was even more popular than before.

This episode of “Come to My Place” had become popular before they even started filming.

The entire show had also become trending because of this.

On the afternoon of the recording, everyone arrived at Wen Wangs house.

“Master Wen, Im really looking forward to your concert,” Lin Yao said excitedly.

“Youre too kind.” Wen Wang smiled and said, “Thank you for your support when the time comes.

Xuexin will be going too.

Everyone, please support Xuexin.”

“Congratulations.” Lin Yao smiled.

Xia Peifeng also congratulated her.

Shen Xinghe also showed his professionalism.

“Congratulations, congratulations.”

Shi Jin said calmly, “Congratulations.”

Wen Wang said to everyone, “Everyone, welcome to my house.”

He led everyone into his residence.

His residence was a courtyard house in the Imperial Capital.

Once he entered, everyone could not help, but look envious.

Especially Shen Xinghe, he did not hide his joy.

“Oh my god, its really a courtyard house! A big courtyard, a big house!”

He was used to living in an old two-bedroom apartment, so he really envied this kind of house.

The bullet screen said, “I am Shen Xinghe himself, so envious that Im crying.”

“This kind of house is probably worth more than ten million yuan in the Imperial Capital.

And its the kind of number that starts with a few billion.”

“Tsk, theyre all hidden rich people.”

“Master Wen has been famous for many years and is a local of the Imperial Capital.

Its not surprising that he has such a house.”

He opened a room and showed his violins.

Hundreds of violins were displayed.

“Isnt this very expensive” Lin Yao asked.

Xia Peifeng could not help feeling envious.

As someone who loved music, he knew better than anyone how precious these violins were.

It could be seen that Wen Wang had spent a lot of money and effort maintaining these violins.

Shen Xinghe was about to touch it when Shi Jin hit his hand.

“Dont touch it.”

“Oh, oh.” He approached Shi Jin, “Is it very expensive”

“Some of them are quite expensive and some of them are average.

However, you shouldnt touch any of them,” Shi Jin lowered her voice and said.

“I know, I just couldnt help it…” Shen Xinghe obediently stopped touching the violins.

In reality, Lin Yao and Xia Peifeng were touching the violins and Wen Wang did not say anything.

However, Shen Xinghe knew that Shi Jin was doing this for his own good.

When he heard Shi Jin say that his violins were average, Wen Wang immediately said, “Which one do you think is average”

In fact, in Shi Jins eyes, all of these were only average.

After all, she had seen Zhu Junrongs violins before.

Later, when they found out that she knew how to play the violin, her parents, brothers, and Fu Xiuyuan all sent her excellent violins.

Every one of them could be said to be better than the ones in here.

Shi Jin did not want to be in the limelight, so she casually pointed to one.

“Im an amateur.

If Im mistaken, please dont take offense, Master Wen.”

The bullet screen said, “The one Shi Jin pointed out is really quite ordinary.”

“Has Shi Jin practiced it before Shes quite professional.

Even I have that one.

Its quite common.”

“If you dont know, dont show off.

Cant you see that Master Wens expression has changed”

“I dont want to say this, but why is Shi Jin always so annoying”

“Is there something wrong with the person above Shi Jin is only talking to Shen Xinghe and her voice is very, very low.

She didnt say it to Wen Wang.”

Wen Wang said calmly, “Then you must know violins very well”

“So-so,” said Shi Jin calmly.

Shi Xuexin smiled and said, “Master Wen, Shi Jin even performed the violin previously.

She should be quite good, right”

At that time, Shi Xuexin was also shocked by Shi Jin and was depressed for a while.

Later on, she realized that Shi Jin had never performed the violin again.

Shi Xuexin guessed that Shi Jin only knew a little of it, so she felt much more relaxed.

Therefore, when she mocked Shi Jin now, she was also merciless.

Wen Wang said, “Really Shi Jin also knows how to play the violin”

“A little,” said Shi Jin.

When Shi Xuexin heard her say that, she knew that she had guessed correctly.

Shi Jin did not know much.

Seeing that she only knew a little, Wen Wang did not say much.

He then introduced his precious violins to the camera.

Then, he smiled and suggested, “Do you guys want to try playing along with me”

“Of course,” Lin Yao said with great support.

Shi Xuexin was eager as well.

Xia Peifeng loved music, so he naturally had to try it.

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