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Chapter 474: Framing Shen Xinghe

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Shi Jin did not say anything and accepted it.

Seeing that Shen Xinghe did not look well, Shi Jin asked, “Whats wrong Why is your face so pale”

“Nothing, Im just a little tired.”

“Are there any problems with todays scenes”

“No.” Shen Xinghe shook his head.

“I have to be worthy of Siss big red packet!”


Shi Xuexins mind was elsewhere.

She went to the bathroom to ask her mother about the results.

Yu Xiuhua sent a message after a while.

“He is.”

Shi Xuexins heart turned cold.

She no longer had any status in the Shi family.

This year, Old Master Shi did not return home, and Shi Qing spent most of his time at the nursing home.

Clearly, he was extremely disappointed in her.


She raised her hand and touched her cheek.

There, her grandfather and father had both slapped her, making her dizzy.

It seemed that if she did not break up with Boss Xiang, her grandfather and father would not care about her anymore.

Shi Xuexin faced the mirror and said in a pitiful voice, “They all told me not to do such a despicable thing, but what can I do Is it something I can choose Shi Jin caused me to be in such a state, causing me to be unable to establish myself in the entertainment industry.

I was also rejected by the Chu family.

What can I choose Do I have a choice”

She was not willing to return to the Shi family and live an ordinary life! She had come back to the Shi family to live a glamorous life and enjoy the life of a rich and beautiful lady!

Since the Shi family could not give it to her, she could only look for it herself!

Shi Xuexin washed her face and tidied her clothes before walking out.

She went to her assistant and whispered a few words to her.

The assistant looked hesitant.

Shi Xuexin said, “Its up to you.

Anyway, theres no actual harm done.

Take this money.”

The assistant hesitated for a moment before saying, “Alright, but Xuexin, you have to be on my side if it comes to it.”


“Of course.”


Shi Jins part was about to start.

She stood up and said to Shen Xinghe, “Go and get ready.

Try not to mess up.”

“Okay.” Shen Xinghe immediately walked towards the dressing room.

Currently, he did not have any assistants.

His manager also led other artistes, so he did everything himself.

The costumes and makeup had to be arranged by the people in the production team.

He planned to put on his clothes before discussing the makeup.

With no one to help him, he had already memorized how to put the clothes on the last time he tried them on.

The filming on Shi Jins side started very quickly.

She always passed through her scenes quickly, and a few minutes later, she finished one.

Yao Jiahong came over to pass her some water.

Just as Shi Jin took it, she heard a womans shrill cry.

“Ah, help… Shen Xinghe, what are you doing…”

Upon hearing Shen Xinghes name, Shi Jin immediately walked over.

When the others saw the sudden situation, they also headed over.

The voice came from the dressing room.

Shi Jin walked over.

Shi Xuexins assistant rushed to the door with disheveled hair and disheveled clothes.

Shen Xinghe followed her out with a dumbfounded expression.

However, it was clear that he did not look innocent.

There were a few long bloodstains on his face and neck.

His costume was also messed up.

Everyone rushed over to take a look.

They more or less understood what was going on.

The assistant wailed, “Shen Xinghe, youre shameless! How could you!”

“What exactly happened” asked the stage supervisor.

“Shen Xinghe, he… he laid his hands on me and sexually assaulted me! He had ill intentions towards Xuexin, but Xuexin had warned him not to do anything.

I didnt expect him to do that to me!”

Someone immediately called the police after such a huge incident happened.

Shi Xuexin also jumped in, “Dont be afraid.

I will definitely seek justice for what Shen Xinghe has done to you!”

Boss Xiang was alerted and immediately sent someone over to take Shen Xinghe away.

If it was just the assistant who was harmed, Boss Xiang could ignore it.

However, it was said that Shen Xinghe had the same thoughts toward Shi Xuexin.

When Boss Xiang heard about it, he immediately sent someone over.

Hearing this, everyone could not help, but mourn for Shen Xinghe.

Boss Xiang was getting on in years now and really did not like to use force.

However, with Shen Xinghes actions, he would probably be beaten half to death by Boss Xiang.

He didnt have any background and only appeared recently.

The company wouldnt stand up for him.

“I didnt, I really didnt do it!” Shen Xinghe defended himself.

“I walked in to change, she followed me in, and then she came in to grab me.

I have no idea what happened.”

He spoke loudly, but it was obvious that no one believed him.

He was new and had no background.

Everyone was more inclined to believe in the people they knew.

Whats more, the assistant was crying heavily.

Large drops of tears rolled down her cheeks.

She looked very pitiful and many people sympathized with her.

Boss Xiangs men arrived very quickly and arrived shortly after.

Shi Xuexin pointed at Shen Xinghe and said, “Its him.”

Two brawny men came.

Everyone knew that if Shen Xinghe fell into the hands of these two, the odds were against him.

Although using violence to curb violence was not a good idea, everyone was happy to see the scumbag receive the punishment he deserved.

Shen Xinghe was clearly terrified.

He had not done anything, and he had not earned any money.

If something really happened to him, what would his mother do

However, no one believed him.

Their gazes were filled with mockery and sarcasm.

As he watched the two burly men walk towards him, Shen Xinghe closed his eyes in despair.

“Wait.” Shi Jins elegant figure blocked their movements.

The two burly men usually only listened to Boss Xiang, but they both stopped when they heard Shi Jins words.

They felt that it was strange too.

Why did they listen to this young lady

Shen Xinghe barely managed to pull himself together.

When he saw Shi Jin speaking up for him, he shook his head.

“Sis, forget it.

Ill think of a way myself.”

He could tell that these two people did not come with good intentions.

Shi Jin was just an artiste, how could she compete with such people He did not want her to be burdened by him.

“Shen Xinghe, come over to my side.” Shi Jin did not waste any more time talking to him.

Shen Xinghe was stunned.

He could see the dominance in her eyes.

Unknowingly, he had walked behind Shi Jin.

The two burly men were about to move when Shi Jins words stopped them.

“The country has its laws and a family has its rules..

If Shen Xinghe really did something, the police will investigate him and the law will punish him.

Why are you taking him away in private”

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