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Chapter 461: None of Her Business

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“Fu Xiuyuan.” Shi Xuexin felt that the name was extremely familiar.

She looked up again.

Fu Xiuyuan was picking up Shi Jin and talking to her in a low voice.

The mans side profile was cold and defined, his looks and height impeccable.

His gaze had always been cold and dark.

Only when he looked at Shi Jin did he reveal a gentleness that was shocking.

When she came back to her senses, Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin had already left.

Shi Xuexin was deep in thought.


After Shi Jin got into the car, she looked back.

“What are you looking at”

“Shi Xuexin is asking around about you.”

Fu Xiuyuan chuckled lightly.

“My situation has nothing to do with her.”

He had never taken this person seriously.

“She can only do such things sneakily.”

Shi Jin did not take her seriously either.

Shi Xuexin secretly made a call to her mother, Yu Xiuhua.

“Mom, has Shi Jin broken off the arranged engagement Would that family mind such a thing”

She remembered that Old Master Li had told her that this engagement that had been set a long time ago could not be broken.

No matter what happened, she had to fulfill the engagement.

When she saw that mans mother secretly, she was so old and ugly that she almost fainted from shock.

Fortunately, her and Shi Jins identities were clarified later on, allowing her to break off the engagement.

If that family found out about Shi Jins situation, would they make a scene

When Yu Xiuhua heard the whole story, she said, “Ill immediately investigate.”

However, after a day and a night, Yu Xiuhua still didnt manage to find out anything.

After all, the Fu family rarely appeared in the capital.

Fu Xiuyuan had always kept a low profile.

With Yu Xiuhuas abilities, how could she find out about the Fu family

Shi Xuexin was anxious, but she could only hold it in temporarily.


Shi Jin already knew about the news and realized that Shi Xuexin was still spending time and effort to investigate Fu Xiuyuan.

“How funny.” Shi Jin shook her head secretly.

Shi Xuexin was really like a fly.

She did not bite, but was extremely repulsive.

The next day, Shi Jin arrived at the set.

Shi Xuexin walked up to her and asked directly, “Shi Jin, I remember that you have a fiancé.

Have you found someone else”

“Shi Xuexin, dont you have a fiancé too” Shi Jin asked back.

“Then what about that old man who came to visit you two days ago”

“Shi Jin, you!”

Shi Xuexin felt like she had been stepped on.

Shi Jin raised her dark red lips.

“I advise you not to privately investigate my matters.

If you want to know, Ill tell you.

Thats the person I like, Fu Xiuyuan.

At the same time, hes also the fiancé that the Li family has always arranged for me.”

“What” Shi Xuexin looked surprised.

This Fu Xiuyuan was actually the Li familys arranged marriage Shouldnt that man be old and ugly How could he have such looks and figure which was even more outstanding than Chu Ling

“Theres no need to be surprised.

He is.

So, Shi Xuexin, theres really no point in making an issue out of this.” Shi Jin looked at her coldly.

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists.

Back then, Old Master Li had asked her to visit his fiancés family.

At that time, she was still young and Old Master Li had only asked her to walk around casually.

It had nothing to do with romantic feelings.

However, due to her preconceived notions, she pretended to be sick several times and did not go over.

Old Master Li saw that she was very resistant to this kind of thing.

After that, he never mentioned that matter again, nor did he let her go to the Fu family.

Later, when she returned to the Shi family, she heard that the man had a violent temper and would scold and beat Shi Jin.

She was thankful that she had escaped countless times, bit from the looks of it, she was truly a fool.

If she had been on good terms with Fu Xiuyuan back then, she wouldnt have ended up like this.

Besides, if she got to know Fu Xiuyuan first, even if she wasnt from the Li family, why would he like Shi Jin

“Shi Jin, youre really lucky.

He used to be my fiancé.”

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and looked at her in amusement.

“Shi Xuexin, where did you get the confidence to say that he is your fiancé He is engaged to the Li family, and I am a member of the Li family.

No matter what happens, it is not your turn to say the wordoriginal.

In this world, not everything isoriginally yours!”

After Shi Jin had left for quite a while, Shi Xuexin was still in a daze.

The assistant came over to help her change her clothes.

Seeing her like this, she reminded her in a low voice, “Boss Xiang is coming over soon, Xuexin.”

Boss Xiang was the big boss who was currently supporting Shi Xuexin.

He had power, influence, means, and especially many underground backgrounds.

This was the main reason why even Shen Shuangnan could not touch Shi Xuexin after she was signed.

If Shi Xuexin did not have his support, she would have long been reduced to a nameless nobody.

Shi Xuexin immediately perked up.

Indeed, she coveted Fu Xiuyuan, but ever since she became Boss Xiangs woman, she no longer had the right to choose.

The assistant had been with her for some time and had received a lot of benefits from her.

She persuaded her, “That Fu Xiuyuan is indeed good-looking, but he most likely relies on Shi Jin.

Think about it, Shi Jin works so hard, but what has she gotten Youre different.

What you earn now is all yours.

Boss Xiang even gives you things from time to time.

You can have whatever you want.

Why do you need to compare yourself to Shi Jin”

Shi Xuexin reached out to touch her face as the discomfort in her heart gradually eased.

“Xuexin, its time for your scene,” someone shouted.

Shi Xuexin walked over.

Todays scenes were with Shi Jin.

After putting on her makeup and changing her clothes, she realized that Shi Jin was not there at all.

The person who came to cooperate was actually a substitute.

“Shi Jin is using a stunt double to try out the scene” Shi Xuexin asked.

“Shi Jin is filming a solo scene over there.

Let the stunt double test the lighting effects, positioning and filming trajectory,” someone explained.

Shi Xuexin was so angry that she laughed.

“Oh, she can use a stand-in during the test scene and I have to personally try”

The director could not say that it was because when Shi Jin was filming, she would pass in one take.

Hence, there was no need for her to try.

It was the same even if she used a substitute.

However, Shi Xuexin was different.

Her acting skills needed to be honed, and she needed to be strengthened.

“Shi Jins situation is a little special,” the director said simply.

“Other than her, everyone else needs to try in person.”

“Ha, these double standards are a little too much, isnt it” Shi Xuexins assistant retorted immediately.

“Xuexin, lets go and rest.”

Shi Xuexin immediately left.

“Wait!” The assistant director caught the directors gaze and immediately went forward to persuade Shi Xuexin.

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