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Chapter 472: Beg For a Beating

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“Its probably not just envy.

Werent they switched at birth Shi Jin once enjoyed this life too.”

“So shes jealous”

“Say, whats wrong with Shi Jin relying on her own hard work and talent Isnt Shi Xuexin just rich”

“Being rich is also a skill! What right does Shi Jin have to look down on Shi Xuexins gifts”

“Shi Jin is purposefully saying frightening things about the gift, how disgusting.”

The two parties were embroiled in a heated argument.

As such, Shi Xuexin was recognized by more people.

Shi Xuexins fans couldnt convince Shi Jins fans, so they took the screenshot of the photo of the Ji Song and directly tagged the official Weibo accounts of various authoritative figures such as Botany Magazine and Botany Master to make inquiries.

They refused to believe that Shi Xuexin had made a mistake!

Shi Xuexin had even dared to put the plant in the bedroom, so how could Shi Jin say such things

Everyone was waiting for Shi Jin to be slapped in the face.

Shi Xuexins assistant was even more confident.

“Ji Song was bought by Boss Xiang.

How would Boss Xiang not know if there was anything wrong with it Shi Jin is really stupid.”

Half an hour later, Botany Magazine, Botany Master, and so on started replying, “Shi Jin is right.

Ji Song grows in tropical forests in Brazil.

Its sunny and humid, and it does release mild toxic substances.

Therefore, in the primitive forests in Brazil, there are usually animals or people who accidentally enter areas with large amounts of Ji Song and are harmed physically.

If its serious, it can cause them to become unconscious, and if its less serious, they will feel dizzy.

We dont usually recommend Ji Song as an ornamental plant.”

Shi Xuexins fans were instantly dumbfounded.

This was what it meant to beg for a beating!

The comment section was full of mocking comments.

Shi Xuexins assistant was dumbfounded as well.

She hurriedly deleted the Weibo posts that she forwarded and liked.

Wen Wang, Lin Yao, and the rest were also informed by their assistants to stay away from the Ji Song.

However, the side effects mentioned by the experts were caused by large Ji Song forests, so it was not a big problem for everyone to raise a small tree.

However, which one of these people was not wealthy and important No one could afford to take the risk.

The fans on the Internet also started to curse like crazy.

“Is Shi Xuexin crazy In order to show that she has money, she stirred up a bunch of nonsense.

She even used them as gifts.”

“So what if shes rich She cant cure her brain! If anything happens to Brother, Ill never forgive her.”

“Ha, so this is the life of the rich.


“Ive said it before, worshiping wealth is the worst thing.

Especially this type of wealth, it wasnt even earned through her own hard work.

Now shes slapped in the face, right”

“Thank you, Shi Jin.”

“Thank you, daughter.”

“Do you finally understand why Shi Jin looked at it like that”

“Shi Jin wasnt jealous.

She didnt care about these things at all.”

“Daughter is the best.”

Because of this episode, the production team did not dare to let the guests stay in Shi Xuexins villa for too long.

The complaints were blowing up the entire program team.

Fans were all questioning why they didnt protect the guests safety.

Everyone began to question Shi Xuexin.

What other risks did the other plants have

Unable to bear the complaints, the program team could only end the live broadcast early, but what should they do since they didnt film enough content

Take out the scenes of the private interaction between Shen Xinghe and Shi Jin.

It was then that everyone saw that Shi Jin had privately modified many of the little robots programs for Shen Xinghe.

Because Shen Xinghes mother was not in good health, Shi Jin had even added a camera mode to the robot and gave it to Shen Xinghe.

This way, when Shen Xinghe gave the robot to his mother, his mother would be able to call the robot to contact Shen Xinghe for a video call.

Coupled with Shen Xinghes optimistic and funny personality, their interaction was extremely interesting.

This segment immediately replaced the live broadcast that followed.

Shi Xuexin was being scolded like a dog.

The popularity that she had accumulated yesterday was rapidly collapsing today.

The marketing accounts could not help, but refer to her as “the artiste who had the fastest crumbling persona in history”.

She did not have the popularity that she wanted, but she had a lot of criticism that she did not want.

The production team was also implicated and were scolded so badly that they turned off the Weibo comments.

In order to make up for it, Shi Xuexin arranged for someone to giveInk Bamboo to Lin Yao.

She also gave a famous statue to Wen Wang to appease them.

She also gave Xia Peifeng a generous gift, but Xia Peifeng rejected it.

As for Shen Xinghe and Shi Jin, Shi Xuexin scoffed.

Were they worthy



The two live broadcasts made Shen Xinghe famous.

Hence, when the third episode reached his house, everyones expectations for him increased.

Shen Xinghe and his mother lived in a house in an old neighborhood.

It was only a few dozen square meters.

When everyone entered, it looked very cramped.

When Shi Xuexin saw this kind of house, she recalled that when she was with Old Master Li, most of the houses in that small town were like this.

She instantly felt uncomfortable.

Shen Xinghe and his mother immediately went to buy food for everyone.

Shi Jin rolled up her sleeves and naturally went to Shen Xinghes side to help.

Mother Shen had heard of Shi Jins name many times, so she went to help her.

Shi Xuexin wanted to interject, but she did not know how to do so.

She could not help either, so she could only watch from the side.

Naturally, she had fewer scenes.

In the end, in this episode, Shen Xinghe won over everyone with his superb culinary skills.

He had managed to produce a complete feast by himself.

It was even more satisfying than the previous time when he was at Shi Xuexins house with a bunch of professional chefs.

Most importantly, the food made by the chefs that Shi Xuexin hired were all good looking, but not delicious.

However, Shen Xinghes cooking was something that everyone could see and imagine in their daily lives.

This made everyone, who grew up eating those foods, satisfied and surprised.

It also made the fans watching the livestream tear with envy.

Although his family was an ordinary family and his mother was not in the picture, everyone was moved by this warm atmosphere.


Shi Jin had also unintentionally seen the photo of Shi Qing when he was young that Mother Shen had kept.

She was deep in thought.

No wonder Shen Xinghe came to her that day to confirm if that was Shi Qing.

Was there something else going on

In this episode, Shen Xinghes performance had surpassed Shi Xuexins.

Or rather, Shi Xuexin was gradually reduced to the marginalization, so even Lin Yao and Wen Wang could not help her.

After the filming of this episode ended, Shen Xinghe gave everyone a present.

It was Mother Shens own sweet potato and snowflake pastry.

They were wrapped neatly and beautifully.

Shi Jin took it and put it in her bag.

“Thank you.”

The others took it as well.

Mother Shen looked at Shi Xuexin as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, she said nothing.

After Shi Xuexin left, she hid from the camera and threw everything into the rubbish bin.

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