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Chapter 460: Full of Ugliness

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Old Master Shi was still in good health.

With Shi Jins medication, he no longer needed to stay in the hospital.

When he saw Shi Jin, his face shone with joy.

“Why are you so thin” Old Master Shi complained when he saw her pull down her mask.

Yao Jiahong cried out at the side.

“I really didnt deduct Shi Jins food.”

In the past, he didnt allow her to eat hotpot or drink cola, but after that, he couldnt dissuade Fu Xiuyuan, so Yao Jiahong turned a blind eye to it now.

“Hurry, I still have some delicious food here.

Get someone to bring it out from the kitchen.”

Soon, a pile of food was placed in front of Shi Jin.

The recuperation center was different from the hospital.

Old Master Shi had his own kitchen, so it was much more convenient for him.

It was just like being at home.

Shi Jin could not refuse and sat down to eat with him.

While they were eating, the nurse came to Old Masters side and said, “Old Master, Eldest Young Miss is here.”

“Tell her to leave.” Old Master Shis face darkened.

The nurse was about to say something when Old Master Shi put down his chopsticks.

The nurse had no choice, but to leave.

Shi Jin found it a little strange.

Usually, Old Master Shi treated Shi Xuexin well.

Even if he was unhappy, he would not show it too much.

What was going on

“Grandpa, dont be angry.

Have some tea.” Shi Jin couldnt bear to see Old Master being angry.

“Alright, alright.” Old Master Shi took the cup of tea.

“Shi Jin, youve been doing well.

Dont talk about those unhappy things.

As long as I see you well, Ill be satisfied.”

Shi Jin did not ask what was going on.

When she came out, she gathered her clothes and looked outside.

She saw Shi Xuexins car leaving.

Yao Jiahong whispered from the side, “Shi Xuexin has found a big shot.

Hes rich and powerful, the kind thats in his fifties.”

Shi Jin understood why Old Master Shi was so angry.

In the past, he was willing to meet Shi Xuexin, but now, he didnt even want to meet her.

Ever since Shi Xuexin made a fool of herself in the piano competition, Chu Ling had completely cut off all ties with her.

The two of them had loved each other so much in the past, but they could not last.

However, she never expected Shi Xuexin to turn around and do such a thing.

It was no wonder that Old Master Shi was so angry.

Instead of remaining the daughter of a wealthy family, she did such things.

Old Master Shi had been prideful all his life, but now his granddaughter was doing such a thing.

How could he take it

Shi Jin shook her head secretly.

However, this had nothing to do with her.

She did not bother to think too much about it.

She only knew that she should take more time to accompany Old Master Shi.

When she returned, she prepared some calming tea for Old Master Li and Old Master Shi.

However, when she received Shen Shuangnans movie and entered the cast, Shi Jin realized that some people could not be avoided.

This movie had two female leads.

Previously, the other female lead had been selected to be a capable starlet.

However, when it was time to begin filming, Shi Xuexin took over the role.

This was the handiwork of that big shot.

Not only did he want to support Shi Xuexin, but he also wanted to support her in the right way.

“Shi Jin, I trust you have been well since we last met.” Shi Xuexin took a step forward with a smile on her face.

Shi Jin looked at her indifferently.

“I hope that with your acting skills, you will be able to perform well in the drama.”

“Of course I can! Otherwise, do you think my long wait was for nothing” Shi Xuexin deliberately wanted to be in the same cast as Shi Jin.

Not only did she want to become famous, but she also wanted to become famous by crushing Shi Jin.

She had offered herself to an old man in his fifties just to wait for this day.

Shi Jin walked to the side and sat down.

Yao Jiahong asked in a low voice, “Should we call Master Fu…”

“No need.

I can handle it myself.”

It was just Shi Xuexin, if she had to call Fu Xiuyuan for that, she thought too highly of Shi Xuexin.

Moments later, Shen Shuangnans WeChat message arrived.

“Shi Jin, Im sorry.

I dont know about Shi Xuexins man among the investors.”

“Its okay.

Its all part of work.”

Shi Jins reply was nonchalant, but Shen Shuangnan felt a little guilty.

Now that the contract was signed, it was not impossible to break it, but he wasnt in a position to break the promise for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin might not be willing to accept his kindness.

“If anything happens, let me know in time.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin agreed immediately but would not tell Shen Shuangnan.

Besides, she was also looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Shi Xuexin could cause.

Shi Xuexin also sat down not far away.

Not only did she bring her manager and assistant, but she also brought a scriptwriter who was in charge of explaining the scenes to her.

Naturally, the manager this time would not be Hu Lai.

This scriptwriter was not here to change the script.

The script was written by a big shot and had a wide popularity base.

There was nothing to change.

The screenwriters role was to tear apart the emotions in the script and feed Shi Xuexin bit by bit so that she could get into character.

Hence, the filming for the first two days went rather smoothly.

Although Shi Xuexin would sometimes have bad takes when she was in a scene with Shi Jin, she managed to hold on.

This script, “Love of a Lifetime”, was based on the original novel by a great author who had already passed away.

It described the struggles of two sisters under the transition of society in the Republic of China.

The characters in this world would inevitably feel sad and helpless.

Shi Xuexin had always liked to pretend to be pitiful, so she was very suitable for the younger sister in the script.

She had an aura that made one feel sorry for her.

No wonder that big shot liked her type.

After reading the script, Shi Jin started to study the prescription for Fu Heyan.

Her body was badly damaged and she had undergone two IVF procedures.

Although she looked fine on the surface, she was actually suffering on the inside.

Shi Jin realized that all the medicine she had taken in the past relied on nourishment.

However, her body was now completely weak and could not be nourished.

She had to recuperate slowly.

She was scribbling on a piece of paper while Shi Xuexin sat by the side, pouting.

Initially, she thought that Shi Jin would have some capabilities.

Now, it seemed like she was nothing much.

After filming for the entire day, Shi Jin was changing when Fu Xiuyuan arrived.

The crew did not have a deep impression of him, but they had heard of his name from the previous crew.

So someone still greeted politely, “Hello, Mr.



Fu” Shi Xuexin, who was particularly concerned about Shi Jin, immediately looked in that direction.

Shi Xuexin had seen Fu Xiuyuan before.

At the birthday party, that mans performance had made Chu Ling look like nothing.

At that time, she knew that Fu Xiuyuan was not an ordinary person.

Now that she saw him again, she could not help, but be curious about Fu Xiuyuans identity.

She immediately got someone to find out.

Soon, the assistant came back and said, “Its Fu Xiuyuan..

I heard that hes helping Shi Jin, but looking at their relationship… I feel that its not that simple.”

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