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Chapter 47: I Dont Deserve You

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Yao Jiahong was particularly surprised.

“Are you sure”

“All you need to do is check,” said Shi Jin confidently.

Yao Jiahong paused briefly.

He was genuinely careless.

In theory, he should not make such mistakes.

It simply happened since he could not be bothered with Shi Jin.

He contemplated before he said, “Even then, I think we should stop working together.

You can choose not to terminate the contract, but I wont be working with you from now on.

Fu Xiuyuan, please hire some other talent agent for her!”

He had made plans for Shi Jin, gave her resources, and patiently taught her about the industry.

However, she was so mediocre that it was impossible to make her shine.

Fu Xiuyuans fury had subsided when Shi Jin assured him that she did not want to stop working with Yao Jiahong.

This meant she was going to stay.

If she was willing to stay, it meant she would remain by his side.

“I will leave it up to Shi Jin.” Fu Xiuyuans eyes looked calm as he gazed at Shi Jin and waited for her to give her opinion.

“I kind of like him,” said Shi Jin.

The moment she saw the angry look on Fu Xiuyuans face, she promptly corrected herself, “What I meant was, I like working with him, so I dont want to terminate my contract.”

Now it was Yao Jiahongs turn to look shocked.

Was his entire career and future going to be bound with this useless woman

His voice sounded hoarse.

“Miss Shi, I dont deserve such great trust from you.”

“You are too modest.

You are a brilliant talent agent.”

Yao Jiahong was speechless.

Shi Jin was aware of his talent.

He was good at planning and developing his celebrities strengths.

He did not use hype.

Instead, his celebrities rose to the top using their talent.

Also, he did not succumb to the industrys unwritten rules and force his celebrities to drink and sleep with powerful people.

In her past life, he soared to even greater heights after dropping Shi Jin, so she did not want to pass up on the chance to collaborate with him.

“Jiahong, since we already know each other so well, we should continue working together.”

Yao Jiahong struggled.

“You are about to get kicked offUltimate Singer-Songwriter, so you might no longer have any use for me.”

“Who says I will get eliminated right away” asked Shi Jin as she looked at him.

Yao Jiahong cleared his throat.

He certainly knew Shi Jins antics well.

She spent all her time on Chu Ling and the only reason the production team kept her was for the sake of publicity.

After the other contestants gained more popularity, they would kick Shi Jin off the show.

How much longer could she go on on the program

“How about this If I come in the top three in the program, you will continue working with me, okay”

Shi Jins eyes shone with confidence as she spoke.

For a moment, Yao Jiahong almost believed her.

She genuinely had a pair of beautiful eyes and she could express her emotions well with them.

Since she talked big about making it into the top three… Yao Jiahong decided to be blunt.

“I will give you a chance.

If you make it into the top five, I will continue working with you.”

She last ranked as the 15th contestant.

Did she think she could suddenly come in 5th

Yao Jiahong smiled as he shook his head.

Their collaboration might officially come to an end tonight.

Shi Jin picked up the remote control and turned on the television as she said, “Perfect timing.

They are about to announce the ranking on the show!”

Yao Jiahong watched nonchalantly.

Shi Jin pulled Fu Xiuyuan to sit beside her and watch the show together.

“We have a real underdog this time.

Lets check out the results,” said the host.

“A very talented contestant shockingly got ousted from the line up and came in the last eight! She is…”

Shi Jin: [For those of you who feel sorry for me, who says I dont want to ditch Jiahong I only kept him around for my husband.

He really trusts Jiahong! If I fire him, whos going to pay for all the stuff my hubby will break]

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