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Chapter 452: I Did Give Her Face

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Old Madam Qin said, “The child is important.

Heyan, why dont you go upstairs yourself”

Fu Heyan did not want Fan Xiaozhi to accompany her anyway.

Shi Jin and Lan Tian walked to her side and accompanied her upstairs.

Once they were upstairs, Lan Tian could not help but say, “Fan Xiaozhi is getting more and more overboard.”

“How old are you What do you know Dont talk nonsense.” Fu Heyan stopped her.

Lan Tian stuck out her tongue and didnt say anything.

Only then did Shi Jin realize that in the Qin family, Fu Heyan didnt have everything going her way.

Madam Qin was okay, but Old Madam Qin was obviously unhappy with her inability to have children.

She felt Fu Heyans pulse and realized that she was very angry.

She didnt know why before, but now she knew.

No matter how well Qin Sinian treated her, he could not help being negligent at such an occasion.

He could not possibly notice the attitude of the female elders at home.

Fu Heyan couldnt possibly tell him about it.

No matter how straightforward she was and how mature she was, as long as it involved the affairs of her family, how could she remain unaffected

Although Fan Xiaozhi did not come up, she still got someone to bring the clothes up.

Fu Heyan took it over and found a pair of scissors.

She cut open the exquisite box and took out the clothes inside.

What caught her eye was a very exquisite traditional wedding dress that was very suitable for the theme of this wedding anniversary.

The embroidery on it was very exquisite and the dragons and phoenixes were vivid and lifelike.

However, such a good gown was not red in color.

Instead, it was peach-colored.

It made ones heart skip a beat.

“Although this color looks good, theres something weird about it,” Lan Tian mumbled.

“Dont you think so, Shi Jin”

Shi Jin asked Fu Heyan, “Sister, didnt you see Fan Xiaozhi make this dress”

“She showed me the sample, but it wasnt like this when she showed it to me.”

“Thats why I said it wasnt right, right” Lan Tian said, but she couldnt tell what was wrong.

“Its not right.

A traditional gown like this adheres to the ancient rules and etiquette.

It has always been deep red or bright red,” Shi Jin said.

“Thats why you find it strange.

Pink and peach blossoms are not usually used for the wife.”

“Its for a concubine!” Lan Tian blurted out, “I knew it was weird.

I even saw it in a book last time.

What is this Fan Xiaozhi trying to do”

Fu Heyan threw the clothes aside.

“Im not wearing it anymore! Ive really given Fan Xiaozhi face! Ill go find her now!”

She had been enduring it for days.

Originally, she had planned to go on a holiday with Qin Sinian on their wedding anniversary, but she had been taught by Old Madam Fu to be magnanimous as a wife and think more about her husband, so she decided to stay and spend more time with her family.

However, in the end, Fan Xiaozhi actually tricked her like this!

Lan Tian also said angrily, “Shes really too much! She liked Brother Sinian before, but Brother Sinian didnt like her at all.

She went for the next best thing and married Brother Fan.

Now, she even used such a thing to humiliate others!”

Shi Jin stopped them.

“Sister, if you go and look for her now, do you believe that she will have a miscarriage any minute”

Fu Heyan sobered up at Shi Jins reminder.

When she came to her senses, she was very indignant.

Because Fan Xiaozhi was pregnant, she couldnt even properly scold her.

Fan Xiaozhi was hateful, but the child was innocent.

“Coincidentally, I have clothes for you too.

You can wear mine.”


Shi Jin took her gift box out.

Fu Heyan opened it carefully and took out the dress.

This was also a traditional gown.

The design was similar to the one Fan Xiaozhi gave her earlier.

After all, the style of this gown had already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The design couldnt be too innovative.

It had to be dignified and elegant.

However, compared to what Fan Xiaozhi had just given her, the detail of this dress could be seen with the naked eye.

Both used embroidery, but this dress had dark golden threads on the red color.

It was low-key and luxurious, but it was not too extravagant.

Both had a design of dragons and phoenixes, but the embroidery of this set was more exquisite.

The dragon claws and phoenix heads that were bound by golden threads were the finishing touches.

Fu Heyan could tell that this was no ordinary item, not something that an ordinary designer could take out.

Thinking about Shi Jins second brother, Gu Zehan, she immediately understood.

“Shi Jin, I really dont know how to thank you.”

“The biggest thank you would be seeing you put it on and walk out beautifully.”

Shi Jin and Lan Tian helped Fu Heyan change into her clothes.


Downstairs, Fan Xiaozhi was waiting while attentively pouring tea for her elders.

Old Madam Qin said, “Thats enough.

Sit down and dont hurt the baby.”


“My fetus is relatively stable now, pouring tea for the elders is not troublesome or tiring.” Fan Xiaozhi was still gentle and soft.

Old Madam Qin did not like her initially, but after she married into the family, she obediently gave birth to a child, which finally changed her opinion of her.

Seeing that she was obedient and sensible, Mrs.

Qin asked, “Have you checked Is it a boy or a girl”

Her question was direct, and Fan Xiaozhis expression immediately changed.

She had already given birth to two girls in a row.

She got pregnant so quickly again because she wanted to completely surpass Fu Heyan, but she didnt dare to check.

Second Madam Qin smiled and said, “Mom, it doesnt matter if its a boy or girl.

If its a daughter, we can just let Xiaozhi give birth to another one.

Its not like our family cant afford it.

Xiaozhi, am I right”

Fan Xiaozhi forced a smile.

She knew all too well how tough it was to give birth.

She had originally wanted to give birth to the third child and then develop her career like Fu Heyan.

At the very least, she wanted to have more connections and a place to stand.

Who knew that her mother-in-law and grandmother would say that again

Madam Qin put down her teacup and said, “Giving birth so many times must be difficult.”

Second Madam Qin could not help but laugh.

“Sister-in-law, its better than not being able to give birth.

Our huge Qin family needs an heir to inherit it.

The outside world is made of those who value sons over daughters even though were no longer in the age of emperors and have no throne to inherit, but our Qin family indeed has a throne, no”

Madam Qin had never urged Qin Sinian and Fu Heyan to do anything, and she was often criticized by Second Madam Qin on this matter.

She said calmly, “We should let nature take its course.”

These words made Fan Xiaozhi feel bitter.

Look at how magnanimous Fu Heyans mother-in-law was.

What kind of person was her mother-in-law

“Heyan is here.” Madam Qin didnt want to say more and changed the subject.

Fan Xiaozhi immediately looked upstairs.

Everyone looked upstairs as well.

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