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Chapter 469: Fake

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Moreover, they were also considering whether it would be better to place Shi Jin as the finale act.

Shi Jin glanced towards where Shi Xuexin was.

“Is she sure”

“Ill try my best to coordinate…”

“Theres no need to coordinate.

Lets leave it at that,” Shi Jin said calmly, a mocking smile on her lips.

Actually, the sequence of events did not matter.

It was just that Shi Xuexins actions were akin to a fly buzzing around your ear: it didnt bite, but it was repulsive.

“Show me the location she chose.”


In a villa on an island.”

“Its Boss Xiangs house.” Shi Jin knew at a glance.

Yao Jiahong found it strange.

“Why didnt she choose the Shi familys villa The Shi familys villa is quite nice too.

Why go to Boss Xiangs place After all, there will be many people talking about their relationship.”

“The Shi family is riddled with problems, we cant film there.” Shi Jin said calmly.

Yao Jiahong wasnt aware of the whole situation.

He only knew that the Shi family, which was a newly-advanced wealthy family, had once been extremely glorified.

He didnt expect them to have fallen that far.

Of course Shi Jin knew more about the situation.

The current situation of the Shi family was rather worrying.

Old Master Shi did not care about the way things were run in the past, and now that he recovered, he was still at the nursing home.

Shi Qings business had fallen drastically compared to before… After all, in the last eight years, many of the businesses in the Shi family were actually supported by the Li family.

The Li family had always kept a low profile in the past.

They did not say anything, but that did not mean that they did not exist.

Once the Li familys investment was withdrawn, the situation became very worrying.

Previously, Shi Xuexin had taken advantage of her status as Gu Jingyuans younger sister and managed to get a few cooperations.

However, the other party realized that they could not even see Gu Jingyuan after cooperating with the Shi family, so they had no intention of working with the Shi family anymore.

In addition, the Chu family had also cut all ties with Shi Xuexin.

The Shi family was now strong on the outside, but weak on the inside.

Otherwise, Shi Xuexin would not have resorted to becoming Boss Xiangs woman.

However, Shi Xuexin had brought this upon herself.

“Since she wants to film her place first, just let her.” After saying that, Shi Jin went to film her scenes.

Yao Jiahong knew that Shi Jin always knew what she was doing and immediately confirmed the schedule with the production team.

Shi Xuexins assistant was very happy when she received the news.

She said to her, “Its confirmed.

Well go to Boss Xiangs mansion next week.”

“Clean up in advance.

Dont let anything leak.” Shi Xuexin wanted her pride, so she could not show off her relationship with Boss Xiang.

“I know, Ill make the arrangements.

Speaking of which, it seems that Shi Jins background isnt that powerful after all.

She still has to obediently give up her schedule because of Boss Xiang.”


Shi Xuexin was secretly pleased with herself.

She had adjusted her schedule this time because she wanted to shoot her own mansion earlier.

She also wanted to test the capabilities of Fu Xiuyuan, who was backing Shi Jin.


Now that she got what she wanted so easily, she was relieved.

So Fu Xiuyuan was nothing much.


On the weekend, the group headed to Shi Xuexins luxurious villa on the island.

The audience had long been waiting in front of the television and computer to see where Shi Xuexin lived.

The introductory video had already said that Shi Xuexin was the real daughter of a wealthy family.

The place she lived in was grand and majestic.

Nowadays, people enjoyed watching rich people.

Shi Xuexin had an impressive family background and was well-liked by the production team.

Naturally, they wanted to shoot this episode from the best angle.

As soon as everyone got out of the car, they were shocked by the luxurious villa that looked like a castle.

Lin Yao, Wen Wang, and Xia Peifeng were all people who had seen a lot of wealth, but they could not help being stunned.

This villa occupied the entire island.

The huge Roman stone pillars stood tall, glorious and rich.

“Welcome, everyone.

Please come in!” Shi Xuexin stood at the door.

The English butler was dressed in a tuxedo and had a row of servants with him.

He stood at the door and said, “Welcome, honored guests.

I am at your service.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Oh my god, is this the life of a rich CEO waking up in a 3000 square meter bed”

“Shi Xuexin is really capable!”

“Is she going to clear her name this time”

After entering, Wen Wang asked, “I seem to have seen this marble tile somewhere before”

“Master Wen, this was specially bought from the Versailles Palace in the sixteenth century,” explained Shi Xuexin with a smile.

Wen Wang nodded.

“It is indeed extraordinary.”

The bullet screen said, “Oh my god How much does it cost”

“Is she going to go back to inherit the family business after failing to become famous”

“Sigh, such a person is still working hard.

What reason do I have to slack off”

“Im starting to believe that she wont plagiarize.

Shes so rich, why would she plagiarize”

“What does plagiarism have to do with money”

Lin Yao was also shocked.

“That famous painting over there… Could it be Qing Mings Ink Bamboo”

“Yes, its hers.” Shi Xuexins face was filled with arrogance.

Lin Yao could not help but nod.

“Qing Ming has been famous for a long time.

The works she created are all national treasures.

The most famous one is already worth tens of millions of USD at the current auction price.

Furthermore, she hasnt produced any new works in a long time.

I really didnt expect you to have herInk Bamboo here.”

“I love her paintings.

Thats why I kept one.”

Shi Jin looked up.

Wasnt “Ink Bamboo” her mothers work

Qing Ming was Gu Qingqings stage name.

She had seen it before, hanging it in her mothers study room.

At that time, her mother had asked her if she liked it and sent it to her study room the next day.

Even now, Shi Jin still liked to look at it from time to time.

This was because the overall structure of “Black Bamboo” was very unique.

The style was also unique.

If one looked at it for a long time, it would give people a feeling of pureness and calmness.

This was the feeling that a painter had when he had sufficient mental strength and brush strength.

Lin Yao kept nodding.

His attitude towards Shi Xuexin had completely changed, and he liked her even more.

He smiled and greeted everyone.

“Everyone, come and take a look at Teacher Qing Mings real work.”

At the side, Shi Jin said calmly, “Its fake.”

Shi Xuexin glanced at her and saw that she had taken the initiative to come forward.

She smiled and said, “I dont think so.

Shi Jin, my Chinese Arts teacher, Liu Xueyuan, specially introduced and appraised this painting for me.

He bought this painting from a collector.

How could it be fake”

“Liu Xueyuan” Lin Yao was secretly tempted.

He was a fan of Chinese art, but he knew that his ability was limited, so he didnt publicize it.

Now that he heard the name Liu Xueyuan, he no longer had any doubts.

Liu Xueyuan was a famous Chinese artist.

Although he could not compare to Qing Ming, he was still an existence that other artists could only look up to.

“Thats right.

It was appraised by Teacher Liu.

With my shallow knowledge, I think Teacher Lius judgment was right,” Shi Xuexin said with a smile.

“Teacher Lin seems to be an enthusiast too..

You saw through it with one look just now.

You must also know that this is not a fake, right”

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