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Chapter 453: Hiding a Beauty in a House

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Fu Heyan was dressed in a traditional red gown with dark gold patterns on it, making her look otherworldly.

Her slender figure made the gown even more dazzling.

She did not have a soft personality and looks, so she was more compatible with such a dignified and generous outfit.

When she walked down, Qin Sinian, who was drinking tea with the guests, had a sparkle in his eyes.


Fan Xiaozhi clenched her palms.

“Sister-in-law, why didnt you wear the dress I gave you But this is also very beautiful.

What I gave you is indeed incomparable.”

She was hinting that Fu Heyan was disregarding her gift.

Fu Heyan then looked at her and said, “The clothes you gave me are too expensive.

I dont deserve it.

Xiaozhi, I think that the dress you gave me is really pretty, especially suitable for you.”

She turned to the servant beside her and said, “Bring that gown to the Second Young Madam.

Consider it a gift from me.

Ill give this gown to you on your wedding anniversary next year.

I wont give you anything else then.”

The servant immediately took the peach-colored gown and unfolded it in front of everyone.

If a young girl like Lan Tian had to think about what was wrong with this exquisite gown, Old Madam Qin and the others could tell at a glance.


It was fine if Fu Heyan wore it, nobody would care about the meaning behind it, but if she hadnt worn it, it would have been obvious that something was wrong.

Fan Xiaozhi forced a smile.

“So Sister-in-law doesnt like this style When I showed you the sample previously, you didnt say anything.

I thought you liked it.

Im sorry.”

“When you showed me the sample, I really liked it.

After all, you used bright red at that time.

In the end, you changed it to peach red.

After all, peach red is fresh and tender.

Its more suitable for you, Xiaozhi,” Fu Heyan said with a smile.

“Someone, wrap it up and send it to Xiaozhis villa.”

Lan Tian also said, “Sister Xiaozhi is indeed more suitable for this color.

Shes soft and weak.

This color is fresh and pretty.

Our Sister Heyan is tall, so shes more suitable for this dignified color.”

Fu Heyan and Lan Tians words were sharp, but both of them were smiling and their words were flawless.

He Ziheng and the other men did not react immediately, but the female seniors had already seen through the problem.

Even if everyone had some opinions about Fu Heyan treating a pregnant woman like this, they couldnt say anything.

After all, Fan Xiaozhi was the one who provoked her first, so she deserved the result.

Actually, Old Madam Qin liked Fu Heyans personality.

Like her, she could also be the matriarch of a wealthy family.

It was because of her refusal to give birth that Old Madam Qins heart turned cold and her attitude towards Fu Heyan slowly turned sour.

“Xiaozhi, since your sister-in-law is kind enough to give it to you, just accept it,” Old Madam Qin said.

Fan Xiaozhi had no choice, but to accept it.

She glanced at her husband and mother-in-law.

Neither of them had any intention of speaking up for her.

She felt even more wronged.

After this little episode, everyone continued to drink their tea.

The men were accompanied by Qin Sinian, the female guests were accompanied by Fu Heyan, and there were also a few close relatives, Old Madam Fu, and Fu Heyans friends.

Fan Xiaozhi also brought along a friend of hers without notifying them.

As the host, Fu Heyan didnt directly invite her out since she was already here.

He Ziheng drank his tea and suddenly slapped his forehead.

“Why do I remember that in ancient times, only concubines would wear peach red”

After he finished speaking, there was a second of silence.

Qin Sinian slowly brewed the tea and looked at Qin Fan deeply before saying, “Qin Fan, try this tea.

It seems pretty good.”

“Let me try.”

The silence was broken.

Qin Fan took a sip and said with a smile, “The taste is indeed not bad.

I can only get good tea from you, Cousin.”

“There are better ones.”

“Even better So what you gave us wasnt the best,” He Ziheng said.

Qin Sinian picked up a cup of tea.

“Its not easy to get good tea.

Ive always kept the best for Heyan.

Ive never been willing to share what she likes to drink, and I cant even bear to drink it myself.

In our house, even if shes not picky, I have to give her the best.” Everyone praised him for treating Fu Heyan well.

Fu Heyan was so blessed.

Only Qin Fan suddenly realized something.

He recalled that He Ziheng had said only concubines would wear peach red.

His thoughts were on the gown Fan Xiaozhi gifted.

Qin Fan understood why Fu Heyan was unwilling to wear that outfit.

His heart sank.

He could still understand Qin Sinians words.

The key was that he really didnt expect Fan Xiaozhi to not know the rules to such an extent and publicly use such clothes as a gift.

There was no way she made a mistake by chance, because she studied a lot of clothing.

It was definitely not a coincidence that she had given such clothes.

More importantly, Fan Xiaozhis actions… showed that she still had a problem with Fu Heyan.

Why did she have a problem Wasnt it because she liked Qin Sinian back then

The more Qin Fan thought about it, the more frustrated he became.

He could not sit still and felt uncomfortable.

He wished he could confront Fan Xiaozhi on the spot.

Qin Sinian had also achieved his goal of hinting to Qin Fan, so he continued to serve everyone new tea with a good temper.

As the head of the clan, he had to put Fan Xiaozhi in her place.

However, with his status, he didnt want to get into trouble with Fan Xiaozhi.

Thus, it was more convenient for him to start with Qin Fan.

He would not interfere in other peoples affairs.


When Shi Jin saw that Fu Heyan dealt with Fan Xiaozhis provocation cleanly, she was slightly relieved.

Fan Xiaozhi was slapped in the face.

She was no longer as talkative as before, but she still brought her friend and walked around like she was the owner.

Shi Jin looked at Fan Xiaozhis friend.

That woman was pretty, but she was similar to Fan Xiaozhi.

She was far inferior to Fu Heyan.

Logically speaking, there shouldnt be any trouble.


With that thought in mind, it was lunchtime.

Shi Jin had no choice, but to stop thinking about it and help Fu Heyan invite the guests to the table.

During the meal, Fu Xiuyuan specifically chose the seat beside Shi Jin.

He Ziheng smiled and said, “Boss, you really dont give us any chance to toast you.”

Madam Qin and the others were not surprised to see Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin sitting together.

Shi Jin was the prettiest girl in the room.

It was reasonable for Fu Xiuyuan to want to sit with her.

Besides, they had vaguely heard that the beauty Fu Xiuyuan kept hidden in his house was Shi Jin.

“Are you a little distracted today” Fu Xiuyuan asked softly.


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