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Chapter 457: Hard to Reconcile

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With Fu Heyans personality, it was naturally difficult for her to reconcile with Qin Sinian, even though Qin Sinian was also a victim.

Fu Heyan must have struggled for a long time.

With Qin Sinians hard work, there was hope that they could reconcile.

However, Tang Yusha must have gone to look for Old Madam Qin under the pretext that she was pregnant.

Old Madam Qin looked down on Tang Yusha, but she valued the child in her womb very much.

She must have taken Tang Yusha in and let her give birth to the child.

Under such circumstances, how could Fu Heyan really reconcile with Qin Sinian

The two of them naturally drifted further and further away.

They were still struggling and experiencing psychological torture.

Fu Heyans hand was injured, so it was reasonable for her to walk towards depression.

It was no wonder that in her previous life, Fu Heyan fell to that state despite having a good family background and good looks.

It was just that Shi Jin couldnt be bothered to pay attention to her matters at that time and Fu Xiuyuan wouldnt have had the chance to mention it to her, so she had no idea about it.

Now that the problem was resolved, Shi Jin was finally at ease.

With this experience, she believed that both Qin Sinian and Fu Heyan would be more careful and cherish each others feelings and life.

“What are you thinking about” Fu Heyan saw that Shi Jin was in a daze and gently nudged her.

“Is there something wrong with my orchids”

“Theres nothing wrong with the flowers.

The perfume that Tang Yusha got is also very rare.

Ordinary people might not be able to get it.

Dont worry.” Even so, Shi Jin still checked Fu Heyans room.

After confirming that there was no problem, she asked half-jokingly, “Sis, have you ever thought of solving the problem from the source”

Fu Heyan was smart enough to understand what she meant.

She shook her head and said, “Shi Jin, its not that I dont want to have children.

I love Sinian very much.

Before we got married, I had longed to have a child with him and build a happy family of three… But I…”

“I understand.

Your body isnt very healthy,” Shi Jin said bluntly.

Fu Heyan already knew that she was skilled in medicine, so it was normal for her to figure out the issue when she checked her pulse.

She nodded and said sincerely, “I was afraid that Grandma would be worried if I told her, so I didnt tell her.

I didnt even manage to keep my pregnancy as a test tube baby.

Sinian kept saying that its okay, and the two of us are fine, but actually, Im more anxious to be a mother than anyone else.”

“Sister, you cant be too impatient,” Shi Jin said softly and handed her a tissue.

It was rare for Fu Heyan to show such a weak side, so she quickly wiped her tears and tidied herself up.

She smiled and said, “Im not in a hurry.

Sinian has already made his views clear.

What else can I ask for from a husband like him”

“If theres a way to help you recover, are you willing to give it a try”

“Of course Im willing.

All these years, which method have I not tried” Fu Heyan bitterly smiled.

“Do you dare to take my medicine”

Fu Heyan was stunned.

She knew Shi Jins medical skills, but she had never thought that she could even cure this.

How old was she

However, since Shi Jin said so, Fu Heyan did not reject her.

She suppressed the suspicion in her heart and said, “Why wouldnt I dare When my hand was injured, didnt I also have the guts to let you treat it”

“Alright, Ill get someone to bring you the medicine then.”

Fu Heyan thought about her hand injury and suddenly had a lot more confidence in Shi Jin.

Perhaps she could really recover from Shi Jins medicine

“Shi Jin, I have a request.”


“Dont let anyone else know about this.

Im afraid that your brother-in-law will have meaningless hopes.

If hes disappointed again…”

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Sure, I wont even let Fu Xiuyuan know.”

The two of them went downstairs.

Fu Xiuyuan and Qin Sinian were having tea.

“Sister, Brother-in-law, well leave first.” Shi Jin dragged Fu Xiuyuan away.

Watching them leave, Qin Sinian walked over to Fu Heyan and put his arm around her waist, saying in a low voice, “Heyan, Ive let you suffer.”

“You took such good care of my feelings.

These grievances arent considered grievances.”

Qin Sinian hugged her tightly.


After returning to Orchid Pavilion with Fu Xiuyuan, Shi Jin hurriedly prepared a set of Chinese medicine ingredients for Fu Heyan.

However, in her current situation, she still needed some precious medicinal herbs to improve her condition.

Shi Jin was currently unable to find that medicinal herb in the market, and Du Xian didnt have any leads either.

Shi Jin could only use other herbs to replace it and nurse her back to health first.


On Yao Jiahongs side, he started preparing for the concert.

However, halfway through the preparations, he encountered a problem.

Orchid Pavilion.

Yao Jiahong sat on the sofa in the living room.

Fu Xiuyuan accompanied Shi Jin downstairs.

The two of them sat opposite Yao Jiahong.

They didnt make any intimate actions, but they looked very compatible.

“Brother Yao, what is it”

“Wen Yongwei wants to join the concert that Ive prepared for you.”

Wen Yongwei, who had been exposed by Shi Jin, was still working at the Shen Group.

When she participated in the show, there was a contract stating that they would be bound together.

Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei were still within the time limit of the contract.

In other words, even if Wen Yongwei was still popular and Shi Jin was the one thats unpopular, Yao Jiahong had the right to request Wen Yongwei to bring Shi Jin along.

Even Shen Shuangnan from the Shen Corporation could not directly reject Wen Yongwei.

Shi Jins eyes were like flowers as she smiled calmly.

“I thought it was something big.

If she wants to join, let her join.”

“But this was supposed to be a concert in your name.” Yao Jiahong looked up at Fu Xiuyuan.

Yao Jiahong now cared more about whether her interests were damaged than Shi Jin herself.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes to look at Shi Jin.

“Since thats the case, lets take this chance to break off ties with Wen Yongwei and talk to Shen Shuangnan.

This is Wen Yongweis last chance.

If she shows any signs of performing poorly, dont even think about getting together with Shi Jin again.”

Fu Xiuyuan was confident that in front of Shi Jin, Wen Yongwei would definitely perform poorly.

Speaking of which, if it wasnt for Shi Jins support, her title as the champion wouldnt have been able to keep her from flopping.

Yao Jiahong nodded.

“Okay, Ill go talk to them.

Its just that this concert will have to trouble Shi Jin.”


This was an opportunity that Wen Yongwei had no choice, but to seize.

There was no need to talk about the previous failures.

The movie that followed had dragged the entire Wen Family down with it.

Although there was Diamond Music behind her, Wen Yongwei couldnt turn the tables.

The company was also on the verge of giving up on her.

Kang Chengs success depended on this.

The Shen Corporation had already sent him an ultimatum..

“If Wen Yongwei doesnt succeed, she will never be able to get together with Shi Jin again.”

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