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Chapter 463: Why Suppress Yourself

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Shi Xuexin could not help, but show a hint of jealousy when she saw how well she performed.

She handed her hand over and ran out together with her.

“Cut!” The director shouted and said to Shi Xuexin, “Xuexin, your sister came to save you.

You should be happy, touched, scared, remorseful, and blaming her for not coming.

Why would you have hatred”

Shi Xuexin also realized that she had not acted well earlier.

She gritted her teeth and looked at Boss Xiang.

Boss Xiang crossed his legs and puffed out smoke rings.

“Sorry, Boss Xiang.

I was a little nervous just now.”

“Try again.” Boss Xiang was very tolerant.

The second take, Shi Jin was even more engrossed in the act than before.

When Shi Xuexin stood up, she stepped on the actor playing the abusive man, twisted her ankle, and fell on the ground.

Not only that, her position was not right.

The light did not land on her face.

They were in the same frame, but Shi Jins side was high-definition while hers was blurry.

The director did not say anything and just showed the replay to Boss Xiang.

Yao Jiahong stood at the side.

He looked at the time and said, “There are seven minutes left.

We can do it again.”

Shi Xuexin immediately said, “Yes, Ill do it again.

It was an accident.”

Boss Xiang put out his cigar and stood up.

“Alright, theres no need to shoot anymore!”

After two scenes, it was obvious who was better.

With his status, what he hated the most was those who didnt keep promises, and secondly, being useless.

Shi Xuexins face turned pale immediately.

“Boss Xiang.”

Boss Xiang caressed her face.

“As my woman, being beautiful is enough.

Be good.

As for you guys, you can do whatever you want with this scene.”

“Boss Xiang!” Tears welled up in Shi Xuexins eyes, making her look even more pitiful.

Boss Xiang had already left.

“Boss Xiang!” Shi Jin called out to him.

Boss Xiang turned around, his facial features stern.

Shi Xuexin glared at Shi Jin.

Although Boss Xiang was in his fifties, he had taken good care of himself.

Among all the men of his age, he was considered quite good-looking.

Shi Xuexin was worried Shi Jin would…

Shi Jin said calmly, “I was busy filming and didnt say anything before.

Look over there.”

She pointed to the no smoking sign hanging on the wall.

Boss Xiangs expression changed slightly and he left in a huff.

Someone at the side immediately put away the ashes of the cigar that Boss Xiang left behind.

Shi Xuexins plot failed.

Shi Jin picked up her things and left.

“Brother Yao, remember to overlook them when they edit this scene.”

Yao Jiahong immediately replied, “Okay.”


At night, Shi Jin agreed to go to Gu Qingqings place for dinner.

When she went out, Fu Xiuyuan was already there.

The timing was just right.

Fu Xiuyuan drove personally and when Shi Jin got into the car he could smell the smoke on her.

“Someone in the crew smoked”

“Yes, but Ive already brought it up.

It should be gone next time.”

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuan didnt ask further.

He knew that Shi Jin wasnt the type to let herself suffer.

Li manor.

Gu Qingqing cooked personally.

It was rare that everyone was present today, including Gu Jingyuan and Gu Zehan.

Li Juekai also just finished filming a movie.

During dinner, Gu Qingqing mentioned Zhu Junrong.

“That Elder Zhu from last time” Shi Jin asked.

“Yeah, didnt he add you on WeChat Why is he asking me about your situation”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Because I rejected him.

I dont have much time to learn violin recently.”

“No wonder.” Gu Qingqing also smiled.

“But Elder Zhu is really a rare teacher in the academic world.”

When they were about to finish eating, Yao Jiahong sent the edited scenes over.

Shi Jin took a quick glance.

The screenwriter was a big shot.

The edited scenes did not require Shi Xuexins participation.

Shi Jins part was enough.

That scene did not have Shi Xuexins scenes, but it did not affect the shape of Shi Jins character, nor did it affect the integrity of the scene.

That screenwriter was also present today and had seen the whole situation.

He was willing to endure the hardship of changing Xuexins scenes.

“Okay, lets leave it at that.”

Shi Jin had such a temper.

If people did not trouble her, she could not be bothered to argue with them, but if someone wanted to go over her head, she didnt mind fighting with them.


Shi Xuexin was much more well-behaved during the shoot the next day.

She understood Boss Xiangs attitude.

He only liked her looks.

As for acting and filming, it was just an additional right for her when she was pampered.

If she was obedient, he did not mind spending money to support her, but if she continued to be ungrateful, there would be nothing else.

She tested scenes when she had to and did not dare to fight with Shi Jin over anything.

Shi Jins own filming was also much faster.

“Miss Shi, someone brought you something.”

Shi Xuexins assistant stood up immediately.

“Xuexin is here.

Bring it over.”

“Xuexin, Boss Xiang delivered something to you.”

Boss Xiang was not completely heartless towards women.

He had embarrassed Shi Xuexin in front of everyone yesterday, so he would make up for it today.

A smile appeared on Shi Xuexins face.

“Put it away.”

Most of the crew members were normal people and did not fall for this trick.

However, there were still some people who liked to curry favor with Shi Xuexin.

When they heard that she had received a gift from Boss Xiang, they could not help, but surround her and ask, “Quickly open it and see what it is.”

“It must be a very expensive gift.

Boss Xiang has always been generous.”


How enviable.”

As everyone spoke, Shi Xuexin opened the gift box.

The assistant was the first to speak.

“Its actually a diamond necklace!”

“Oh my god, this is too beautiful and precious!”

“It really matches with Xuexin.”

“Boss Xiang is really too nice to you.

This necklace should be worth more than ten million yuan.”

Shi Jin put on her headphones.

She did not mind that someone was supporting Shi Xuexin.

In this societys reality, there was nothing wrong with someone using such methods to obtain a better life.

However, she could not help but think of Old Master Shi when she saw Shi Xuexins proud expression towards what should be a shameful act.

He was an old man who had been aloof and self-respecting his entire life, yet he had a granddaughter like Shi Xuexin in his family.

Shi Jin didnt dare to think about it, so she couldnt be bothered to look.

Shi Xuexin had always enjoyed this kind of flattery.

In the past, she was afraid that others would compare her to Shi Jin, afraid that she would become someone obsessed with money.

Now, she realized that it was actually quite good to be obsessed with such things.

There was no need to suppress herself.

The assistant took a look at Shi Jin and said, “Boss Xiang is also a magnanimous person who likes to keep things quiet.

After all, he doesnt want to argue with those people who have a bunch of crazy fans, but deep down, he still likes and supports Xuexin..

Xuexin, this is his encouragement to you.”

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