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Chapter 451: More Happiness

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Shi Jin recalled the last time she saw Fu Heyan at the Fu residence.

Her eyes were red and it made her feel terrible.

At that time, she must have been pressured by Old Madam Fu to give birth, yet she did not know what to say.

It was inevitable that she would reveal her vulnerability.

Everyone saw Fu Heyans carefree, uninhibited, and mature demeanor, but in fact, she was also under immense pressure.

Shi Jin made up her mind to nurse Fu Heyan back to health.

She had just checked her pulse and there was indeed something wrong with Fu Heyans body.

Shi Jin needed some time to find suitable medicine for her to adjust.

However, this matter could not be rushed, especially since she had been ill for a long time.

She had to think of a way slowly.

When she returned to Orchid Pavilion, she plunged into the backyard.

More and more Chinese herbs were available.

She squatted inside and waited for a long time.

When Fu Xiuyuan returned, he saw the shoes she had changed out of in the shoe cabinet, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Butler Chen quickly said, “Master Fu, Miss Shi is looking at the flowers in the courtyard.”

Fu Xiuyuan nodded, changed his shoes and walked out.

From afar, he saw her squatting down, holding a medicinal herb to her nose and sniffing it.

As Shi Jin was sniffing, she felt someone beside her.

Without looking, she knew that it was Fu Xiuyuan.

She reached her hand out to him.

“Help me up.

My legs are numb.”

Fu Xiuyuan helped her up.

Shi Jins legs were really numb so she leaned towards his embrace.

Fu Xiuyuan caught her firmly and picked her up by the waist, placing her on the bench beside him.

He picked up her feet, removed her shoes, and slowly massaged them.

“Why did you stay so long if you knew youre going to get numb”

“I was thinking of a prescription, so I stayed a little longer.”

“What patient did you meet again”

“There are no patients.

Im just thinking about it.” Shi Jin would not reveal Fu Heyans secret easily.

Fu Xiuyuan increased the strength of the massage.

“Arent you tired of taking on so many other peoples matters”

“Doctors are benevolent.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Besides, watching others get better gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Especially if that person is someone you care about, you will feel even happier.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at her smiling face and couldnt take his eyes off her.

The longer he stayed with Shi Jin, the more he wanted to stay like this.

Perhaps it was her resilience and freshness that had awakened his inner heart and allowed him to feel vitality.

His hand slowly moved to her waist.

“You can take care of others, but you must not let yourself work too hard.”

“Yes, I will.” Shi Jin nodded.

“So, to prevent me from working too hard, is Mr.


The pair of hands did not lower themselves at all.

Instead, they pulled her closer to him.

Their noses touched and their breaths met.


Then, a lingering kiss landed on her red lips.


In the blink of an eye, it was Fu Heyans wedding anniversary.

Gu Zehan sent the gown he had prepared to Shi Jin.

Only then did Shi Jin remember that Fu Heyan had agreed to wear the dress given by Fan Xiaozhi.

However, there was no problem with having too many clothes.

So Shi Jin still brought it along as a gift for Fu Heyan.

She could wear it in the future.

Today, Fu Xiuyuan did not go to the company and specially made time to attend Fu Heyans wedding anniversary celebration.

Their car soon arrived at the Qin Residence, and many cars were already coming and going.

Shi Jin took a look.

There were really no outsiders.

They were all familiar faces.

The moment she got out of the car, Lan Tian ran over.

“Sister Shi Jin!”

He Ziheng, Qiao Zhuoli, Pei Junyi and the others were also there.

They were family friends with the Fu family and had a good relationship with Fu Heyan.

So they all came to celebrate with her.

He Ziheng walked up without any formalities.

“Little sister-in-law, you look good.

Do you want to have a drink or two today”

“I remember you just got released from my blocked list” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly to He Ziheng.

He Ziheng shrunk his neck.

“Boss, let us drink instead! We wont let the girls get involved.”

Shi Jin raised an eyebrow.

“Do you want to enter my blocked list”

“Hey, the weather is really good today! Why dont we all drink fruit juice” He Ziheng looked at the sky and said.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin ignored him.

He Ziheng laughed and followed Qiao Zhuoli and the rest in.

After entering, the men went to the side to drink tea and chat while Shi Jin went to look for Fu Heyan.

There were a few other guests sitting in the living room.

Fu Heyan immediately came forward to introduce them to Shi Jin and the rest.

“This is my mother-in-law, this is my aunt, thats Qin Fan.

And youve seen Xiaozhi before.”

Madam Qin was Qin Sinians mother.

She looked poised and elegant, but she was also gentle and kind.

On the other hand, her aunt, Qin Fans mother, the second wife of the Qin Clan, looked a little rough.

Qin Fan and Qin Sinian were similar in age.

However, he did not have Qin Sinians imposing manner.

Instead, he appeared to be very gentle.

It could be seen that he did not have any competitive spirit and was rather scholarly.

“This is Grandma.” Fu Heyan smiled.

“Shi Jin is my friend too.

This is your first time meeting everyone, but you dont need to be so formal.”

The people from the Qin family had heard of Shi Jins name before, but they were separated by a family after all, so they werent too clear about her situation in the Fu family.

Fu Heyan didnt say much about her relationship with Fu Xiuyuan, and everyone accepted that she was Fu Heyans friend.

Old Madam Qin was the grandmother Fu Heyan had mentioned.

Her face was covered in wrinkles and she looked a little unapproachable.

She was strict and her smile was dignified.

Shi Jin already knew that the reason the Qin family was able to gain a foothold back then had something to do with Madam Qins domineering attitude.

From the looks of it now, she was really an elder that people would fear for no reason.

After introducing everyone, Fu Heyan smiled and said, “Im going upstairs to change.”

“Ill go with you.

Just in time, the clothes I prepared for Sister-in-law are here too.” Fan Xiaozhi stood up with a smile.

“I hope that the clothes I sent this time can express my sincerity to Sister-in-law.”

Second Madam Qin said, “You are already pregnant.

Dont worry too much and care more about yourself.

Your sister-in-law doesnt need your clothes.”

“Sister-in-law is definitely not lacking, but what Im giving you is a token of my appreciation,” Fan Xiaozhi said very sensibly.

Madam Qin nodded.

“Youre considerate.

With a child in your stomach, its better to take it easy.”

Fu Heyan faintly said, “I have a maid here that can help me change my clothes, so theres no need for Xiaozhi to go through the trouble.

Its important for you to take care of the baby.”

When Shi Jin heard these peoples words, they were all flaunting Fan Xiaozhis pregnancy..

She could not help, but find it laughable.

What era was it now, and they were still considering pregnancy to be the most important thing

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