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Chapter 466: She Knows This

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After dinner, everyone sat in Lin Yaos courtyard to rest and chat.

The atmosphere was very good and the comments were very friendly.

Except Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin did not speak to each other or participate in the others conversation.

Lin Yao tried to mediate between them and tried to find a topic to talk about.

“Shi Jin, I heard that you were filming with Xuexin Then you must be very familiar with each other”

“Yep, it went okay,” said Shi Jin.

“Pretty good.” Shi Xuexin said in unison.

The atmosphere was awkward.

Naturally, the fans could see this too.

“Can she stop using Shi Jins popularity”

“Please let my daughter be alone.”

“I think I can see Shi Xuexins grievance.”

Wen Wang said, “Why dont we use Xuexins robot to edit a violin piece What do you think, Mr.


“Good idea.” Lin Yao readily agreed.

Shi Jin stood up and said, “I remembered that I still have something on.

Ill go to my room first.

Everyone, please excuse me.”

Wen Wang naturally did not expect her to participate.

Lin Yao was also a little unhappy.

He knew that these two were sisters, so he tried to mediate between them, hoping the results on screen would be better.

Shi Xuexin obviously appreciated his kindness, but Shi Jins attitude was a little disrespectful.

Shi Jin quickly returned to her room.

The production team was prepared and immediately split into different groups to follow the different guests.

The live broadcast was immediately cut into two sides.

One was on Shi Xuexins side, and the other was on Shi Jins side.

Shi Jin turned on her computer and casually typed on her keyboard.

The fans were all very curious about what she was doing.

When the cameraman went forward, everyone could clearly see what code she was typing on the computer.

However, it didnt seem like a code that could be used.

Also, she was very slow.

They didnt know what she was doing.

However, her fans were still watching with relish.

She sat in front of the computer, her features beautiful under the light.

Just this scene alone was enough for everyone to be satisfied.

On the other side, Shi Xuexin was discussing violin with Wen Wang.

Wen Wang took out his violin and handed it to Shi Xuexin for her to perform.

Shi Xuexin immediately switched on the tiny robot Lin Yao had given her and selected a rhythm accompaniment.

She played a melodious tune and instantly won a lot of praise.

Wen Wang smiled and said, “Youre improving.”

“Thank you, Teacher Wen.

Actually, I only practiced casually in the past.

It was only after I followed you that I made great progress.”

“You have your own talent.

Practice well.

You will definitely achieve something in the future.”

“I also have to thank Teacher Lin,” Shi Xuexin said humbly.

Because she had used the little robot that Lin Yao had given her, Lin Yao was also involved.

“Im very proud to be able to participate in your performance.”

The comments were also a little surprised.

“She knows this”

“Was the piano incident a misunderstanding last time”

“One more song!”

“So Shi Xuexin is actually Master Wens disciple!”

“Was Shi Xuexin wronged last time But she really did copy Shi Jins song.”

“Reasonably suspecting that theres some unspeakable secret behind this.”

“Can you stop dragging Shi Jin in”

When everyone mentioned Shi Jin, they thought of her going to her room alone.

The haters were upset.

“Did Shi Jin hide on purpose”

“I wouldnt believe you if you said she wasnt guilty.”

With that said, more and more people rushed to Shi Jins live-stream.

She was still sitting in front of the computer, calmly adjusting something.

Suddenly, the scene changed.

Everyone saw Shen Xinghe walking over casually.

He went to cut fruits for everyone, and when he saw that Shi Jin wasnt around, he walked over with a plate of fruits.

When he reached Shi Jins room, the door opened automatically.

Because Lin Yaos house was fully equipped with automated equipment, Shen Xinghe did not mind, and everyone found it interesting.

He stepped in with the fruit and shouted, “Shi…”

Before he could finish shouting, a small robot grabbed his ankle.

“Dont move.

Tell me your name!”

It was Shi Jins robotic voice.

Shen Xinghe staggered and laughed.

“Hahahaha, its me, Shen Xinghe.”

“Shen Xinghe, what are you doing here”

“I brought you some fruits, Sis.” He looked down and said, “Oh no, the fruits all fell.

Theres only a little left.”

When he staggered just now, a lot of fruit fell.

“Alright, bring it over first.”

Only then did Shen Xinghe walk in.

The little robot reached out to pick up the fallen fruits.

The camera quickly gave it a close-up shot.

Seeing that he was agile and knew how to throw it into the trash can after picking it up, the audience could not help but laugh.

“Teacher Lin is too amazing! He actually created such a smart robot!”

“The voice is exactly the same as Shi Jins.”

“The key is that it can talk in real-time! Did you guys see that when the camera was pointed at Shi Jin, she wasnt the one speaking”

“But the other robots dont have many functions.

Previously, Teacher Lin said that every robot can achieve different functions.”

Shen Xinghe placed the fruit in front of Shi Jin.

When he saw Shi Jin working on the computer, he leaned over to take a look.

The robot followed.

“Shen Xinghe, you are blocking my light.”

Shen Xinghe looked down and realized that he was indeed blocking Shi Jins light.

He quickly moved aside.

Then, he asked in surprise, “Are you talking or is the robot talking”

“Its me, and also him.”

“What do you mean”

“Just now, I gathered the language combinations of various programs that I used in the past.

I chose my own common words and high frequency phrases, as well as the various phrases that I recorded for this livestream.

He can use my language habits and my voice to complete the conversation with you.”

Shi Jin did not speak.

She continued typing on the keyboard.

The robot was using her voice to answer Shen Xinghe.

Since Shi Jin was not in a hurry to use it, she took her time when programming.

When Shen Xinghe arrived, she was just halfway done.

Shen Xinghe scratched his head and said in surprise, “Is it the code that Teacher Lin Yao said we can rewrite ourselves”

“Yes, thats right,” the robot replied.

“What else can you do apart from making him talk”

The robot reached out its hand, intending to shake Shen Xinghes hand.

Shen Xinghe shook its hand.

This kind of small robot was only half the height of a human and looked like a child, but it used Shi Jins serious voice.

It was funny and interesting.

Shen Xinghe touched the robots face and the robot immediately hit his knee.

“You cant touch a girls face.”

Shen Xinghe quickly said to Shi Jin, “Im sorry.”

The comments went crazy.

“So this is a code that Shi Jin wrote herself”

“But this is very difficult, right”

“F*ck, amazing.”

“Once again, I witnessed the power of a genius.”

“Beautifully done!”

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