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Chapter 470: Selling Talent

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“I dont think so.” Lin Yao did not believe himself, but he had to believe Liu Xueyuan.

“Shi Jin, what do you think” Shi Xuexin continued asking Shi Jin.

“Its not real,” said Shi Jin, “because I know where the real painting is.”

Of course, Shi Xuexin would not believe it.

This was a residence that Boss Xiang had spent a huge sum of money to build.

What a joke.

Would Boss Xiang buy a fake Or rather, would someone dare to sell a fake to Boss Xiang

Shi Xuexin smiled magnanimously.

“Theres no need to fight.

Its fine as long as its a good painting.”

The audience was totally floored.

“So is this painting real or fake”

“So who exactly is Liu Xueyuan”

“Summary: Liu Xueyuan, the most impressive Chinese artist in the country.

Hes good at drawing animals.

His previous works were sold for tens of millions of yuan overseas.

His works were collected by various museums such as British, American, and French.

His taste should be trustworthy.”

“So this painting is worth tens of millions of USD”

“So should I envy Shi Xuexin or not”

Shi Xuexin continued to show everyone the various items in the house.

Every item was shocking and awe-inspiring.

Only Shi Jin was very calm.

At dinner, the six of them ate at a long table that could accommodate thirty people.

A French chef brought his assistant with him, serving each dish and filling the entire table.

“This is a Michelin chef.

I hope it suits everyones taste.”

Shen Xinghe finally found his voice.

“Can I say that I regret eating too much for lunch”

Everyone laughed.

Shi Xuexin secretly mocked Shen Xinghe for not being presentable.

However, she smiled and asked him, “What do you like to eat Ill tell them to make a few more dishes tomorrow.

Dont be shy.”

“This wave of flaunting is enough!”

“But what if Im a little envious”

“Daughter, eat more!”

“I wonder if Shi Jin regrets leaving the Shi family”

When she went to sleep at night, Shi Xuexin took a look at Weibo and finally managed to snatch back her position.

The topics that she attracted were already extremely high.

Everyone was discussing matters related to her.

Especially that painting, most people thought it was definitely real.

After all, with such a family background, who would collect fake paintings

Even Shi Jins fans could not convince themselves easily.

There were also some people who were feeling sorry for Shi Jin.

In their imagination, after returning from the Shi family to the Li family, Shi Jins standard of living had visibly decreased, causing countless people to click their tongues and sigh.

Shi Xuexin had finally achieved her goal.

The next day, she had to introduce the various items in the courtyard to everyone.

There were priceless trees, sculptures, and so on.

When Shi Jin returned to her room, Old Master Shi sent her a WeChat message.

“Shi Jin, Im really sorry.

Xuexin has caused you so much trouble.”

“Im fine.”

“This child has always been a little vain since she was young.

When she came back, I already told her mother to discipline her.

I didnt expect things to turn out this way.”

“Grandpa, take care of yourself.”

“Im just afraid shell cause you too much trouble.”

“That wont happen, Grandpa.

You have to take note of the Shi familys financial situation.”

“I know, Shi Jin.

Take care of yourself.”

Shi Jins reminder was not unreasonable.

The Shi familys financial situation was indeed not very good.

Shi Qing had been holding on bitterly.

However, with Shi Xuexins ruckus, many companies and partners of the Shi family thought that the Shi family was especially rich.

They took the opportunity to ask for the collaboration funds and refused to lower the price.

What Shi Xuexin brought to the Shi family at this time was not more partners, but more suspicion.

The Shi family had spent so much money on their daughter, so why were acting poor in the company

Shi Qing was already in a terrible fix.

Especially since they knew better than anyone else what was going on with her villa.

Yu Xiuhua was at home now and didnt even dare to breathe too loudly.

However, she couldnt persuade her daughter and was also enjoying the luxurious gifts that her daughter had sent over.

She felt very conflicted.

When Shi Qing reached home, he ignored her and went straight to the study room.

He thought about it and called Shi Jin.

Without waiting for Shi Jin to pick up, he felt ashamed and hung up.

When Shi Jin saw this, she pondered for a moment before calling back.

Shi Qing still picked up.

“Uncle Shi.”

“Shi Jin.” Shi Qing was completely embarrassed and sounded a little uncomfortable.

“Can I help you”

Shi Qing choked.

“Shi Jin, weve let you down.”

“Theres no need to say such things.” Shi Jins tone was indifferent.

Shi Qing had contacted her before to apologize for what Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin had done.

Now he was apologizing again.

He must have seen the live broadcast today.

“I didnt educate Xuexin well.”

Shi Jin shook her head and said nothing.

After Shi Qing hung up, Yu Xiuhua walked in with a cup of tea.

“Hubby, have some first.”


Shi Jin hung up the call.

She had long lost interest in Shi Xuexin.

She did not want to care about how far the Shi family could go, but if this continued, what would happen to Old Master Shi

There was no one else in the Shi family.

Shi Qing was almost fifty years old.

Shi Jin had followed Old Master Shi for twelve years and had been his little princess for twelve years.

Old Master Shi took care of everything.

She stared at her phone in deep thought.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Please come in.” Shi Jin put her phone away.

Now that there were no cameras facing her and everyone was asleep, she had time to settle her personal matters.

Who was knocking on the door

She lifted her eyes and looked at the door.

Shen Xinghe walked in quietly.

“Why arent you sleeping this late at night”

“Sis, I need to ask you something.”

Shi Jin threw her phone aside.

“Go ahead.”

Shen Xinghe took out his phone and zoomed in on a photo.

He showed it to Shi Jin.

“You said that Shi Qing is Shi Xuexins father, right”

In the past, Shi Xuexin did not sell her rich young miss image too much.

Instead, she specifically sold her image of being a talent.

She had only started creating the rich lady persona after she debuted again.

That was why Shi Qing had not been dug out in the past.

Now, everyone followed her lead and found Shi Qings photo.

In the photo, he was sitting in a meeting.

He was indeed a mature entrepreneur.

“Yes.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Why are you paying attention to this”

“I was just browsing around,” Shen Xinghe said.

“I know youre familiar with the Shi family, so I asked you.”

“Why dont you ask Shi Xuexin herself”

Shen Xinghe scratched his head and said nothing.

Shi Jin did not know what he was thinking and did not ask further.

Shen Xinghe smiled and said, “Then Ill leave.

Good night.”

After leaving, Shen Xinghe took out an old photo from his pocket and looked at it seriously for a while.

It was a photo of Shi Qing when he was young.

This was what Shen Xinghe had gotten from his mother.

He had kept it with him until he saw Shi Qings photo on the news..

The suspicion in his heart slowly rose.

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