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Chapter 471: She Doesnt Believe She Still Isnt Famous

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Shen Xinghe had been living alone with his mother and had no intention of finding his father.

However, he could not help, but feel curious.

After he left, Shi Jin felt that his behavior was weird, but she didnt think too much about it.

The next morning.

Shen Xinghes robot began making noise.

“Shen Xinghe, wake up! Its time for breakfast!”

Then, it was another scene of Shen Xinghe chasing after the little robot.

Xia Peifeng stretched lazily.

“Sigh, the feeling of waking up on a 3000 square meter bed is really different.”

Shi Xuexin smiled and said, “Teacher Xia, you are welcome to come again next time.”

“Your house is too big.

Im afraid Ill get lost,” Xia Peifeng joked.

Shen Xinghe ran over with the little robot in his arms.

“Can we have breakfast now Is there anything nice to eat Is it cooked by a Michelin chef”

“I hired a professional Chinese breakfast chef to make breakfast,” Shi Xuexin said with a gentle smile.

“Wow.” Shen Xinghes eyes lit up.

The bullet screen said, “Early in the morning, my poor and envious tears fell.”

“Shi Xuexin is so beautiful.”

“I want to see Shi Jin!”

“Shen Xinghe, put down the robot.”

“Xia Peifeng looks so handsome when hes slovenly dressed!”

After breakfast, Shi Xuexin brought everyone to the backyard.

She introduced the green plants in the courtyard.

“The snow pines over there are purchased from the farmers of Hua Mountain.

It takes them ten years to cultivate a plant that can be sold.

It will also take a few days to transport them over from that side.

They also need specialized people to plant them and look after them for two years for them to survive.”

“The grass on this side of the lawn is grown from the seeds collected from the Amazon River.

Its very soft.”

In short, Shi Xuexins every word was filled with a single word:rich.

Lin Yao and Wen Wang, who had seen much of the world, could not help feeling envious as they watched.

Shen Xinghe was already numb from the shock.

Throughout the whole process, he could only make sounds like “Wow”, “Oh” and “Ah”.

Shi Jin was very calm, as if she didnt see anything.

Her expression was calm, as if nothing had happened.

She only occasionally used her eyes to respond to Shen Xinghes surprised face.

Xia Peifeng looked at Shi Jin quietly.

He did not know what she was thinking.

They had not spoken during the two live broadcasts, even though he wanted to talk to her.

Bullet screen: “Rich!”

“Is Shi Jin numb from shock or does she not care”

“Shen Xinghe is me, I can only utter single syllables throughout this whole thing.”

“Im withered.

With my monthly income, I cant afford a blade of grass in Shi Xuexins house.”

This had undoubtedly given people a good impression of Shi Xuexin.

It was human nature to admire the rich and powerful.

Shi Xuexin had been observing Shi Jins expression.

The calmer she was, the more she wanted to show off.

At that moment, she wished she could pile everything in front of everyone.

In the end, she got the butler to bring out five pots of plants.

She smiled and said, “This is Ji Song, a specialty of Brazil.

Its a gift from me to everyone.”

Shen Xinghe immediately searched online.

“Oh my god, I cant find anything online.

This must be very precious, right”

“Its just a small gift,” said Shi Xuexin with a smile.

Her words made everyone even more sure that it was extremely precious.

Lin Yao and Wen Wang reached out and took it with great care.

Xia Peifeng also took it seriously and accepted it with both hands.

The comments also became lively.

“Shi Xuexin is quite a nice person.”

“I kind of want to be her fan.”

“I want a Ji Song too!”

“Ah, what kind of rich family is this I want to be born in one in my next life too.”

“Me too!”

Shi Jin took it over and said to everyone, “Ji Song is indeed not bad, but please be careful not to put it indoors.

Its best to put it outside where the sunlight is good.”

Shen Xinghe immediately said, “Sis, youre afraid it wont grow in the shade, right”

Shi Xuexin immediately smiled and said, “The lighting in my bedroom and living room is especially good, so its fine to keep them indoors.

Ive been to Master Wen and Teacher Lins place before, and the lighting environment is also very good.

I believe that Teacher Xia, Shen Xinghe, and Shi Jins living environment should be fine too, right”

Xia Peifeng nodded.

Shen Xinghe grew up with his mother.

He had just debuted not long ago, so his living condition couldnt compare to everyone elses.

However, he was too embarrassed to mention it.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Thats not the main reason.

Ji Song may sound auspicious, but in fact, it will slowly release a very mild, but harmful toxic substance.

After a long time, it will cause one to feel dizzy and mentally exhausted.

With sufficient ultraviolet rays and a good ventilation environment, these substances will dissipate and it will not affect the air much.

Therefore, this potted plant can be raised for viewing, but its best not to be kept indoors, especially when there are elderly and children at home.”

Upon hearing this, everyone felt that the pot in their hands had become much heavier.

Shen Xinghe remembered that his mother was not in good health, and the lighting at home was not good either.

He hesitated, wondering if he should bring the item home.

Wen Wang was not young anymore and was already used to all sorts of nutritional methods.

He only wanted to live a carefree life.

A hesitant look appeared on his face.

Shi Xuexins expression immediately turned ugly.

She thought to herself, “Shi Jin was robbed of her limelight and deliberately said such words to scare people.”

She smiled and said, “Ive raised quite a lot of plants in my bedroom.

It doesnt feel like what you said.

Before I raised this plant, Ive done a lot of research and consulted many botanists.”

Shen Xinghe searched again.

“I didnt find anything.

Sis, could you have remembered wrongly”

Lin Yao also felt that Shi Jin just wanted to be in the limelight.

Previously, she had said that “Ink Bamboo” was fake.

Now, he was saying that Ji Song would affect peoples bodies.

Could it be that all of Shi Xuexins things were not good in her eyes

“Shi Jin, where did you learn all this Haha.”

“I learned it from my master.” Shi Jin smiled faintly.

It was up to them to believe it or not.

However, Shen Xinghe and Xia Peifeng had already decided not to leave it indoors.


Shi Xuexins assistant was in charge of buying trending searches.

This time, Shi Jins mention of Ji Song happened to be a hot topic.

The assistant quickly paid money to boost this and informed Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin said, “Buy a higher spot.”

For this episode, she did not believe that she would not become famous.

# Shi Jin Ji Song #

# Shi Jins attitude towards Shi Xuexins gift #

# Shi Jin hating the rich#

The trending topics quickly went up.

The trending search from last night # Shi Jin said “Ink Bamboo” was a counterfeit # was also boosted by this wave of traffic.


Her fans did not want to get involved in the drama.

However, there were too many netizens and haters.

“Is Shi Jin envious of Shi Xuexins family background”

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