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Chapter 467: The Mindset of Digging Treasure

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Shen Xinghe asked, “Then can he talk to me and do things without you controlling it”

“Try me.” The little robot punched him.

At the same time, Shi Jin turned to speak to the cameraman.

“Mister, do you want some fruit”

The comments went wild.

“Thats amazing.

I want the same robot!”


“Will Shi Jin release the same model”

“10,000,000 petitions to request for the same design.”

Because of the code that Shi Jin had edited, there were not many people left on Shi Xuexins side in the live-stream.

Now, all of them were streaming in from Shi Jins side.

Many people stayed at Shi Xuexins side with the intention of looking at Xia Peifeng.

However, Xia Peifeng did not talk much to Shi Xuexin, so there were fewer cameras on him.

As a result, there were even fewer people there.

Especially since Shen Xinghe was a loud and funny person.

He was being bullied by the little robot, making the audience laugh even more.

The director ran over and asked Wen Wang and Shi Xuexin, “Master Wen, Xuexin, do you want to go to Shi Jins side”

The cameraman moved to the side and Shi Xuexin turned off her mic.


“There are a lot of viewers over there at the moment.” The director was taking special care of Shi Xuexin on account of Boss Xiang.

“Im not going.” Shi Xuexin shook her head.

She did not believe that she could not win against Shi Jin with her performance.

Wen Wang shook his head.

“Im not going either.”

He had preconceived notions and did not fancy Shi Jin at all.

He had also wanted to help Shi Xuexin on this show.

Seeing that the two of them were not going, Lin Yao, as the host, was too embarrassed to leave and continued chatting with them about music.

Xia Peifeng really wanted to go, but knowing Shi Jins attitude towards him, he thought about it, picked up a can of coke, and drank it gloomily.

At night, after the days recording ended, everyone could finally rest.

Shi Xuexin checked her Weibo and wanted to check her trending status.

Her manager had already bought trending searches for her.

She was currently ranked in the 30s.

Instead, it was Shi Jin who ranked first.

Even Shen Xinghe was ranked higher.

#1,000,000 petitions begging Shi Jin for the same robot # had been pushed up by tens of thousands of people.

The video of Shen Xinghe and the little robot playing became the source of laughter for this episode.

Especially when the little robot jumped up and hit Shen Xinghe, it was a perfect demonstration of what it meant by “jumping up and kicking your knee”.

On Shi Xuexins Weibo, there were indeed people praising her talent.

However, there were few people so the praise was repetitive.

Clearly, it did not cause much of a stir.

Shi Xuexin secretly pinched her palms.

Why was the production team so biased towards Shi Jin Even Lin Yao

She did not believe that the little robots code was written by Shi Jin!

The next morning.

Shi Xuexin was still sleeping when a crisp voice came from outside.

“Shen Xinghe, wake up! Shen Xinghe, wake up!”

She saw that it was getting late and quickly got up.

It turned out that the one calling Shen Xinghe was his little robot.

After the little robot called for a while and he did not get up, the robot started jumping and shouting.

Shen Xinghe got up to chase after the little robot, but it ran away instead, running faster and faster.

“Teacher Lin, didnt you say that he would stop once I got up” Shen Xinghe shouted at Lin Yao.

Lin Yao, who was drinking tea, was also a little surprised.

The key was that the program he had set up did not even include Shen Xinghes name.

The robots were chosen randomly, so it shouldnt know Shen Xinghes name at all.

He didnt have the habit of looking at Weibo, so he didnt see Shi Jins modification of the program.

“Ahhhhhh, Teacher Lin, how can I make it stop” Shen Xinghe couldnt catch up to the little robot.

It ran around the courtyard.

“Shen Xinghe, stop fooling around.” Shi Jin stood up and shouted.

“I wasnt…” Shen Xinghe shrugged innocently.

The little robot that was jumping around happily stopped running and obediently returned to Shen Xinghes side.

Shen Xinghe was dumbfounded.

“So, Sis, you also edited my program!”

“Didnt you ask me to edit it for you last night” Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Ahhh, then can you change it to make it massage me, massage my feet or something”

“You want it to also bathe you, scrub your back, pour you tea, warm your bed, and feed you, right”

Shen Xinghes eyes twinkled.

“That would be great!”

“Go to bed early.”

“Ah” Shen Xinghe scratched his head.

“Didnt I just wake up”

“Anything can happen in your dreams.”

Shen Xinghe scratched his head in embarrassment.

This method of waking up made the audience laugh like crazy.

Lin Yao could not help, but glance at Shi Jin.

Was it her company or the program team that found an expert programmer to rewrite the code of these little robots, but on second thought, why would a programmer who could write such an impressive code help Shi Jin

However, he really wanted to get to know this programmer.

The start of the day came amidst this chaos.

Shi Jin did not want to steal Lin Yaos limelight.

In the following period of time, she did not do any programming or robotics.

She followed the program obediently.

Lin Yao brought everyone around to see more of his high-tech stuff.

Shi Xuexin did not manage to obtain anything throughout the day.

Wen Wang did not look too good either.

As a master of the violin world, he did not manage to help Shi Xuexin gain any popularity.

He was rather down.

However, this time, it allowed Shen Xinghe to enter the eyes of the public.

He was quite good-looking and had a lively expression.

He was not afraid to joke around and had gained a lot of fans.

As for Shi Jins fans, they were already numb from her outstanding achievements.

The newly attracted fans had the mindset of digging for treasure.

“So Shi Jin is the top scholar in the college entrance examination!”

“So she knows how to play the piano!”

“So her lyrics and melodies are so good!”

After filming for the entire day, Shi Jin got into the car and headed to the capital.

“The next episode will be at your house.

Where do you want to go I can communicate with the production team and arrange it in advance,” Yao Jiahong asked.

Shi Jin thought about it.

Orchid Pavilion was out of the question.

It was even more impossible to go back to the Shi villa.

She had a few of her own houses to choose from.

At the critical moment, she received a message on WeChat.

Shi Jin opened it and saw that it was a message from Shen Xinghe.

“Sis, your robot is with me.”

“Its yours now.”

“Ah!! Thank you, Sis!” Shen Xinghe sent an excited voice message.

Then, it was a message from Zhu Junrong.

“I saw your show.

You know, you can totally learn the violin from me.”

“Elder Zhu, have you received the tea leaves I gave you”

“I got it.

They taste good.

What do you say about the violin”

After that, it was from Old Master Li.

“Shi Jin, where do you plan to stay during New Years this time Do you want to come to visit me”

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