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Chapter 477: Why Is She Targeting Me

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Shen Xinghe stole a glance at Shi Jin and nodded.

“I understand.

I hope you will think it through before you do anything in the future.”

Shi Xuexin bit her lips and tried her best to suppress her anger.

Everyone knew they were wrong and apologized to Shen Xinghe, but Shen Xinghe was not particularly concerned.

When work ended at night, he could not help feeling happy.

“Finally, its over.

Speaking of which, its quite unfortunate that Shi Xuexin found such a troubling assistant.”

“Do you really think that the assistant did it” Shi Jin asked.

Shen Xinghe had always been a straightforward person, so he was stunned for a moment.

“It is indeed a little strange.

If Shi Xuexin was really sure that I was the one who did it, she would have already spread the news and destroyed my reputation on Weibo.

However, she did not do that.

Instead, she resolved it in private… But why If she really did it, why did she target me”

Shi Jin saw that he was a straightforward and innocent child and sighed.

“Youll know later.”

He probably thought that he had never shown Shi Qings photo to anyone else, so it didnt matter.

However, how could people like Shi Xuexin and her mother ignore his presence


At the hospital:

Fu Xiuyuan accompanied Shi Jin over to get Shen Xinghes test report.

She had already gotten hold of Shen Xinghes hair and found a way to meet Shi Qing.

Getting Shi Qings hair was very simple.

Fu Xiuyuan asked softly, “When did you find out”

“When I saw the photo he kept.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Do you think Im quite vicious Once I noticed anything amiss, I went to find out the result immediately.

If Shen Xinghes identity is confirmed, Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexins position in the Shi family will be in danger.

Im going to break up this family indirectly.”

“What youre doing is not called evil.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“What is it called then”

“Its called justice on behalf of the heavens.”

Shi Jin could not help lowering her head as she recalled her childhood.

“Grandpa Shi has always been good to me.

He genuinely treats me as his granddaughter.

I had originally wanted to leave Shen Xinghes identity and I would not probe further.

However, if the huge Shi family is really going to be destroyed by Shi Xuexin, then he will really have nothing to rely on.”

“You didnt do anything wrong.

Shi Xuexin made a move on Shen Xinghe first, which shows her evil intentions.

You only did what you should have done.”

Shi Jin felt comforted.

The two of them took the DNA test report from the doctor.

Shi Jin already had a definite answer in her heart, but she was still a little nervous when she opened it.

Fu Xiuyuan took it.

“Why dont you look at it later”

“Its okay.

Lets look at it now.”

He handed the report back to her.

Shi Jin took it and flipped to the page.

When she saw the results, she pursed her lips and closed the report again.

Fu Xiuyuan didnt ask anything and just stayed by her side.


Back at Orchid Pavilion.

Shi Jin mixed the medicine and passed it to Butler Chen.

“Butler Chen, this is for Sister.

Please send it over.”

Butler Chen immediately responded and rushed to the Fu Family with the medicine.

Fu Xiuyuan walked to her side.

“What did you prescribe for her”

“Medicine to nourish the body.

Its good for women,” Shi Jin answered casually.

“Isnt Sister in good health”

“Womens bodies are always more or less problematic.” Shi Jin reached out and placed her hand on his neck.

“However, it will be fine soon.”

Fu Xiuyuan enjoyed seeing her like this.

She was confident, gentle, and could handle anything with ease.

From her eyes, one could see her love and light for the world.


The next day, Shi Jin made an appointment with Shen Shuangnan.

In a private room in a high-end cafe.

When Shen Shuangnan arrived, Shi Jin stood up.

As the weather turned warmer, she wore a light blue long sweater.

The oversized style made her look lazy, and her slender arms were exposed from the sweater, making her look even more delicate.

Shen Shuangnan sized her up with his deep gaze and smiled.

“Its rare that you would ask me out.”

“Because I have to give you this personally.” Shi Jin smiled as she took out a pot of the primordial Desert Savior from her bag and pushed it in front of Shen Shuangnan.

“You want to return this to me” Shen Shuangnan frowned and chuckled.

“I never take back things that I give away easily.”

“We agreed that I would help keep it safe for a month.

Its time now,” Shi Jin said.

“A gentleman does not take what others like.

Im the same.

Besides, Boss Shen, this is not the same pot anymore.”

“Is that so” Shen Shuangnans curiosity was piqued.

He was quite familiar with the pot, but he couldnt tell what was different about it.

However, it could be seen that they were all of the same good quality.

There were no blemishes, and they were also the best among the variety of succulents.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Thank you, Boss Shen, for giving me this last time.

It was a great help.

When you gave it to me, I realized that the pot of primordial Desert Savior had already split into a small bud.

I cut off the small bud and cultivated it into a new one.

Therefore, this pot is still the same one, but its also not the same as before.”

“You kept the new one” Shen Shuangnan asked.

“Yes.” In fact, Shi Jin had already incorporated it into the medicine for Fu Heyan.

However, there was no need for Shen Shuangnan to know about this.

“Since thats the case…” Shen Shuangnan raised an eyebrow and reached out to take the primordial Desert Savior.

“Ill keep this pot.

Seeing that he had taken it back, Shi Jin was very satisfied.

She did not want to owe him a favor for no reason.

Returning it to its owner was the best way to deal with it.

“I have already accepted President Shens kind intentions.

I am an artist funded by the Shen Group.

Naturally, I will share both honor and disgrace with the Shen Group.”

Seeing that Shi Jin had intentionally placed the work relationship at the very front, Shen Shuangnan could not help but laugh.

“Shi Jin, I think we go beyond a work relationship.”

“The work relationship makes me feel more at ease.

Benefits make a long-term relationship, doesnt it, President Shen” Shi Jin raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Shen Shuangnan calmly.

Facing her clear eyes, Shen Shuangnan didnt say anything.

When Shi Jin left, he watched her retreating back.

When Shi Jin went downstairs, Fu Xiuyuan walked towards her.

They had come together.

Fu Xiuyuan had nothing against Shen Shuangnan, but when Shi Jin saw his clothes, she could not help but smile.

She was wearing a loose blue sweater today, and for the first time, Fu Xiuyuan didnt wear a suit and chose a blue sweater jacket instead.

However, even though it was a very casual style, it still had a special charm to it when worn on his model body, making him look even more handsome and extraordinary.

When Shen Shuangnan looked downstairs, he saw Shi Jin leaving, her hands around a mans arm.

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