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Chapter 447: I Dont Dare, I Cant Beat You

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“Im sure.

My team and I can testify.”

Principal Ling smiled and said, “Okay, as a doctor, honesty is also very important.

Its very impressive that you can say this.”

“I only wish to see a fair and just outcome.”

“Alright, you can leave now,” said Principal Ling.

After Xie Ruilang left, he asked, “Does anyone have any objections about this experimental plot going to Vice Director Ouyang”

Zhang Fengnian naturally did not have any objections.

Although his relationship with Ouyang Ping was average, it still represented the academys unanimous interests to outsiders.

What else could Director Huang say

“If you dont have any objections, then well announce it to the public.

This internship is a fair and impartial internship, and the results show that.

Everyone, if theres nothing else, lets end the meeting first.”


The moment Shi Jin walked into the school, Li Yuanyuan stopped her.

“Theres going to be a school-wide meeting soon to announce the results of the internship.”

“Any news”

“We dont know yet.

Right now, our two teams seem to be tied on the surface.

We dont even know what the outcome will be,” Li Yuanyuan said.

“Are we really not going to find the principal to clarify things”

“I promised Da Lius wife to keep it a secret for her.

I cant go back on my promise,” Shi Jin said softly.

Li Yuanyuan was also moved.

“Thats right.

You must fulfill your promise to the patient to the best of your ability.

Especially when it comes to the patients condition, its personal.”

If she really could not get the experimental plot, she could only use her own method to anonymously donate a piece of experimental land to the research class.

Li Liangjing, Meng Xiuyuan, Su Sitian, and Li Yuanyuan were still staying in this specialization with hope.

She did not want such students to not have a good learning opportunity.

She took out her phone and searched for a suitable experimental plot that would be convenient for her to donate directly and which would not burden the school too much.

Soon, she and Li Yuanyuan arrived at the venue of the schools assembly and found a seat by the side.

The two had just sat down when Liu Kaiyuan came over.

“Shi Jin.” He sat down beside Shi Jin.

Li Yuanyuan said, “Hey, that seat is reserved for Senior Su.”

“Ill just sit here for a while.

Ill leave soon,” Liu Kaiyuan said.

“I want to transfer to Vice Director Ouyangs research class.

Can you introduce me to him Im afraid that if I go to him directly, hell reject me.”

Li Yuanyuan looked at him strangely.

“Your major is so good, why did you switch classes Whats the use of Chinese medicine Without the accurate instruments, the medicine isnt as effective as Western medicine.

Whats there to learn Even if theres no Chinese medicine, it wont affect the operation of the entire world.”

These were the words that Liu Kaiyuan had once said.

Now that Li Yuanyuan said it in such a tone, he blushed.

“Student Li, why dont you slap me in the face Itll be better.”

“I dont dare, I cant win.” Li Yuanyuan shrunk her neck back.

“If youre doing well, why are you transferring” Shi Jin then looked at Liu Kaiyuan.

“Your specialization also needs to learn Chinese medicine.”

“Its different.

We dont learn enough, and not as much emphasis is placed as in your major.

After this incident, I know that if you really learn traditional Chinese medicine well, you wont need equipment or external things.

You can still do it very well! Instead of relying on external things, isnt it better to rely on yourself”

Shi Jin said indifferently, “If theres something advanced, why not use it Use whatever is good as long as it can treat illnesses and save people.

There are many advantages to modern medical technology.

Its more beneficial to complement each other.”

Liu Kaiyuan was stunned.

Actually, this was a very simple principle.

This was also the principle used by specialists of combined Chinese and Western medicine.

A union between the east and the west, a union between the strong and the strong.

It shouldnt be you looking down on my old ways while I look down on your basic widespread ways.

Logically speaking, many people knew this concept.

However, when it came down to it, even though many people were in the situation, they ignored it and became more conservative and stubborn.

Just like Liu Kaiyuan.

There were quite a lot of people who had such thoughts, so most of the time, it was just a veil covering their eyes.

He came back to his senses and smiled.

“I was shortsighted.”

“Its okay.

Sometimes, life is inevitable.” Shi Jin smiled calmly.

Liu Kaiyuan looked at her quietly for a long time.

She was clearly younger than him, but she could see things so clearly that it was inconceivable.

Unknowingly, people felt reverence for her.

A moment later, Su Sitian and the others arrived.

Liu Kaiyuan had no choice, but to give up his seat.

The school assembly officially began.

After Principal Ling went on stage, he quickly announced the results.

“According to the results, the experimental plot will belong to the ancient Chinese medicine research class led by Teacher Ouyang Ping.


Shi Jin originally thought that if she did not mention Da Lius medical case, the results of the internship would be a tie.

She looked at Liu Kaiyuan, who had already changed his seat.

Liu Kaiyuan pointed at himself, then at Xie Ruilang, and then at Shi Jin, meaning that Shi Jin deserved it.

The two of them had already told the school that they would not take this title for nothing.

He also told Shi Jin not to worry.

She had promised the patient and her family to keep it a secret, but they were the ones who told everything.

It had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

Seeing that things had come to this, Shi Jin didnt say anything more.

Now that the research class had obtained the experimental plot, she could keep her own experimental plot.

Hearing Principal Lings words, everyone applauded.

The people from the ancient Chinese medicine research class were overjoyed.

They finally had their own experimental field!

To every student who studied ancient Chinese medicine, it was a precious experience and learning opportunity.

However, the people from the combined Chinese and Western medicine major showed a hint of disdain.

Could ancient Chinese medicine be better than them

Then, Principal Ling announced the medical cases Li Liangjings team had treated, and Liu Kaiyuan and Teacher Caos condition was also announced as an example.

Everything Shi Jin had done should not have been buried.

In order to protect Shi Jin, he did not specifically say that Liu Kaiyuan and Teacher Cao were saved by Shi Jin alone.

He only said that it was all thanks to the team.

Upon hearing about these two cases, the medical students naturally knew how difficult it was.

Slowly, everyone stopped underestimating them.

If Liu Kaiyuan and Teacher Caos illness was in their hands, most people would be at a loss.

Speaking of which, everyone had learned how to treat patients step by step..

They had never experienced this kind of sudden treatment without any guidance.

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