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Chapter 458: Refund the Money

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Wen Yongwei furrowed her brows.

There was still more than a year left before the contract for her and Shi Jins joint performance.

Now, the Shen Group was only giving her one chance.

They were too biased towards Shi Jin.

If she was popular right now, wouldnt she be bringing Shi Jin along

Kang Cheng could tell that she was unhappy.

He spread his hands and said, “Theres no other way.

The entertainment industry is just that realistic.”

“Director Kang, can you fight for me”

“Yongwei… soon, I wont be a manager anymore.”

Kang Cheng said.

Wen Yongwei fell silent.

Kang Cheng left.

This time, the transition from director to manager was a failure.

He had thought that he had come across a money tree that could bring him fame and fortune, but who knew that this would be the outcome.

If he had chosen Shi Jin instead of Wen Yongwei…


News of Shi Jins concert had already been leaked.

When the official announcement came, everyone realized that it was actually a concert with Wen Yongwei.

Many people could not help, but feel disappointed.

“Do they have to perform together”

“It cant be helped.

They debuted together.

That was the contract they signed back then.”

“What is this, charity for Wen Yongwei”

“Doesnt that mean that each of them will have half of the concert time”

“Im starting to wonder if I should buy a ticket.”

“Thats right.

If I spend that much money and half of it is to listen to Wen Yongwei… Ive had enough…”

Then, everyone saw that half of the tickets released online were from Shi Jin and the other half were from Wen Yongwei.

In other words, half of the venue was for Shi Jins fans and the other half was for Wen Yongweis fans.

Shi Jins fans were finally satisfied.

They no longer needed to sit together with Wen Yongweis fans.

Although they did not want to waste their time on Wen Yongwei, everyone was still willing to go and watch for Shi Jin.

The pre-sales soon began.

Shi Jins fans immediately rushed in to buy.

There were 80,000 tickets total, and the 40,000 tickets from Shi Jins side were sold out in an instant.

On Wen Yongweis side, her father and her family tried their best to get everyone to buy more tickets to support her.

The Wen Family had many friends and family, and all of them were sent by Wen Jili to buy tickets.

However, when the concert was about to start, Wen Yongwei had only sold less than 10,000 tickets.

Ten thousand against forty thousand.

The organizers were having a headache.

On Wen Yongweis side, she felt that it was alright.

She had been left behind by Shi Jin for so long, and the number of people who supported her had still reached a quarter of Shi Jins number.

She was actually quite satisfied.

She was satisfied, but the organizers were not satisfied at all.

They did not want to waste so many empty seats.

They secretly took out the seats on Wen Yongweis side and sold them under Shi Jins name.

Shi Jins fans were already troubled over not being able to get tickets.

When they heard that there was a way to buy tickets, they flocked in.

Soon, the 30,000 tickets were sold out.

Before Wen Yongwei went on stage, she took a look at the ticket sales.

Had her votes been sold out

She took a deep breath.

So her fans were still around! These fans were still waiting for her.

She knew it.

No matter how bad it was, there was no way she couldnt gather forty thousand people.

It was just that she wasnt as popular as Shi Jin and her publicity wasnt good enough.

Her fans didnt know about her situation in time.

Back then in the finals, her vote count had reached tens to hundreds of millions.

How many real fans did she have Even now, they were still supporting her!

Wen Yongwei perked up at the thought of this.

She went on stage and gave her best performance.

However, below stage, the response was average.

After that, it was Shi Jins turn to go on stage.

The audience cheered.

After the two of them took turns to sing two songs, the organizers were worried that they would not be able to answer to so many fans of Shi Jin who had entered the venue, so they directly told Wen Yongwei, “Yongwei, theres a problem with your accompaniment.

Can we let Shi Jin go on stage instead”

“How could there be a problem”

“Theres just a problem.

Why dont you sing acapella”

How could Wen Yongwei sing in acapella It was already exhausting to sing normally.

And this was a venue with 80,000 people.

Ordinary singers would find it difficult to control such a scene.

When Shi Jin was informed to sing on stage at the last minute, she was also very surprised.

“Doesnt Wen Yongwei have a few more songs”

“Theres a problem with her side, so youre the only one who can take over.

Is it okay to add a few more songs”

“No problem.” Shi Jin naturally had no problem.

She was fully prepared and could sing a full concert without having to accompany Wen Yongwei.

After she went on stage, she sang one song after another.

The organizers did not cut the song or request for Wen Yongwei to come on stage.

Wen Yongwei clenched her fists and posted on Weibo.

“Why can Shi Jin sing more than seven songs What do you mean I can only sing three songs at the same concert Can anyone give me an explanation”

Her Weibo post attracted some discussion.

There were some fans on her Weibo, but they were unwilling to buy concert tickets.

The discussion did not become popular.

So Wen Yongwei directly bought a marketing account and questioned Shi Jin.

She also questioned the investor behind the Shen Group why he insisted on supporting Shi Jin.

The matter was finally brewing.

The curiosity of some onlookers who did not know the truth was piqued.

“Yes, why is it like this”

“Look at this screenshot.

The fans who bought Wen Yongwei and Shi Jins fans are almost the same.

Logically speaking, the two of them should have the same line-up.”

The fans who claimed to have bought Wen Yongweis ticket also started to make a fuss.

“I spent more than a thousand yuan for nothing.

I saw Wen Yongwei singing two or three songs before she left the stage.

The rest of the time was all spent on Shi Jins performance.

I have to say, Shi Jin is impressive.

She spent so much of Wen Yongweis fans money for her own sales.”

“Shi Jin, refund the money!”

“Refund, refund!”

Everyone felt that Shi Jin was in the wrong.

When the Diamond Music team saw the situation, they immediately called Wen Yongwei.

Wen Yongwei had already thrown caution to the wind.

She wasnt afraid of anything anymore and questioned repeatedly, “Why should I delete my Weibo post Cant I seek justice Indeed, Im not as popular as Shi Jin, nor do I have as many fans as her.

But look, my tickets were also sold for real! No matter how unpopular I am, even if I dont have any fans, I still have to take responsibility for my 40,000 fans at the venue, right Why must I give in to Shi Jin and give way to her for everything Ive already given in enough, giving in to her in everything! Now, I still have to give in to her! On what basis Why should I give in to her when I sold my ticket with my own abilities”


She refused to listen to the other partys explanation.

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