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Chapter 446: Follow the Rules

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Shi Jin left the set and went straight back to school.

Today, the results of the internship should be out.

It was time to come to a conclusion about the allocation of the experimental plot.

The report was spread out in front of everyone.

The group Shi Jin and Li Liangjing were in had treated two people.

The young girl, Xiao Shu, and the forty-year-old woman, Mrs.

Gao, who had voluntarily transferred over.

Xie Ruilangs team had also treated two people.

One of them was a patient who had been treated with medication and the other was Da Liu, who was in his thirties and disliked Shi Jin.

In other words, the results of both teams were similar.

There was no absolute winner.

Director Huang, who was the director of the combined Chinese and Western medicine major, looked at the report with a slightly unhappy expression.

It was only a draw

All along, the combined Chinese and Western medicine major had obtained better resources than traditional Chinese medicine.

They had also nurtured more outstanding students than the traditional Chinese medicine major.

Over at the ancient Chinese medicine major, other than Qin Fanya and Hu Hao, who had really gone out of the circle, the rest of the people were just short-lived.

Xie Ruilang and the others were the cream of the crop when it came to combining Chinese and Western medicine.

How did they end up in a draw

Fortunately, it was a draw, so Director Huang didnt lose too much face.

If they actually lost, he would have nothing to say.

Principal Ling coughed and said, “Alright, the results are out.

Lets discuss the ownership of the experimental plot.”

Zhang Fengnian did not expect the students that Ouyang Ping brought out would be so powerful.

One had to admit that the abilities of these people were already comparable to Hu Hao and Qin Fanya.

Especially when Shi Jin… was the candidate that he had personally recommended.

Fortunately, Qin Fanya and Hu Hao were still in his hands.

Director Huang said indifferently, “Now that its a draw, does that mean that the experimental plot should be split”

The experimental plot was not big to begin with, so splitting it was not very effective.

Principal Ling said, “Should we consider the fact that Shi Jin saved Liu Kaiyuan and Teacher Cao”

“Those are things outside of the internships.

They have nothing to do with this situation.

To be honest, if we have to consider even those things, what is the point of our internship” Director Huang obviously did not want to split the experimental fields.

Ouyang Ping did not agree.

“No matter what, what Shi Jin did is something that shows her talent.

I think that the research class that she and the others are in deserves better resources.

This is not only for them, but also for the potential patients.

Think about it.

If so many medical students with potential are affected because of the lack of resources, wouldnt it be the greatest waste Wouldnt it be a huge irresponsibility to the patients”

“I understand all the principles, but everything has to be done according to the rules.” Director Huang slowly picked up his teacup and sipped on it.

“Nothing can be done without rules.”


Outside, Liu Kaiyuan and Xie Ruilang were discussing in low voices.

“Weve already treated Da Lius case.

Is there a need to keep it a secret If thats the case, we might as well explain it to Principal Ling and the others,” Liu Kaiyuan said.

“Otherwise, we wont be at ease even if we get what doesnt belong to us.”

Huang Ze also knew that Shi Jin had been the one who oversaw Da Lius medicine before.

He remained neutral and let the two of them handle it.

Xie Ruilang said in a low voice, “Ill go over now.”

In the meeting room, everyone was discussing when there was a knock on the door.

Hearing the knock.

Principal Ling stopped the meeting and the secretary went to open the door.

“Student Xie, whats the matter” Seeing Xie Ruilang walk over, Director Huang asked gently.

This was his beloved disciple, so he naturally treated him differently.

Furthermore, with Xie Ruilangs appearance, Director Huang felt that he had a higher chance of winning.

As long as Xie Ruilang performed well, he would be able to challenge Principal Ling.

Xie Ruilang glanced at everyone and said seriously, “We came into contact with many medical cases during our internship.

I have some things to clarify regarding the treatment of the patient with facial paralysis, Da Liu.”

Director Huang was even happier.

As long as Xie Ruilang could produce reasonable evidence to prove that they had contributed more than Shi Jins team, the ownership of the experimental plot would be logical.

“Principal Ling, can you let Student Xie say a few words” Director Huang asked Principal Ling.

Principal Ling had no reason to stop him and nodded.

“Student Xie, say it then.

Tell me everything you know,” Director Huang said with a smile.

Ouyang Ping glanced at Principal Ling.

He knew that this matter was going to become tricky again.

Why was it so difficult for him to obtain some resources for his students

Xie Ruilang deliberated over his words before he slowly said, “Now, everyone knows that our two intern teams treated two patients respectively.

There are a total of four patients, but in fact, one group treated three patients and the other group treated one patient.”

Director Huang suppressed his ecstasy and stood up.

“Do you have evidence You cant lie in front of Principal Ling.”

Zhang Fengnian couldnt help but say, “Student Xie, if such a thing really happened, why didnt you say it before Its not appropriate to say it now.”

“Im sorry.

We respected the patients opinion before, but now, I feel that its necessary to speak up and give everyone justice.”

Principal Ling shook his head secretly.

Even though he wanted to help Shi Jins class, he couldnt be too biased.

If Xie Ruilang could produce evidence, this matter would be settled.

He said, “Go ahead.”

Director Huang looked at Xie Ruilang proudly.

Xie Ruilangs voice wasnt loud, but his tone was sincere and determined.

“The patient named Da Liu that we treated wasnt treated by us, but by Shi Jins treatment plan.

Were just the executors.

So, Shi Jin has treated three patients, and weve only treated one.”

Director Huang, who had been waiting for absolute evidence, placed his teacup down heavily.

“Xie Ruilang, do you know what you are saying”

“I know.

That patient, Da Liu, did not trust Shi Jins plan in the first place.

He wanted to rely on surgery to solve it.

However, after we explained the risks of the surgery, his family did not want to use such a radical method, so they kept asking us to use Shi Jins method to treat him.

In order to ease the opposition of the patient, we could only hide it from him.

However, regarding this matter, the patients family signed and agreed to it.

She also begged us to do it, so this case should not be counted in our group.”

Director Huang was so angry that the water in his teacup started to spill.

Principal Ling asked, “Are you sure”

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