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Chapter 465: Very Satisfying

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Lin Yaos family was located in Northern City, a distance away from the capital.

After Shi Jin took the plane to Northern City, she drove to Lin Yaos home in the city center.

When Shi Jin arrived, the other guests had also arrived.

As the host, Lin Yao was already waiting.

At the same time, all the cameras turned on and started to broadcast everyones every move.

The fans were also in high spirits, and the bullet screen was filled with comments.

Shi Xuexins plagiarism incident at the piano competition had been mocked by the crowd for a long time.

However, she had kept a low profile for a long time and did not take on any jobs.

Now, her voice had become softer.

A few audience members asked, “Why is she here Is she even worthy”

“Even Shen Xinghe has a better reputation than her.”

The comments were quickly deleted and the commenter banned from commenting.

“Lin Yao is so handsome! He was like this when I was in primary school.

Im already a mother, yet hes still like this”

“Wen Wang, a very famous and experienced pianist.

Im really looking forward to it.”

“Brother Brother Brother ahhhhh!”

“Our daughter seems to have lost weight again”

Lin Yao looked very young.

He was already in his forties, but he still had a baby face.

His style was no different from someone in his twenties.

“Welcome, welcome!” Lin Yao greeted everyone and welcomed them into the room.

Wen Wang was an elder and walked in front.

He waved his hand and summoned Shi Xuexin to him.

After he met Shi Xuexin at Shi Xuexins birthday party, he thought highly of her.

Even after such a huge event during the Warsaw Piano Competition, Wen Wang did not give up on Shi Xuexin.

When she saw Wen Wang taking care of Shi Xuexin, even though Shi Jin did not know about their relationship, she more or less understood why Wen Wang had actively chosen this program.

It was most likely because of Shi Xuexin.

The commenters started to feel strange.

“Master Wen is actually so nice to Shi Xuexin”

“Does this mean her talent is real”

“Well see.”

Xia Peifeng waved at Shi Jin gracefully.

Shi Jin smiled faintly as a response.

“Back then, Xia Peifeng hated Shi Jin very much inUltimate Singer Songwriter.

It is indeed awkward for them to meet now.”

“Brother is fine alone, dont drag him in.”

“My daughter is fine alone, dont drag her in.”

Xia Peifeng wanted to say something, but when he saw Shi Jins cold attitude, he did not know what to say.

He could only follow silently.

On the other hand, Shen Xinghe was carrying a box and happily said, “Teacher Lins house is really big.”

He was the one who had the least popularity among all the guests.

The reason he was able to come this time was because his senior brother from the same company had accepted an overseas movie at the last minute.

The company had given him the free schedule.

“I heard that it covers more than three thousand square meters,” Shi Jin added.

After they started chatting, everyone started to get lively.

They chatted and laughed as they walked in.

Lin Yao walked in front and passed by a fountain.

At this moment, no water spurted out.

Shen Xinghe said, “What a pity, we didnt see the fountain.

With this appearance, the water that spits out will definitely be beautiful, right”

Lin Yao said, “Xiao Lin, open the fountain.”

The originally dry fountain suddenly emitted water, forming beautiful water pillars.

Everyone had heard of the artificially intelligent devices in Lin Yaos house, but this was the first time they had seen them.

They could not help but be very interested.

“What else can it do other than voice control” Shi Xuexin asked curiously.

Lin Yao proudly demonstrated to everyone, “Xiao Lin, weight mode.”

“What is weight mode” Shen Xinghe asked.

Lin Yao walked over, and one of the water pillars suddenly rose up.

Shi Jin also walked over.

The water pillar that she stood over rose slightly higher, but did not exceed Lin Yaos.

“Shen Xinghe, come and try.” Shi Jin called out to him.

After Shen Xinghe stood over, the water pillar was slightly taller than Lin Yao, forming a powerful water pillar.

“Hahahaha, Shen Xinghe doesnt look heavy, but his weight is actually quite considerable,” Lin Yao joked.

“I am 1.8 meters tall after all.” Shen Xinghe scratched his head.

“Even so, youre not the tallest person in the room,” Shi Jin said slowly.

“But you definitely have the tallest water pillar.”

“Of course not!” Shen Xinghe refused to believe it and looked at Xia Peifeng who was taller than him.

Xia Peifeng did as he wished.

The water pillar was indeed lower than his.

“Awww.” Shen Xinghe bit the corner of his shirt.

“Xiao Lin, music mode.” Lin Yao thoughtfully changed a mode for Shen Xinghe.

The comments appeared: “Hahahahahaha.”

The fountain no longer sprayed water according to its weight, but a romantic piano piece, Chopins famous Nocturne was played.

Shi Xuexins face turned pale when she heard the piano music.

She was here to clear her name, not to continue reminding everyone of her ugly past in Warsaw.

Wen Wang immediately said considerately, “Lets talk inside.”

After entering, everyone once again witnessed Lin Yaos furniture and appliances.

Xiao Lin helped to turn on the lights and pull open the curtains.

And the robot version of Xiao Lin brought tea for everyone.

“Xiao Lin No.

45 is sincerely at your service.” The robotic voice of Xiao Lin sounded.

“They have numbers” Shi Xuexin asked curiously.

“Some robots are in charge of serving tea, some are in charge of cleaning, and some are in charge of organizing the work,” Lin Yao introduced.

“The functions of the various robots are different.

Right now, all the functions have yet to be combined into one robot.”

“Thats still impressive,” said Shi Jin as she put down her tea.

“Is it possible to make it like the AIs in Iron Man” Shen Xinghe asked.

“Robots can do anything.

They can do whatever you want them to.”

Lin Yao shook his head.

“You can only do that in movies, hahaha.”

He pressed the remote, and one of the robots delivered fruit.

The guests were not the only ones who were enjoying the show.

The filming crew was also dazzled, and the audience could not take their eyes off of it.

Lin Yao took out a few small robots and gave them to everyone.

“Everyone, this is a gift for all of you.

Its just a small gift to show my respect.

I wrote the operation code myself.

It can be changed or adjusted.”

“Mine has alarm mode! After the alarm goes off, if you dont get out of bed, it will start running and making noise!” Shen Xinghe studied it and was overjoyed.

Shi Jin teased, “Its quite suitable for lazy people.”


It suits me.” Shen Xinghe sat beside Shi Jin.

How could he not know that every time Shi Jin talked to him, it was to help him get more screen time If not for Shi Jin, he probably wouldnt even get screen time.

The one Shi Xuexin received was a music player with many functions.

The others more or less received similar ones with novel functions.

This made the audience very satisfied.

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