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Chapter 475: Since You Didnt Do It, There Wont Be Any Problem

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“Its Boss Xiang…”

“I dont care who your boss is.” Shi Jin cut him off.

“Only the police can take Shen Xinghe away.”

She turned to Yao Jiahong and said, “Brother Yao, please help me find a lawyer and accompany Shen Xinghe to the police station.”

The two brawny men were stunned.

They did not expect that someone would not take Boss Xiang seriously.

Who exactly was this woman

However, the people around them nodded in agreement.

“Shi Jin is right.

No matter what Shen Xinghe did, the police and the law will take care of it.

Nothing else matters.

We cant just take him away like that.”

Shi Xuexin snorted.

“Then, did my assistant suffer for nothing Who does Shen Xinghe think he is He dares to do it, but doesnt dare to admit it”

The assistant also started to cry.

“Shen Xinghe was rude to Xuexin before, and now he is treating me like this.

If we dont teach him a lesson, there might be other victims in the future! You guys are covering up for him like this, arent you afraid that he will cause trouble in the future”

Shi Jin laughed.

Hearing her laughter, the assistant stopped crying.

“Why are you laughing” asked Shi Xuexin.

“So you think handing him to the police is called covering up.

Then what exactly is called not covering up Do you dare to say these words in front of your fans, do you dare to say it in front of the public”

Shi Xuexins face turned slightly pale.

Of course she did not dare.

This matter was already risky, so she didnt dare to blow it up.

The production team didnt want the matter to blow up and affect the publicity of the movie.

The stage supervisor said directly, “Ive already communicated with the person-in-charge.

Everyone, please calm down and wait for the police to come.”

The two burly men from Boss Xiangs side wanted to snatch Shen Xinghe away, but Shi Jin had already asked Fu Xiuyuan to arrange for his bodyguards to come over and protect Shen Xinghe.

Although Shen Xinghe was not taken away directly, he was visibly depressed and terrified.

If he was alone, it would be fine, but when he thought of his mother…

Moreover, how was he going to prove his innocence in such a matter When it came to sexual assault cases, it was very difficult to explain.

“Alright, dont be like this.” Shi Jin patted him.

“Since you didnt do it, there naturally wont be any problems.”

“I…” Shen Xinghe felt like crying.

Shi Jin trusted him so much.

“Ill keep it from your mother for now.”

Shen Xinghe secretly wiped his tears.

“Then, do you believe that I didnt do it”

“You dont have the guts to do it.

You have your reservations too.”

Shen Xinghe looked at Shi Jin, touched.

“Alright, dont think too much.

Think carefully about the evidence that will benefit you.”

Shi Jin did not tell him that she also saw the photo of Shi Qing when he was young.

There was a deep connection between them.

It made her realize that things could not be that simple.

She looked in Shi Xuexins direction with a cold gaze.

Shi Xuexin also received her gaze and avoided it guiltily.

She turned around and called Boss Xiang.

She would not stop until Shen Xinghe was dead.

Boss Xiang promised her that he would stand up for her and not let Shen Xinghe off so easily.

Only then did Shi Xuexin feel relieved.

Shi Jin reminded Yao Jiahong in a low voice to ensure Shen Xinghes safety.

After the police arrived, Yao Jiahong brought along a professional team of lawyers and followed Shen Xinghe.

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists.

How could Shi Jin be so nosy!

Suddenly, she thought of a possibility.

Did Shi Jin know something She panicked a little.

Impossible! It didnt make sense!

After Shi Jin walked Shen Xinghe to the police car, she ruffled Shen Xinghes hair and said, “Go ahead, well wait for your return.”

After Shen Xinghe left, several strands of hair were left between her fingers.

Shi Jin found a doctor she was familiar with on WeChat and sent him a WeChat message.

She contacted the doctor to do a DNA test.

When Shi Jin returned to the set, everyone was still discussing this matter.

Shi Xuexin consoled her assistant.

When she saw Shi Jin walk over, she could not help feeling indignant.

“Shi Jin, youre really something.

For your own selfish desires, you covered up for sexual assault and ignored the interests of our female comrades.”

Her words ignited the hatred of the other women in the crew.

They looked at Shi Jin with doubt and dissatisfaction.

Everyone felt regret for hating on Shi Xuexin.

“Before the results of the investigation are out, theres nothing to cover up.”

“You are only biased towards Shen Xinghe because you are close to him!” Shi Xuexin snapped.

“Im sorry, but before being a woman, we are humans.

What I want to do is to ensure the rights of good people.”

After saying that, Shi Jin turned around and left to continue filming.

Shi Xuexins assistant had also been brought to assist in the investigation.

Worried that something might happen, she followed along.

A little later, Shi Jin received a call from the lawyer.

“Alright, Ill be right there.” When Shi Jin received the call, her scenes were almost over.

When she walked out, a few female staff members were discussing something softly.

Shi Jin looked up at them without saying anything.

However, they were a little flustered by Shi Jins gaze.

Thinking of Shi Jins identity, it was not something they could afford to offend, so they hurriedly dispersed.

When Shi Jin arrived at the police station, the lawyer explained the situation to her in a low voice.

“Shen Xinghe really said that”


We need to get the evidence now,” the lawyer said.


Ill stay here.”

Not long after the lawyer left, there was a commotion.

So Boss Xiang had come personally.

His face was stern and he looked very imposing.

There was anger in his cold eyes.

And his rough build made him look even more intimidating.

Clearly, Boss Xiang was furious that someone had tried to take his woman.

This did not mean that he loved Shi Xuexin, but his face was not to be trampled on by anyone.

“Wheres Shen Xinghe” Boss Xiang asked in a low voice.

“Hes still inside,” someone immediately answered.

“Bring him out immediately.”

Shi Xuexin supported her assistant, whose eyes were still red and swollen, as she followed behind.

Shi Jin walked forward slowly.

When Boss Xiang saw her, he frowned.

“Boss Xiang, dont tell me you dont know what kind of place this is Do you think its appropriate to bring someone away from here”

Boss Xiang looked at her coldly.

“He asked for it.”

“The results of the investigation are not out yet.

Is Boss Xiang so sure”

Boss Xiang could not be bothered with right or wrong.

He only cared about his pride.

“Shi Jin, do you want to challenge me publicly”

“I wouldnt dare to..

However, I suggest to Boss Xiang to take a look at the results of the investigation so that you wont become a laughing stock.”

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