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Chapter 454: Why Is This Woman In Your Study

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“Yes, Im fine.

Im just thinking about what to do about our wedding anniversary in the future.”

Fu Xiuyuan was obviously delighted.

“Do whatever you want.”

“You said it yourself.

When the time comes, all the autonomy will be mine.”

“Of course.”

Fan Xiaozhi brought her friend over to propose a toast.

“Shi Jin, this is my friend Tang Yusha.

We can be considered friends.

Well toast to you.”

Tang Yusha also smiled.

She knew that people would not hit a smiling person.

She did not get an invitation today because she came with Fan Xiaozhi, so she was very willing to be humble.

“I dont drink.” Shi Jin looked at them indifferently.

“And youre pregnant, so youd better not drink.”

The smile on Fan Xiaozhis face stiffened: “Then Ill use tea as wine…”

“Pregnant women should drink less tea, or it will be bad for the fetus.”

Fan Xiaozhi was the Second Young Madam of the Qin family after all.

She was unhappy that Shi Jin had embarrassed her.

“Then Ill toast Master Fu…”

Fu Xiuyuan did not speak, but his expression was clear: Shi Jin is right.

I wont drink it either.

She had run into a wall with Shi Jin.

After that, when the others saw that Fu Xiuyuan refused to drink her tea and wine, they also made up excuses not to drink.

Fan Xiaozhi did not get to toast anyone.

Lan Tian said slowly, “Im here to attend Sister Heyans banquet.

I want to stick to the festive atmosphere.

Sister Heyan, why dont you have a drink with me”

He Ziheng and the others also understood and said with a smile, “Thats right, Sister Heyan, come drink with us.”

Old Madam Qin also secretly despised Fan Xiaozhi for not being presentable.

However, when she thought of the child in her stomach, she held back her anger.

Actually, she knew very well that the reason why Qin Sinian and Fu Heyan were tolerating Fan Xiaozhi was also because she gave Fan Xiaozhi the confidence.

She was also using Fan Xiaozhi to warn Fu Heyan to calm down and give birth to a child.

After the meal, other than Fan Xiaozhi, her friend, and Second Madam Qin, everyone was still happy.

Shi Jin suddenly thought of something and asked Fu Xiuyuan in a low voice, “Did you smell the perfume on Fan Xiaozhis friend”

“Mm Who is that”

It turned out that Fu Xiuyuan did not listen to Fan Xiaozhi at all, nor did he take a look at Tang… Yes, Tang Yusha, who was smiling harmlessly beside her.

“Forget it.

Ill take a look there myself.” After saying that, Shi Jin walked towards Fan Xiaozhi.

Tang Yusha was flattered.

“Hello, Shi Jin.

I just entered the entertainment industry.

I hope you can take care of me.”

“Not really.

Im not that experienced either.” Shi Jin stood close to her and could finally smell her scent.

She frowned slightly.

Tang Yusha greeted her politely and then said with a smile, “Ill go to the washroom first.”

After she left, Shi Jin realized that it was the smell of Chinese herbal medicine.

It should be a refined perfume.

It covered the smell of the herbs and exuded a faint, elegant fragrance.

This smell was indeed not bad.

Ordinary people would not suspect anything when they smelled it.

However, Shi Jin was very knowledgeable about Chinese medicine and was very knowledgeable about its effects.

She had come here today to keep her guard up at all times, so she naturally had some doubts.

“Sis, do you have orchids at home”

“Do you mean those flowers that bloom in winter have a light fragrance and calming effect Previously, Qin Fan got someone to send over a few pots.

They are in my bedroom and your brother-in-laws study.”

The more Shi Jin thought about it, the more she felt that something was amiss.

She asked softly, “Wheres Brother-in-law”

“Your brother-in-law usually takes half an hour to deal with overseas work at this time.

There are a lot of things going on over there recently, dont mind him.” Fu Heyan smiled.

“Sis, find some people immediately.

Well go to Brother-in-laws study together.

Its very important!”

Fu Heyan didnt understand what was so important about this, but seeing Shi Jins solemn expression, she didnt ask for the reason.

She immediately called a few people and walked towards the study room with Shi Jin.

When the others saw them rushing upstairs, they couldnt help but look over.

Madam Qin said, “What happened Lets go take a look.”

Only Fan Xiaozhi clutched her palms, feeling a bit uneasy, a trace of complacency on her lips betraying her true emotions.

When everyone heard what Old Madam Qin said, they followed her.

Shi Jin held Fu Heyans hand and ran towards the study room upstairs.

“Sister, no matter what happens, you have to stay calm.

No, I dont think anything will have happened yet…” Shi Jin did not bother to look at Fu Heyans confused expression and kicked open the study door.

In the study room, Qin Sinian was working on the computer.

Tang Yusha was standing beside him with a cup of tea in her hand.

Stunned by the loud noise, Qin Sinian looked up.

Tang Yushas hand trembled and the tea almost spilled.

Upon seeing Shi Jin and Fu Heyan, Qin Sinian smiled.

“Why are you two here”

While he was talking to Fu Heyan, Shi Jin opened all the windows.

Although Fu Heyan didnt see anything she shouldnt have seen, when she thought about how Shi Jin had brought her up in such a hurry, it definitely wasnt such a simple matter.

She said patiently, “Why is this woman in your study”

Tang Yusha hurriedly explained, “I…”

“Im not asking you.

Qin Sinian, tell me.” Fu Heyan interrupted Tang Yusha and said to Qin Sinian.

It was Tang Yushas first time in the Qin villa.

She did not go anywhere else, but to Qin Sinians study room.

No matter what she did, people would think too much.

Qin Sinian also knew that this matter was done without consideration, so he said, “This lady said she wanted to apologize on behalf of Fan Xiaozhi.

She shouldnt have given you such a gown on such an occasion.

She was the one who lacked consideration.

Because Fan Xiaozhis stomach wasnt feeling well, she came over on behalf of Fan Xiaozhi.”

“Yes, Im here to apologize on behalf of Xiaozhi,” Tang Yusha said pitifully, her voice slow and soft.

At this moment, Old Madam Qin and the others had come up.

When they saw the situation, they secretly felt that Tang Yushas actions were a little rash, but fortunately, it wasnt a big deal.

There was no need to mobilize so many people.

Old Madam.

Qin said, “Since thats the case, its nothing much.

Everyone can leave now.”

Tang Yusha showed a trace of regret on her face, but she did not retort and immediately wanted to leave.

When she passed by Shi Jin, she grabbed her wrist.

“Shi Jin” Tang Yusha was surprised.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows slightly..

“You came to apologize on behalf of Fan Xiaozhi and said that you shouldnt have given her the gown, which means that you know what you did wrong.

Since you know, shouldnt the person you are apologizing to be Fu Heyan Why did you bring it to Brother-in-law”


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