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Chapter 456: Luckily, She Was Cautious

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Qin Sinian said, “Whether Heyan and I want a child or not is our business.

Only she and I can decide.

Outsiders dont need to interfere.

Today, I will solemnly say this to everyone present.

In the future, if anyone mentions having children in front of Heyan and me, dont blame me for being ruthless and escorting them out!”

Old Madam Qin and Second Madam Qins expressions did not look too good.

Clearly, they could tell that Qin Sinian was warning them by saying these words.

“As for you…”

When Qin Sinian looked at Tang Yusha, it was as if he was looking at a rag.

“Get out of the Qin villa now! Dont let me see you in the future.

Otherwise, Ill drag you out every time I see you.”

He asked He Ziheng behind him, “What did she say she was doing”

“She seems to be an artist who just entered the industry and graduated from some film school.” He Ziheng said.

“Ban! Her!” These two simple words came out of Qin Sinians mouth with an indisputable tone.

Tang Yusha fell to the ground.

Her future, her career, everything was gone…

The butler led a few security guards and dragged her out.

Fan Xiaozhi who was hiding in the crowd quietly took a few steps back in fear, her face was pale.

“Qin Fan, Fan Xiaozhi.” Qin Sinian called them out.


“Master… Master Qin.” Fan Xiaozhi usually called himcousin like Qin Fan, but now, she no longer dared to call himcousin.

“You two are impressive.

Youve done a good job of luring the wolf into the house.

Very good, very good!”

Qin Sinians voice was emotionless.

However, Qin Fans body trembled a few times.

He knew that his cousin was truly enraged.

He also knew that his wife usually made some small movements.

Qin Sinian did not fuss over it, just like how an elephant would not fuss over a flys provocation, but now, these things almost hurt Fu Heyan.

How could Qin Sinian not care

Qin Fan hurriedly said in a low voice, “Cousin, its my fault for not restraining Xiaozhi properly.

When we get back, I will definitely teach her a good lesson.

Xiao Zhi, hurry up and apologize to sister-in-law.”

Fan Xiaozhi immediately stood up, wanting to apologize.

“I cant afford it, theres no need to say any more.” Fu Heyan said lazily, “Im tired, everyone can disperse.

Those who are pregnant should go back and rest well, lest they say that they have stomach pains or something and I end up having to bear the responsibility.”

“Sister-in-law…” Fan Xiaozhi cried.

Fu Heyan had even exposed her plan.

She wanted to use the child in her womb to act pitiful, but she had no choice, but to force it back.

Second Madam Qin also put in a good word for her.

“Heyan, this is their fault.

I will teach them a good lesson later.

It wont happen again.”

“Next time…” Qin Sinian said, “My Qin family only receives members of the Qin family.

Outsiders dont have to come.” ”

Second Madam Qins expression froze while Fan Xiaozhi froze.

These words clearly told Fan Xiaozhi not to come again.

If Second Madam Qin were to speak up for Fan Xiaozhi again, she would become an outsider as well.

Qin Sinian only recognized Qin Fan as his cousin now.

Qin Fan grabbed Fan Xiaozhis hand and brought her out.

Second Madam Qin also left quickly.

“Honey, I never thought that Tang Yusha would do such a thing.” Fan Xiaozhi tried to explain.

“Do you think Im a fool Those orchids were expensive.

You were the one who convinced me to buy them for my cousin and sister-in-law.

So, you were planning this long ago.

Even I was included in your scheme.” Qin Fan had a gentle personality, but as someone from the Qin family, he had no problem with his intelligence.

Fan Xiaozhi quickly shook her head: “This is just an accident…”

“An accident Is the peach-colored clothes you gave her an accident too” Qin Fan looked at Fan Xiaozhi in disappointment.

“I thought that you would have some feelings for me after marrying me.

It turns out that in your heart, the person you want isnt me at all.”

“Hubby, Im not like that.

Im even willing to bear a child for you…”

“Are you doing this for me You know very well what youre doing this for!” Qin Fan shook off her hand and got into his car to leave.

Fan Xiaozhi wanted to cry, holding her stomach and squatting down.


Qin villa.

Old Madam Fu was also present to witness the farce just now.

She said calmly, “I originally thought that Heyan would be treated like she was in the Fu family after marrying into the Qin family.

Now I know that I was too relaxed.”

Qin Sinian hurriedly said in a low voice, “Grandma, Im sorry.”

“In-law, you are being too serious.

Its common for children of the younger generation to cause trouble.

Besides, wasnt it unsuccessful Why dont we flip the page” Old Madam Qin knew that she was in the wrong, and her tone was somewhat negotiable.

She really didnt like women like Fan Xiaozhi and Tang Yusha.

Fu Henian could not bear to see Qin Sinian stuck in the middle and shook Old Madam Fus arm.

“Grandma, Sinian has already settled everything.

You should calm down too.

You dont want my wedding anniversary to be like this, do you”

“Oh, you.” Old Madam Fu could not blame her granddaughter.

“If not for Shi Jin, things would have been difficult today.”

Qin Sinian sweated while Fu Heyan was scared.

Indeed, if Shi Jin had not noticed the problem in time, the balance between the couple would have been broken.

“Forget it, I wont say anything more.

You two can discuss your own matters.

Im tired, so Ill be going back.” Old Madam Fu stood up and was even more satisfied with Shi Jin.

When Old Madam Qin saw this, she said, “Old in-law, Ill send you off.”

Seeing this, the others also took their leave.

He Ziheng, Lan Tian, and the others didnt want to stay for too long, so Fu Heyan sent them out.

Only Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin had not left.

Fu Heyan looked at Shi Jin with lingering fear and said, “Thank goodness I have you today, Shi Jin.”

“I only thought about it because I smelled something wrong with her perfume.

I thought Id rather be more cautious than make a mistake, so I gave it a try.”

Fu Xiuyuan recalled that she had been feeling uneasy all this while because of Fu Heyans matter.

It was fortunate that she was so paranoid.

“Sister, Ill go to your room and check on those orchids for you.

What if something happens again”

Fu Heyan couldnt have asked for more.

“Come, help me take a look, and check your brother-in-laws study too.”

Shi Jin finally relaxed.

She finally understood why Qin Sinian and Fu Heyan had drifted apart in her previous life.

In her previous life, she did not attend their wedding anniversary and did not know what had happened.

However, she could guess that Tang Yusha must have gotten her way in the end.

Not only did she have sex with Qin Sinian, but it was known by everyone..

After all, after doing such a big thing, she must have hoped that someone would see what happened.

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