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Chapter 459: Ignite the Entire Place

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The concert was still going on, but the discussions on Weibo were still brewing.

There were all kinds of comments.

Not everyone was a fan, so many people criticized Shi Jins actions.

Yao Jiahong was busy working backstage.

So he only saw the content on Weibo after the event ended.

Shi Jin was handling her makeup and hair when she heard the news.

She asked calmly, “So what exactly happened”

“Its the organizers responsibility.

They secretly changed Wen Yongweis tickets to yours and sold them.

Most of the people present are your fans, so they cut down the number of songs Wen Yongwei sang at the last minute.” Yao Jiahong had already made some inquiries.

Shi Jin frowned slightly.

Yao Jiahong had already called the organizers and asked them to clarify things immediately.

Wen Yongwei had posted a lot of Weibo posts in a row, and with the marketing accounts adding fuel to the fire, the situation was getting worse and worse.

A moment later, the organizer announced and sent out two pictures.

The first picture was of the ticket sales.

It was obvious that Shi Jins 40,000 tickets were sold out very quickly.

Wen Yongweis tickets were sold sporadically.

Only less than 10,000 tickets were sold two hours before the opening.

Three minutes after the organizers changed Wen Yongweis tickets to Shi Jins, they were sold out again.

The second picture was filled with Shi Jins fans.

The area that belonged to Wen Yongwei was small to begin with, and there were many empty seats.

Because the tickets were bought by Wen Jili himself, many people realized that they didnt have time after they received the tickets, so they just left it there.

The organizer said, “Were sorry.

It was our fault for making such a mess.

Initially, we were the ones who paid for this concert.

At first, we only talked about Shi Jin.

However, Wen Yongwei was added later on.

We had no choice, but to agree.

However, after Wen Yongwei joined us, the situation of our tickets became very worrisome.

We couldnt sell half of her tickets.

We had also spent a lot of money to organize this concert.

The promotions in the early stages, the coordination in the middle stages, as well as the cost of security, if we had to empty 30,000 of the 80,000 people venue, our costs would be worrying.

We had no choice, but to make this last-minute decision to make up for our losses.

We are deeply sorry for the troubles that have been brought upon all sides, but we really hope that we can accept more concerts from truly capable singers.”

Following the organizers announcement, everyone realized that there were so many twists and turns.

Wen Yongweis impromptu and forceful participation had brought a lot of trouble to the others, so they had no choice, but to change their strategy.

Everyone looked at the ticket sales and realized that most of the tickets were sold to Shi Jins fans.

This was because the ticketing software had specially made an arrangement.

The tickets were split by name, and the fans had to choose the person whose tickets they wanted.

And no matter how much fans wanted to attend the concert, they would definitely not contribute to the opposing side.

More than 70,000 tickets were sold under Shi Jins name.

“Wen Yongweis fans are really annoying.”

“No wonder the organizers want to support Shi Jin.

If it were me, I would support her too.”

“Everyone needs to earn money to survive.

Its just that the organizers were wrong to hide it from both sides.”

“Didnt they say that Wen Yongwei forced herself into this concert”

“If theres a chance next time, Ill buy a ticket from Shi Jin too.

I heard that her title of Live King is not just for show.”

On Wen Yongweis side, she was stunned by the outcome.

She couldnt even gather a few thousand fans who were willing to spend money

The Shen Group had also sent an ultimatum.

“Reality has proven that this is really the last time you and Shi Jin will perform together.

There will be no more chances in the future.”


Wen Yongweis legs went weak, and she collapsed to the ground.


Shi Jins concert was a huge success.

Wen Yongweis appearance did not affect the integrity of the concert.

Her powerful live performance ability was very suitable for such a big event.

She could ignite the entire place.

The live recording cut off Wen Yongweis part and only restored Shi Jins entire performance.

The fans present watched Wen Yongweis performance as if they were watching a commercial break.

Because of this, Shen Shuangnan specially arranged to meet Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong.

“Im really sorry about the incident at the concert,” Shen Shuangnan said.

Just like before, his voice was clear and precise.

“But there wont be a next time.”

Yao Jiahong opened the contract.

“Then I hope it can be written into the contract.”

It was truly infuriating to be trampled all over by Wen Yongwei.

Shen Shuangnan waved his hand and called his secretary over, asking him to go through the details with Yao Jiahong.

“The collaboration between Shi Jin and the Shen Group is not over yet.

I have a movie and a variety show to introduce to Shi Jin,” Shen Shuangnan said.


He saidintroduce in hopes that Shi Jin would cooperate.

There was no problem with Shi Jins side.

As long as the job content was suitable, wouldnt working with anyone be a collaboration

She glanced down at the script.

Judging from the screenwriters name, he was definitely a famous screenwriter.

After scanning through a few pages, it was not bad.

As for the variety program, it wasnt an amateur team either.

Shi Jin nodded and was about to reply when she looked up and saw a plant on Shen Shuangnans table.

Her gaze was attracted and she could not help but take a closer look.

“You like this” Shen Shuangnan asked with interest.

“I just found it interesting and took another look.” Shi Jin did not express much joy or disgust.

“My mother left it for me.

Its been a few years now.” Shen Shuangnan sighed.

Shi Jin pursed her lips.

She rarely did this.

This was truly a pity.

It was a pot of primitive Desert savior, a very expensive plant that was also very rare.

It was a succulent, but it was shaped like a blooming rose.

It was originally black and white, and the longer it was raised, the darker its color became.

Shi Jin had been looking for this type of plant before.

Initially, she had wanted to add it into Fu Heyans medicine.

However, after taking a look at the auction houses, she realized that there were very few pure species.

There were even less pure ones that were so black.

It would take time to raise one of such a quality on her own.

Shen Shuangnans basin was worth at least ten million, but from the looks of it, it was Shen Shuangnans mothers belongings.

Shi Jin could only think of another way.

After that, they chatted about some work matters before Shi Jin bade Yao Jiahong farewell and left.

When she came out, she received a call from Old Master Shi.

Speaking of which, it had indeed been a long time since she received his call.


“Shi Jin, when are you free Come and visit.”

“Ill come over now,” Shi Jin promised.

Old Master Shi could not contain his joy.

When Shi Jin was still in the Shi family, he really doted on her and had deep feelings for her.

Very quickly, Shi Jin arrived at the recuperation center.

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