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Chapter 462: Double Standards

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Shi Xuexin refused to try the scene no matter what.

The assistant also took advantage of Shi Xuexins backing to be arrogant.

“Well try it whenever Shi Jin comes.

The two female leads should be treated the same way.”

“There is indeed something going on with Shi Jin, so please cooperate.”

“Why cant the treatment be the same between the two of them You guys arent in the right either.” The assistant shrugged.

“Anyway, well do whatever Shi Jin does.

Were not making things difficult for you, right”

The assistant director was so anxious that his forehead was covered in sweat.

He just did not dare to offend Boss Xiang.

Otherwise, why would he give Shi Xuexin face

Shi Jin could film at least ten days worth of scenes in three days.

Could Shi Xuexin

The assistant director shook his head and went back to report to the director.

Shi Xuexin called Boss Xiang directly.

“Boss Xiang, I cant come to have dinner with you tonight.

The production team insisted that I do something useless and waste my time.

Thats fine, but if Shi Jin doesnt want to do something, she can choose not to do it.

As for me, I have to do everything.

Im really sorry, Boss Xiang.

Im probably dragging you down.”

After Shi Xuexin hung up, she heard someone shouting, “Boss Xiang is here.”

Shi Xuexin knew that Boss Xiang had come to support her.

As Boss Xiang walked over, many people stood up.

The aura that he had gained from his experience in society made Boss Xiang, who was in his fifties, still maintain the dignity of a superior.

His gaze was rough and sharp, making people fearful.

Shi Xuexin did not expect him to arrive so soon either.

She quickly stood up.

“Boss Xiang.”

“What happened”

“Boss Xiang, its just a small matter.” The assistant director rushed forward and said, “I didnt expect that it would alarm Boss Xiang.”

“A small matter is still a matter.

Why, is it that in your production team, theres even a trend of double standards, one for each person”

“No, its just that when Shi Jin is filming, its indeed faster.

Its not a big problem without a test scene.

Thats why we…”

With someone backing her up, Shi Xuexins tone became much firmer.

“She filmed quickly because you guys supported her.

I was deliberately delayed, so I cant speed up even if I wanted to.

Whos to blame”

The assistant director was speechless.

The assistant added fuel to the fire by the side.

“I heard that Shi Jins personal scenes are about to be completed, and Xuexin is still here to waste time.

Whats the matter So everyone only cares about Shi Jins time.

The others time is not important.

They can waste our time however they want, right”

“Its really not like that.” The assistant director could only tell the truth.

“Shi Jins side is fast because all her scenes are basically done in one take.

She didnt waste any time.”

“Are you saying that Xuexin is wasting time” the assistant asked unhappily.

Boss Xiang took out his cigar, cut it slowly, and took a puff.

“Since you said that theres no problem with Shi Jin not doing the test scene, then let her come over and start filming.”

Although his words were neither harsh nor soft, his attitude was very obvious.

The assistant director did not dare to offend him and went to discuss with the director.

The director could only say, “Alright, let Shi Jin come over and film with them.”

Shi Jin had just finished her solo scenes.

She heard that they wanted her to film in front of Boss Xiang.

She frowned.

“Why is that”

“Shi Xuexin doesnt want to do a test shot, so she called Boss Xiang over.

Boss Xiang wants to see if you and Shi Xuexin can film without the test scene,” the director said in a low voice.

“Shi Jin, theyre quite serious.

Please do us a favor.”

Shi Jin took a look at the time.

“I still have twenty minutes left for todays shoot.

We agreed to leave in twenty minutes.

If anyone delays my time, that wont do either.”


Ill let you leave when your time is up.”

Shi Jin walked over with the director.

She stood in front of Shi Xuexin.

“I heard that someone wants to watch me shoot without a test scene”

“Its not that we want to.

Its just that the director and assistant director said that you can shoot very well even without a test scene.

Naturally, we want to see it for ourselves.

If theres a chance, we should learn from you.” Shi Xuexin acted appropriately and generously in front of Boss Xiang.

“I just told the director that I only have twenty minutes.

If its because of someone else that I have to do more than one take, I have no reason to keep you company.”

Looking at Shi Jins arrogance, Boss Xiang felt that Shi Xuexin had indeed suffered.

If Shi Jin had been like this all the time, Shi Xuexin would definitely have been suppressed.

He puffed out a ring of smoke.

“Alright, if you dont have any problems, you can leave after filming.

If its Shi Xuexins problem, cut her out from this scene.

You do whatever you want to in the future.

If its your problem… youll be cut out as well.

In the future, both of you will do test scenes.

Youll be treated equally.”

“Boss Xiang is a straightforward person.

Lets do that.” Shi Jin agreed readily.

Yao Jiahong nodded at the side.

“Alright, Boss Xiang.

Ive remembered all the conditions.”

Shi Xuexin was secretly delighted.

Although she did not have a test scene, there was a scriptwriter who explained the scene to her.

She was rather familiar with the scene and lighting arrangements.

This scene was between the two sisters.

It was as long as three minutes.

If Shi Jins scenes were deleted, it would definitely affect her characters image.

By then, the two female leads might change into a single female lead.

Shi Jin had not come over earlier and was completely unfamiliar with this scene.

Shi Xuexin did not believe that she could act well.

“Ready, action!”

This was a scene where the younger sister was bullied and harassed.

The older sister, played by Shi Jin, still picked up the teacup and knocked on the head of the perpetrator to save the younger sister even though she was afraid herself.

It was also an important part of completing the character of the older sister.

Shi Jin walked over and instantly got into character.

She was wearing a cheongsam and looked very beautiful.

However, there was always a hint of sadness in her eyes.

That was the mark that life had given her.

When she saw that her sister was in trouble, her eyes first flashed with a hint of fear at the identity of the abuser.

She subconsciously glanced at the gun he was carrying, then her eyes became determined.

She picked up the teacup and smashed it at the back of the mans head.

After smashing him, she looked at the blood on her hand and sat on the ground in shock.

Seeing that person fall to the ground, she rushed forward and grabbed her sisters hand.


At this moment, her tone and actions were full of love and care for her younger sister.

Even though she did not get along well with Shi Xuexin in real life, her eyes were filled with concern, heartache, care and love for her.

She did not come for the test scene just now, but she was very clear about how the lighting was arranged..

Every positioning was just enough for the lights to fall evenly on her body, allowing the camera to record her movements and facial expressions without any difficulty.

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