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Chapter 455: I Dont Need An Outsider Like You To Worry

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Tang Yusha hurriedly explained, “I saw that there were many people around Young Madam, but Young Master Qin didnt have many people, so I thought it would be more convenient.”

“Oh, is it really convenient for a man and a woman to share a room alone”

“Shi Jin, how can you say that about me Im here to apologize sincerely.

I dont mean anything else.

Even if I do, this is the Qin family and this is my first time meeting Young Master Qin.

What can I do Youre not only guessing at me, but also at Young Master Qin.

Everyone knows how Young Master Qin feels for Young Madam.

Are you saying this to question Young Master Qin and make the couple feel upset”

Old Madam Qin and Madam Qin also thought of this, so they didnt want things to escalate.

Old Madam Qin said, “Shi Jin, thats enough.

Its just a small matter.

Today is a good day.

Dont worry about these small details.”

He Ziheng and the others also laughed.

“Thats right, even if a woman wanted to pounce on him, Brother Sinian would not be tempted.”

Qin Sinian revealed obvious frustration.

Indeed, he had always kept himself clean and was very self-restraint.

Usually, his study room was rarely open to the public except for the butler who cleaned it, let alone a woman he just met.

No wonder Shi Jin would have such thoughts

When Shi Jin heard the conversation around her, she knew that everyone was trying to minimize the issue.

She calmly said, “Indeed, Brother-in-law wouldnt have such thoughts.

But what if someone drugged him”

“Shi Jin, you cant slander others!” Tang Yusha panicked.

“The tea I brought is right here.

You can get someone to check it and see if there are any problems!”

“Theres nothing wrong with this tea.

Its just a clean cup of tea, but the perfume on your body was specially refined.

It wont have any problems just by smelling it, but the perfume on your body, when combined with a blooming orchid, has a bewitching effect,” Shi Jin said.

“Tang Yusha, you bought this perfume at a high price just to enter this study room because this study room happens to have a pot of blooming orchids.

Am I right”

Tang Yusha avoided her gaze.

“I didnt.

I dont know anything about perfume or orchids.”

Shi Jin looked at her.

“It doesnt matter if you dont know, but its precisely because these two drugs are mixed together that they can achieve such a good effect.

Because of this, Brother-in-law let you in when you knocked.

Otherwise, he wouldve blocked you at the door.

“As for you, once you enter, as the scent on your body grows stronger, the bewitching effect will become stronger.

No one can say what will happen in the end.”

Qin Sinian finally understood why he let Tang Yusha in just now.

He really didnt have that intention.

After she was let in, he continued to sit in front of the computer until Shi Jin kicked the door open.

In the middle, he was indeed in a trance.

He thought that something had happened to him, but he did not expect Tang Yusha to be the cause.

“I didnt.

I dont even know what youre talking about!” Tang Yusha denied.

“Alright, since thats the case, Ill let you stay in the same room with this pot of orchids alone and try out the situation.

Is that alright”

“Shi Jin, you said that Young Master Qin was bewitched by me.

Now that so many people are here, why arent the others bewitched Shouldnt everyone be bewitched”

Shi Jin shook her head in amusement and said, “Brother-in-law stays in this room every day.

The orchid scent on him is heavier than all of us.

Therefore, when you came over, the fragrance on your body mixed with his and produced a strong medicinal effect.

Now that there were so many of us, the effects of the medicine were naturally diluted.

Moreover, we hadnt been in contact with orchids like Brother-in-law, so it naturally wouldnt be effective on us for a short period of time.

Also, I opened the window as soon as I came in.

Im afraid the two fragrances have mostly disappeared, right ”

Up to this point, how could everyone not understand

It turned out that Tang Yusha came prepared and deliberately wanted to climb into Qin Sinians bed.

Doing such a thing on the couples wedding anniversary was simply evil and disgusting.

Tang Yushas expression kept changing as she clenched her fists.

Fu Heyan immediately said, “I have orchids in my room as well.

If we find a room to lock her up, wouldnt she answer everything we ask her”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Theoretically speaking, this is the case.

Therefore, even if she doesnt speak now, we can still get her to do so.

However, that kind of method is indeed very disgraceful.”

Tang Yushas fingers were trembling.

This drug was extremely rare, so the effect was very good.

She had only bought a very, very small bottle and used it all today.

Shi Jin was right.

If she was really locked up, she would tell them everything she knew and lose all her dignity.

She had calculated everything, but she had not expected Shi Jin to know about this drug.

She suddenly sneered.

“Yes, I did it on purpose.

I came to Young Master Qins room on purpose.

Because Ive admired him for a long time and wanted to become his woman.

Is that wrong”

Hearing her say that, everyone shook their heads.

She was so self-righteously destroying someone elses family and still felt that she was innocent.

She was really shameless.

Qin Sinian was also secretly afraid.

As he was at home, he did not have much guard against such a person and was almost taken advantage of.

Fortunately, Shi Jin noticed this plot in time.

Tang Yusha stared at Fu Heyan and said loudly, “You, Fu Heyan, didnt you seize the position of Young Madam of the Qin family because of your familys power But you refused to give birth to Young Master Qins child The Qin family is big and powerful, but the leader of the family doesnt have any children.

You failed as a Young Madam! You should have given up your position long ago!”

After she finished speaking, she received a resounding slap.

It was Fu Heyan.

“Theres no need for an outsider like you to worry about the matters between us husband and wife! If you lust after Qin Sinian and the Qin family, then just say it.

Even if you put on such a high-sounding hat, it wont cover up the selfishness in your heart.”

Fu Heyans words made everyone feel satisfied.

Who was she, an outsider who came for the first time, to stick herself in private matters

However, her words had torn a hole in Fu Heyans heart.

Although she looked calm, her heart was aching.

Qin Sinian held Fu Heyans hand.

He knew what his wife was thinking, and his heart was filled with infinite love.

The two of them had tried the test tube baby procedure twice, but they failed..

Fu Heyan had sacrificed a lot and suffered for a long time.

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