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Chapter 449: I Only Want Fu Heyan to Be Well

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“Thats more like it.

What do you want”

“I remember that my friend likes traditional styles.” Shi Jin recalled that in Fu Heyans previous life, the celebrations and decorations were all the traditional styles of S Nation.

The clothes must be the same style.

“It must be festive and beautiful.”

“Since when were the clothes designed by your Second Brother not festive, beautiful, or good-looking enough”

“Got it.

Second Brother is the best.”

“Sweet mouth.

Alright, give me the measurements when the time comes and Ill help you make it as soon as possible.”

Shi Jin immediately reported Fu Heyans size.

Who asked her to understand Fu Heyan so well in her previous life Back then, she had treated her as an enemy.

Know yourself and know your enemy, and win every battle.

“Is this your friend or your girlfriend” Gu Zehan emphasized the word “girlfriend”.

“Why do I feel like youre so concerned about her You even know her size”

“Of course shes a girl friend, if shes not a girl friend, why would I ask you to make a dress”

Gu Zehan could not outwit Shi Jin.

“Forget it, forget it.

Ill look for you later.”

Shi Jin put down the phone.

She remembered that Fu Henian and Qin Sinians relationship had gradually deteriorated, starting from this wedding anniversary.

At that time, Fu Heyans mental state was already very bad.

Ever since their relationship became distant, although Qin Sinian had been working hard, it still had no effect.

At the thought of this, Shi Jin knew that she could not sit by and do nothing.

Even if Fu Heyans hand injury was fine, she had to witness their true happiness in order to feel at ease.

She immediately called Fu Heyan.

“Im at home preparing for my wedding anniversary.

In the blink of an eye, weve been married for ten years.” Fu Heyans voice was full of laughter.

“Do you want to come and take a look”

“Sure.” Shi Jin agreed readily.

“Arent you busy” Fu Heyan asked.

“I just finished my work for today, so Ill come straight over”

“Ill send you the address.”

After Shi Jin hung up, she received the address from Fu Heyan.

She drove her own car and headed straight for the Qin residence.

After Fu Heyan got married, she lived alone in a villa with Qin Sinian.

Those who knew her said that she was blessed.

She was born into a wealthy family and married into a top family.

Her husband doted on her and her mother-in-law was understanding.

After she got married, she moved out alone.

She had a successful career and was the object of envy of everyone.

Shi Jin used to envy her for being able to marry the man she loved and live the life she wanted.

That was why she hated Fu Heyan for interfering with her love life, but now, she only wanted Fu Heyan to be well.

Shi Jins car was parked at the entrance of the Qin residence.

When the gatekeeper saw her, he could not help but smile and say, “Miss Shi, the Young Madam instructed us that when you come over, you can just drive in.

There will be someone to guide you in the parking lot.”


Shi Jin drove in and parked the car.

Under the guidance of the servant, she entered the Qin residence.

Fu Heyan had excellent taste.

The decoration of the entire Qin villa was grand, without any sloppiness.

Her style was evident everywhere, and it was very similar to the style of her room in the Fu family.

“Shi Jin, come here quickly.” Fu Heyan was more than 170 cm tall and was currently wearing a tailored cheongsam.

It was a perfect combination of her figure and face.

She was also a straightforward person.

She unfolded the list in her hand.

“Help me take a look and see if these things are suitable”

“Everything is great.

Sis, where do you plan to hold it this time”

“In the past, it would always be at the hotel.

This time, I want to stay at home, so Ill just invite my friends and family over.” Fu Heyan smiled.

“Im someone that likes to be lively, but I dont like it to be too lively.

Its just too troublesome to entertain.”

In a family like the Qin family, a wedding anniversary was also a form of social interaction.

However, this year was the 10th anniversary and Fu Heyan did not want to treat it as a social interaction.

She only wanted to gather with friends and family.

“Its good to be at home.

By the way, is your gown ready”

“My sister-in-law said shed help me prepare it.

I couldnt bring myself to say no.”

The sister-in-law she was referring to was Fan Xiaozhi, Qin Fans wife.

Qin Fan was Qin Sinians cousin.

He was now a middle-ranking member of the company.

Since he was young, he did not have any thoughts of fighting for power.

He did his job honestly and under the protection of the Qin family, he was also a rich second-generation heir who did not need to worry about food and clothing.

It was precisely because he had nothing to do with Qin Sinian that those wealthy families schemes had nothing to do with him, so he and Qin Sinian had always gotten along well.

Fan Xiaozhi also often came to look for Fu Heyan.

This time, when Fu Heyan mentioned that they were preparing for their wedding anniversary, Fan Xiaozhi immediately proposed to prepare a gown for Fu Heyan in front of the elders.

Fu Heyan had already rejected her for two years.

It would not look good if she rejected her again, so she agreed.

Shi Jin smiled knowingly.

“Thats good too.”

“Young Madam, Second Young Madam is here,” the butler said.

The Second Young Madam he mentioned was Fan Xiaozhi.

Fu Heyan said, “Invite her in.”

A moment later, Fan Xiaozhi entered.

She looked very petite and had a flattering yet proud smile on her face.

She looked very conflicted and dressed up like a typical married woman, like a little white lotus who looked very pitiful.

She was holding a child in her arms and a little girl in her hands, and there were two people who seemed like nannies behind her.

“Quick, greet Auntie,” she urged the little girl.

The little girl was only four or five years old.

She was so timid that she didnt look like a child from a wealthy family.

She called out timidly, “Auntie.”

When she was done, Fu Heyan smiled and said, “Ask the nanny to take her to the kitchen for some desserts.

Theres a tiramisu imported from Holland.

Keep it for her.”

“Thank you, Sis-in-law.” Fan Xiaozhi handed the little girl to the nanny to take care of her.

She said with a smile, “Im exhausted.

The baby only allows me to carry her.”

“Its natural for a child to cling to her mother.” Fu Heyan was still smiling.

“Thats right.

She even made me wake up several times at night.”

“Shes only a little over a year old now, isnt she Itll get better once shes older.”

As Fan Xiaozhi spoke, she looked as though she had just seen Shi Jin.

She asked in surprise, “Is this Shi Jin”

The matter of Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuans marriage was very low-key, so it was natural that Fan Xiaozhi did not know about it.

“Yes, shes my friend.

She came to see me.” Fu Heyan brushed over the matter in a few sentences.

From that, Shi Jin could tell that Fu Heyans relationship with Fan Xiaozhi was average.

Fan Xiaozhi was someone who had seen the world.

Although she was surprised to see Shi Jin, she did not say much and changed the topic back to the child.

Shi Jin looked at the scene in front of her indifferently.

She subconsciously looked at Fu Heyan and saw that Fu Heyans attitude towards Fan Xiaozhi was average, but towards Fan Xiaozhis two children, there was a trace of gentleness, and she gradually understood.

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