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Chapter 450: My Temper Is So Good!

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As Fan Xiaozhi was speaking, another nanny behind her said, “Second Young Madam, its better if you let me carry the Second Young Miss.

Youre pregnant again.

Its not good for your health to carry her like this.”

“Take her then.” Fan Xiaozhi handed her second daughter to the nanny reluctantly.

When Fu Heyan heard this, she had to ask, “Xiaozhi, are you pregnant again”

Fan Xiaozhi could not hide the joy on her face: “Thats right, I was still breastfeeding, so I didnt use birth control.

Who knew I would be pregnant again so soon Seriously, I already have two children, I didnt think I would have a third so soon.”

With that, she looked at Fu Heyan arrogantly.

Shi Jin immediately understood the source of her arrogance—a mothers status was based on her daughter.

It was no wonder that she was so gentle and weak, looking so kind and harmless, but she was so pretentious that she would make an issue out of a child.

In front of Fu Heyan who did not have a child, wasnt her purpose of coming here to anger her

As expected, Fu Heyans expression changed.

However, Fu Heyan still smiled.


It must have been tough on you.

Youve given birth to three children in just four to five years.

I wonder if your stomach can take it.

I suggest you go to the pharmacy and buy something to avoid pregnancy.

After all, your health is more important.”

Fan Xiaozhis bragging had gone down the drain.

She did not look good, but she did not dare to retort Fu Heyan, so she could only say, “After this one, I dont want anymore.

It doesnt matter if this child is a boy or a girl, I have enough.”

“Indeed, its enough.

Nowadays, there are many who have two children, but not as many who have three.” Fu Heyan said, “A daughter is still your own child, so she must be doted on.”

“Yes, its good to have a daughter too.

Its all a sweet burden.

It cant compare to your freedom.” Although she said this with envy, she was actually secretly comparing and showing off.

Outsiders only thought that Fu Heyan did not want to give birth.

Only close family members like Fan Xiaozhi vaguely heard that Fu Heyan could not give birth.

It was precisely because of this that Fan Xiaozhi went through the trouble of bringing her two daughters to pay a visit together.

Fu Heyan ignored her sarcasm and said in a lazy tone, “Freedom is indeed good.

You dont have to listen to other peoples words.

As a mother, its tough for you.”

Fan Xiaozhi was upset when she heard this.

She did not want to give birth to so many children, but her mother-in-law kept nagging her to give birth to a son.

So once she got married, she immediately started giving birth.

She was pregnant with her second child barely two years after her first one was born.

The second daughter had just been born, but because she was a daughter, her mother-in-law wanted her to give birth to a third child.

She originally thought that marrying into a rich family would be a good life, but in the end, she was merely treated as a fertility machine.

On the other hand, Fu Heyan had been fooling around for so many years and had never done anything serious.

Her husband doted on her and her mother-in-law was tolerant.

She had not given birth despite being in her thirties and no one criticized her.

The moment she thought of Qin Sinian, she found it even harder to calm down… Back then, the first man she had taken a liking to was Qin Sinian, not Qin Fan.

Qin Fan was only her second choice.

The more she thought about it, the more upset Fan Xiaozhi felt.

“Youre pregnant, so I wont keep you any longer.

Go home and take care of the baby.” Fu Heyan had already asked her to leave.

If not for that old madam from the Qin family, she would really not be willing to receive Fan Xiaozhi.

Fan Xiaozhi had achieved her goal of showing off, so she stood up and walked out.

After she left, Fu Heyans eyes flashed with disappointment, but her expression quickly returned to normal.

Shi Jin saw all these changes.

At this moment, she more or less knew the reason.

“Sis, have you not been sleeping well recently” She casually made up a reason.

Fu Heyan replied, “A little.

Why dont you take my pulse”

Shi Jin reached out and felt her pulse.

She checked the problem carefully and asked, “Your menstrual period seems to be unstable too”

“You figured it out In the past, there were some problems too.

Sometimes it came, sometimes it didnt.

The days werent fixed either.

Sometimes, there was heavy flow, sometimes less.

At that time, I was young and didnt think much of it because I didnt feel any pain.

Later on, I saw many doctors and took a lot of medicine, but its still the same.”

She had seen many top-notch famous doctors.

Later on, she had also seen some of the traditional Chinese medicine specialists that others had introduced to her.

There were no improvements, so she did not bother about it for the past two years.

“Do you have a medical record Can I see it”

“Sigh, that, I lost it.” Fu Heyans eyes flashed with an unnatural light, but she still found an excuse to brush over it.

Shi Jin did not probe further and said, “If you dont mind, Ill prescribe some medicine for you to take.

Also, dont be so impatient sometimes, itll improve if youre more calm.”

“How am I impatient I have a good temper!” Fu Heyan disagreed.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Yes, yes, yes.

You are the most gentle beauty.”

“Lets not talk about it anymore.

I set up a grill in the backyard yesterday.

Lets go have some barbecue first.”

After eating, Shi Jin walked out of the Qin residence.

She had roughly understood the problem.

It wasnt that Fu Heyan didnt want to have a child all these years, it was just that there was something wrong with her body and she hadnt been able to have one.

Previously, Shi Jin had found it strange that Fu Heyan was very gentle and patient towards children and was very in love with Qin Sinian, but they hadnt had any children.

So it was because of her body.

It was no wonder that even a woman like Fan Xiaozhi, who had no status in the Qin family, dared to bring her children to provoke her.

Having no children was indeed her sore spot.

Shi Jin could guess the reason why she did not want to show her the medical record.

She had to shoulder this problem herself and did not want Old Madam Fu to worry.

As for Fu Xiuyuan, he was a man and he was her younger brother.

He didnt know much about these things, so it was normal for him not to know.

Shi Jin immediately found Du Xian on WeChat.

“Help me check someones medical record.”

“But, the patients privacy…”

“Im trying to help.”

“A doctors professional ethics…”

“By the way, I still have two bottles of essential oil left.

Theres no use keeping them.”

“Alright, little ancestor.

Tell me the name and Ill check immediately.”

Shi Jin slowly typed out Fu Heyans name.

Soon, her medical record was in Shi Jins hands.

No wonder she refused to show it to her.

Shi Jin discovered the problem after flipping through a few pages.

It turned out that Fu Heyan had already done two IVF procedures, but she had failed both times.

Even though the skills of a test tube baby procedure was very advanced now and sounded very simple, it was actually very harmful to the female body.

Furthermore, the procedure was not successful.

So it was also a kind of torture to the human mind..

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