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Chapter 478: Showing Off

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He frowned slightly.

That mans back view was a little familiar, but he couldnt remember where he had seen him before.

How strange.


The fourth episode of “Come to My Home” was at Wen Wangs house.

His house was in the capital, so it was very convenient for Shi Jin.

Before she left, Shi Jin went to the Qin residence to see Fu Heyan.

When Shi Jin arrived, Fu Heyan was practicing yoga.

Although she was over thirty years old, Fu Heyan maintained her flexibility well and every movement she made was perfect.

Shi Jin did not let the butler alarm her.

Instead, she stood at the side and watched quietly.

Fu Heyans porcelain face was soon covered in sweat.

She caught a glimpse of Shi Jin in the mirror and immediately stopped.

She picked up a towel to wipe her face as she walked over.

“How long have you been here Why didnt you tell me”

“I just arrived and saw that you were in the middle of your workout.

I didnt want to disturb you.”

“Im just practicing.” Fu Heyan smiled and said, “Ill go take a shower first and come over immediately.

Wait for me in the living room.”

Shi Jin waited for her in the living room on the second floor.

A few moments later, Fu Heyan returned in a loose set of home clothes.

“Let me feel your pulse,” Shi Jin said.

Fu Heyan obediently stretched out her hand.

“After taking the medicine you gave me, my body has been feeling relaxed for the past two months.

My period is also on time.”

“You have to keep taking the medicine.”

“Sure.” Fu Heyan didnt object at all.

Putting aside the pregnancy issue, she could feel that she had been sleeping better recently.

A regular period also made her body much healthier as well.

Shi Jin left her the medicine and after bidding Fu Heyan goodbye, she walked out and saw Fan Xiaozhi standing at the door.

Evidently, Fan Xiaozhi was blocked at the door and Fu Heyan did not let her in.

Shi Jin could guess what Fan Xiaozhi was here for.

Her stomach was already bulging.

It was obvious that she was here to show off her child.

However, ever since the last time Fan Xiaozhi wanted someone to get close to Qin Sinian, Fu Heyan had an excuse to not see her.

Every time she came, she would not see her.

Seeing Shi Jin come out, Fan Xiaozhi smiled awkwardly.

“Shi Jin, youre here” Fan Xiaozhi greeted.

Shi Jin nodded casually and ignored her.

“Is sister-in-law alright” Fan Xiaozhi asked.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and looked at her.

“Wont you know when you go in”

If Fan Xiaozhi could enter, she would not be standing there all this time.

The smile on her face became even more awkward.

Shi Jin ignored her and continued walking out.

“Wait, Shi Jin.” Fan Xiaozhi stopped her.

“Actually, I came here to tell sister-in-law a piece of good news.

I checked the gender of the baby.”

Shi Jin raised her head and glanced at her.

“A girl, I know.”

The last time she saw Fan Xiao Zhi, she had already known.

Thus, Fan Xiaozhi was destined to be disappointed again.

Fan Xiaozhi was indeed angry: “Impossible! Ive already checked, its a boy.”

“Its illegal to check the gender in our country.” Shi Jin only wanted to remind her.

“Does the Qin family need to care about that I can fly overseas anytime I want,” Fan Xiaozhi said.

“Besides, who told you it was a girl The report clearly said it was a boy!”

Shi Jin immediately understood why she wanted to come see Fu Heyan.

So she wanted to talk about this.

No wonder she was so tireless.

Now that the Qin family did not have a boy and Fu Heyan was still not pregnant, Fan Xiaozhi could do whatever she wanted because she birthed the first son.

However, Shi Jin was very sure that she was pregnant with a girl.

She did not know why she was possessed and insisted it was a boy.

“Okay, whatever you say.” Shi Jin didnt want to argue with her.

It wasnt her stomach, and it wasnt her child.

“Of course its whatever I say.” Fan Xiaozhi raised her wrist and shook the jade bracelet and diamond ring on her hand.

“Grandma bought these for me.”

She couldnt show off in front of Fu Heyan, but she had to show off in front of Shi Jin.

Moreover, she believed that as long as she showed off in front of Shi Jin, Fu Heyan would definitely hear about it soon.


Shi Jin glanced at the security guard at the side.

“Whats the point of you guys standing there Arent you going to deal with it if someone is making a ruckus”

The security officer looked at Shi Jin awkwardly.

“Im sorry, Miss Shi.

The Old Madam said that the Second Young Mistress should be prioritized now.”


“A family of…” Shi Jin did not say those two words out loud.

She did not want to include Qin Sinian and Fu Heyan.

She got into the car.

It was rare for her to be so angered by someone.

Forget it.

She pinched the space between her eyebrows and tried to forget this matter.


“Come to My Home” fourth episode.

Recording location: Wen Wangs home.

People were very curious about a violinist like Wen Wangs home.

This episode was very popular because Wen Wang had already been invited to the concert “Respecting Classics” Global Violin Tour.

This was a world-class concert.

Wen Wang had worked for more than ten years to get this opportunity to perform live.

Therefore, Weibo had already started to spread the news.

Tickets for this concert had always been hard to come by, and it was deeply revered by music lovers.

Usually, people couldnt even buy tickets, but Wen Wang was able to attend it personally.

One could imagine how impressive he was.

Because of this, the entire production team was given the opportunity to attend the concert.

Therefore, the program team of “Come to My Home” planned to extend the recording this time, maintaining it for a day and two nights so that they could record the entire scene of his concert.

At the same time, Shi Jin received Zhu Junrongs WeChat message.

“Are you really not going to be my special guest”

“Elder Zhu, I havent even learned from you yet.”

“Ive seen the condition of the song you were practicing.

You dont have to learn from me.

Its more than enough to go on stage.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I have already made arrangements.

Elder Zhu, you can go on stage in peace.”

She had received tickets from the program team and could enter the venue as an audience.

She would not waste Elder Zhus ticket.


Shi Xuexin had already gone up to Wen Wang.

She placed the violin that she had asked Boss Xiang for in front of Wen Wang.

“Master Wen, please open it.”

Wen Wang opened it and found a seventeenth-century violin inside.

He reached out and plucked it.

The sound was bright and beautiful.

He was so excited that his hands were trembling.

He picked up the violin, studied it carefully, and stroked it repeatedly.

“This is… This is Tanata! The Tanata that Gegrini used before!” Wen Wang finally said the name of the violin.

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