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Chapter 464: A Gift With Sincerity

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Many people in the production team despised people of Shi Xuexins status.

However, to be honest, many people were envious of celebrities with backgrounds like Shi Xuexin.

Everyone had complicated expressions.

“Shi Jin, theres something for you here!” Someone from the stage manager delivered something to Shi Jin.

It was only then that Shi Jin took off her headphones and took the item.

“Thank you.”

Shi Xuexins assistant immediately smiled and said, “Shi Jin, who gave you a gift”

Yao Jiahong raised his head and looked at the assistant.

The assistant felt guilty and mumbled, “Im just a little curious.”

Shi Jin saw that the box was not big and was tightly wrapped.

She reached out to open it.

A hint of surprise appeared on her face when she saw the Desert Savior plant.

This was the pot that Shen Shuangnan kept on his office table.

After a long period of nurturing, the color had already become pure black.

It was very expensive and rare.

The previous time, she had wanted to say something, but Shen Shuangnan said that it was left behind by his mother, so Shi Jin did not say anything.

In the end… this pot of Desert Savior was right in front of her.

A WeChat message also came in at this time.

She clicked on it.

“This time, Shi Xuexin has indeed caused you a lot of trouble.

She was signed into the production team by the Shen Group.

I have to take responsibility for this.”

In other words, Shen Shuangnan was the one who had given Shi Jin this pot of Desert Savior as compensation.

The key was that with just one look, Shen Shuangnan knew what she was thinking.

The keen eye of those in power were quite scary.

“President Shen, I dont deserve this gift.

This gift is too precious.”

“I dont know how to appreciate these flowers and plants.

Its a waste to leave them with me.

Why not give them to the right person”

“The item is too precious.

I cant accept it.

However, I can help you raise it for a month.

After a month, Ill return it to you.”

“Since thats the case, you can keep it for now.”

Shi Jin passed the item to Yao Jiahong.

“Brother Yao, help me look after it.”

Yao Jiahong knew her preferences and habits, so he immediately put it away properly.

Shi Xuexins assistant could not help but laugh.

“I think someone gave Shi Jin a pot of succulents.”

She was afraid of angering Shi Jin, so she didnt use a sarcastic voice and pretended to tease her.

“Yeah, its really a pot of succulents.”

“The person who sent the gift is so innocent.

Who would gift succulents”

“Gifts are about the meaning behind it.

The gift itself doesnt matter.” Shi Xuexin said with a smile.

“Giving a gift that matches the heart of the recipient, thats the most important thing.

Shi Jin is quite happy.

Isnt that the most important”

The others agreed and said, “Thats right.

Shi Jin can earn money by herself.

She doesnt need anyone to give her anything valuable.

As long as the gift is sincere, Shi Jin will be happy.”

“Thats true.

After all, not every man is as capable and generous as Boss Xiang.”

“Actually, Im quite envious of Shi Jin.

In this materialistic society, there are still people who can give such interesting gifts.”

Shi Xuexin smiled slightly.

“Actually, compared to diamonds, I prefer gifts that require effort.”

That tone was humble, but she was clearly flaunting.

Because these people were speaking in a normal tone, Shi Jin only looked up at them once before looking away.

Shi Xuexin was very satisfied.

She sent Boss Xiang a WeChat message to thank him and mentioned Shi Jins gift.

The assistant said at the side, “I reckon Boss Xiang will also give such a gift next time.”

“How would Boss Xiang have the time to buy such things” said Shi Xuexin.

“Hes too busy.”

Everyone complimented her again, and soon, it was time for filming.

Shi Jin patted her clothes and stood up, walking towards the filming location.

Standing behind Shi Xuexin was a young actress.

When she saw the black succulent Shi Jin had just received, she was very curious.

She searched online and covered her mouth.

“What happened to you”

“Look at this price!”

“The Primordial Desert Savior, even the worst quality one is 6 million!”

“The darker the color, the purer it is.

Not only does it require money, but it also requires a long period of cultivation to produce that color.”

“So the gift that Shi Jin just received… was really the Desert Savior”

Everyone looked in Shi Jins direction.

She was filming and was not affected at all.

Everyones gaze shifted to Yao Jiahong.

He was carefully carrying the succulent in a box towards the car.

Looking at the way he carried the item, everyone had confirmed that it was indeed a pot of Desert Savior, and it was of excellent quality.

The smile on Shi Xuexins face gradually faded.

She reached out to touch the diamond necklace and immediately felt that it was not as valuable as before.


Halfway through the filming of “Love of a Lifetime,” the live variety show that Shen Group had planned for Shi Jin, “Come to My Home”, was about to start filming.

“Come to My Home” was a live broadcast variety show where the guests would visit each others homes and stay for a day.

Shi Jin already knew the names of the other five guests beforehand.

Coincidentally, there was also Shi Xuexin.

It seemed like Boss Xiang had really invested a lot for her.

The other four guests were Xia Peifeng, Wen Wang, Lin Yao, and Shen Xinghe.

All four of them were male.

In the nanny van, Shi Jin looked at the name list and said calmly, “Xia Peifeng and Wen Wang are here too”

One was the prince of the creative world, while the other was a big shot in the violin world.

They were both people who were indifferent to worldly affairs.

This was especially so for Xia Peifeng.

He had never participated in any variety show before, and it could be said that he kept a very low profile.

His participation was really surprising.

And because of that, the popularity of this program was already unbelievably high before it even started airing.

It could be said that the Shen Group had planned this variety show for Shi Jin in consideration of her popularity.

“I heard that these two were very eager to join,” Yao Jiahong said.

“The production team was also very surprised.”

“Alright.” Shi Jin did not mind.

After all, they were all big shots and had no conflict with her.

“The first stop is Lin Yaos house.

Lin Yao is known as the Never Aging Prince.

He has been famous for a long time and is still in a very good state.

He is a technological enthusiast and an intelligent person.

It is said that 90% of the furniture and household appliances in his house have been AI-controlled.

This time, he mainly wants to showcase the modern technology of his house.”

Shi Jin understood.

Lin Yao had shown it on Weibo previously and attracted the interest of many netizens.

A long time ago, someone had expressed that they wanted to see the full picture of his home.

The first stop of “Come to My Home” this time was to go to his house..

It was obvious that they wanted to attract the attention of the audience to the greatest extent.

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