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Chapter 448: Not Setting Up A Persona

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“It is well-deserved,” said Principal Ling.

“But this does not mean that the studies of other specializations are not important.

Everyone should work hard together.

Learning what is useful is the greatest contribution to society.

Now, Li Liangjings group, please come up and express your views.”

Li Liangjing nudged Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, go ahead.”

This honor belonged to Shi Jin.

Meng Xiuyuan and Su Sitian both nodded.

“Go ahead, Shi Jin.”

Shi Jin could not turn down their kindness.

She walked up the stage.

The other students were surprised to see Shi Jin.

After all, her celebrity status was too well-known.

However, she was indeed a student who had participated in this internship.

It was not unreasonable for her to speak on stage.

She walked up to the stage and said, “When I went to the hospital for my internship, many patients, including their family members, were very against traditional Chinese medicine.

Some people would ask, how could plants and flowers treat illnesses Some people would say that you can tell whats wrong with me with just a glance.

Some people would say that if you dont use an instrument to check, I wont believe your conclusion.

Gradually, those comments gradually dissipated, after they realized that flowers and plants could really treat illnesses.

As long as they cooperated well, the effect of the herbs could even exceed that of western medicine.

As long as you grasp the essence of observation, listening, and feeling, you can also use this method to treat illnesses.

Sometimes, you dont have to rely on instruments, but you can also treat illnesses and save people.

Therefore, we professional students dont need to belittle ourselves.

We have the ability to inherit this profession and bring it to greater heights.”

The Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine specialization had always been criticized.

Shi Jins words made everyone more confident.

Even those who disliked her had to admit that her words made sense.

As for those who specialized in combined Chinese and Western medicine, they could not help but frown.

If it was as Shi Jin said, what was the point of Western medicine existing Were modern medical techniques useless

Shi Jin changed the topic.

“However, ancient Chinese medicine isnt omnipotent.

The more medical cases I come into contact with, the more I can sense its limitations.

Just as I discussed with my friend just now, Chinese and Western medicine isnt differentiated by status or power.

They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What is the essence of learning medicine The essence is to treat illnesses and save people.

As long as it can treat people, what does it have to do with what method we use If there are more advanced and convenient techniques, why dont we use them”

The students from the combined Chinese and Western medicine major were about to scold Shi Jin, but when they heard what she said, they realized that they had been wrong.

Shi Jin was thinking further ahead than they were.

Among them, many of them were the same as Liu Kaiyuan.

They did not care about ancient Chinese medicine at all.

When they encountered Chinese medicine courses, if they could, they would skip them.

On the other hand, Shi Jin was different.

She could admit that both of them were reasonable and advanced.

On the other hand, as citizens of S Nation, they began to question the outstanding culture passed down in S Nation.

Many people secretly lowered their heads.

Liu Kaiyuan looked at the stage eagerly.

Not far away, Da Liu and his wife were standing there listening.

The two of them lived nearby.

Da Lius face had healed without surgery.

He had originally wanted to thank Xie Ruilang in person today, but he did not expect to come just in time for the school meeting, so he stopped and listened for a while.

Upon hearing these words, Da Liu frowned, while his wife was deeply touched.

“Shi Jin is really different from those celebrities.”

“Whats so different about it Its all about establishing a persona, getting a diploma, and going to the hospital to earn some money.

She doesnt lack any of the others.

What did she do Look at Xie Ruilang and Liu Kaiyuan.

They do things honestly, and theyve never publicized it.

Speaking of which, if it werent for Xie Ruilangs steadfastness, I might really have undergone surgery.”

Upon hearing this, his wife hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, “Whose medicine do you think youre using so that you dont have to undergo surgery”

“Either way, it cant be Shi Jins medicine.”

“Youre wrong.

Its really her medicine.

I was just afraid that you wouldnt be able to accept it, so I didnt tell you,” his wife said calmly.

“Anyone can say that Shi Jin has a persona, but youre not qualified.”

Da Liu was stunned.

His wife turned around and left, and he quickly followed her.

“Then, shouldnt I thank her”

“Theres no need.

Shi Jin said that shes just doing her job.

Theres no need for that.”

Da Liu looked at Shi Jin thoughtfully.


After Shi Jin finished speaking, she walked off the stage.

Li Yuanyuan held her hand and said, “Shi Jin, youre right.

Lets see what they can say now.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“When are we going to the experimental plot”

“I heard that you can go next week.

This experimental plot is quite big.

Its not in the school, but outside.”


Well go together next week.”


After leaving the school, Shi Jin got into her nanny van.

Yao Jiahong smiled.


“Finally, I dont have to be busy with my internship.”

“Thats why Ive been thinking, I think you should hold a concert at the end of the year.

Your fans have been asking for this.”

Only then did Shi Jin remember that she had never held a solo concert before.

She thought about it and was looking forward to it.

“Then arrange it.

Let me know if you need me to prepare anything.”

Yao Jiahong glanced at her.

“I think you just need to prepare to be there.”

Shi Jins lips twitched.

“Im actually not familiar with the process.”

“Those are all minor problems.” Yao Jiahong felt that as long as she maintained her usual state, she would be able to handle everything.

He just had to do his job well.

It was the end of the year.

Shi Jin used this time to organize her work and schedule.

Unknowingly, it had been more than half a year since she returned to this age.

This period of time was perhaps the most fulfilling period of her two lives.

Her expression was calm and relaxed.

After tidying up, she suddenly remembered that Fu Heyan and Qin Sinians wedding anniversary celebration was about to arrive.

The relationship between the two of them had always been very good and stable.

However, in her previous life, Fu Heyan did not recover from her injuries and was plagued by depression.

In the end, she and Qin Sinian gradually drifted apart and the ending was worrying.

At the thought of this, Shi Jins heart skipped a beat.

She then remembered that Fu Heyans hand injury had healed long ago and relaxed slightly.

She thought for a moment before calling Gu Zehan.

“Second Brother, can I ask you for a traditional wedding dress for a wedding anniversary”

“What You and Fu Xiuyuan are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary”

“No, I want to give it to a friend..

A very important friend.”

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