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Chapter 45: Were They Going to Get Unlinked

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Ding Jianyong did Yao Jiahong the favor nonetheless.

He promptly fired the employee when he was done talking to Yao Jiahong.

“Whats going on Why did I get fired” asked the employee perplexedly in shock.

“You botched up the accompaniment recording.

Do you know who Shi Jin is”

The man shook his head in shock.

In reality, Ding Jianyong did not know either.

However, anyone who could get Yao Jiahong to speak up for her was bound to be well connected.

In comparison to a common employee, Ding Jianyong would much rather not offend Shi Jin.

“Go on and find yourself some other job.”

Since the competition was not over, the final ranking was not ready.

However, Shi Jin and Gu Qinghuas song had become a hit.

After all, a lot of the fans chose to trust what they heard since not all the viewers were Chu Lings fans.

“Little Stone is a very good songwriter too!”

“Little Peanut also put on the best performance she ever did on the program! It was incredible!”

“Why do I have a feeling that Little Stone is going to get unlinked from Chu Ling for good”

Chu Lings fans were infuriated.

“How could she ditch Chu Ling after using his popularity”

“Is someone like Little Stone ever going to cut ties with Chu Ling Dream on!”

Shi Jin left with Yao Jiahong after the competition ended.

She told Li to send her straight to the hospital to pick up Fu Xiuyuan.

After resting for two days, Fu Xiuyuan clearly looked a lot better.

Shi Jin opened the hospital ward door gently to see him sitting on the couch taking care of work.

His laptop was on and its screen was covered with red and green intersecting lines.

Even though he was just dressed in a light-colored, shapeless striped patient gown, he made it look like it was designer wear.

With good looks like his, he would give the pretty boys in the entertainment industry a run for their money.

Shi Jin could not help sighing.

How blind was she in the past to choose Chu Ling over him

Shi Jin did not interrupt him.

She placed the soup on the table and opened its lid before she placed the medicine inside.

Just as she was going about her task carefully, she sensed someone walking up behind her.

It felt familiar and she could tell it was Fu Xiuyuan without even turning to look.

She quickly turned and saw it was him.

She smiled naturally right away.

“Its time for you to have some soup.

Am I interrupting you”

“Nope.” Fu Xiuyuan did not even stop to look at the pile of work.

“After you are done drinking the soup, we can go home.

I asked the doctor and he said it was fine for you to recuperate at home.”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Fu Xiuyuan just like he did when she insisted on keeping him under observation at the hospital for a couple of days.

Shi Jin had absolute confidence in her medicine, but he had suffered from acute gastric bleeding, so she felt it would be safer to place him in the care of professionals.

After Shi Jin left the hospital with Fu Xiuyuan, she realized the huge van she came in was still parked there.

Yao Jiahong never liked her, so he did not talk to her outside of work.

Why would he suddenly have the patience to wait for her today Was he here to send Fu Xiuyuan home

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan held hands as they got onto the van.

“Mr Fu,” Yao Jiahong greeted him right away.

His eyes gradually landed on their intertwined hands and he raised his brows and seemed somewhat surprised.

Fu Xiuyuan nodded in acknowledgment.

He had already gotten changed and was dressed in a well-fitted white shirt with his buttons completely done up, matched with a designer black suit jacket.

His tie was done up snugly at his neck, and he gave off a cold, stern air and a dignified aura.

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