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Chapter 445: You Are My Top Priority

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Fu Xiuyuan didnt want her to apologize.

He only wanted a chance to be alone with her.

When she called his name in the car, he had already forgiven her.

No matter what she did, he could never be truly angry.

However, before he could speak to her, she had run off to look for Old Madam Fu again, which was why Fu Xiuyuan held himself back from speaking to her.

“Im not angry anymore.” Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her hand.

“Then why didnt you talk to me”

Fu Xiuyuan looked down at her with deep eyes.

Shi Jin understood from his slightly pitiful gaze that he wanted her to coax him!

Fu Xiuyuan was a man, yet he still had such petty thoughts.

Shi Jin couldnt help laughing.

She suddenly felt that her understanding of Fu Xiuyuan was really limited.

She stood on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his.

“Is that enough”

Fu Xiuyuans gaze clearly said, “What do you think”

Shi Jin reached out with both hands and hooked them around his neck.

Fu Xiuyuans eyes were finally filled with satisfaction.

“Fu Xiuyuan, youre my priority.

Spending time with you is to make you happy, and spending time with Grandma is to make you happy too.

If she wasnt your grandma, why would I care about her at all” Shi Jin said in a low voice.

Fu Xiuyuan tightened his grip on her waist, suddenly feeling like a jerk.


Old Madam Fu asked worriedly, “Is Xiuyuans condition acting up again”

“I dont think so.” Fu Heyan shook her head.

In her view, it must have been a little quarrel between the two of them.

“Sigh, Grandma, lets not bother about them.

Lets eat our food.

Young people like them are full of passion.”

Old Madam Fu rebuked, “What do you mean by young people like them You sound like youre in your seventies or eighties.”

Fu Heyan secretly laughed.

Old Madam Fus face turned serious.

“Hey, Heyan.

Speaking of which, youre already over thirty years old.

Youre not young anymore.

When are you going to consider giving birth to a great grandson for Grandma to carry”

Fu Heyan was stunned.

When Qin Sinian saw this, he used the common chopsticks to pick up food for Old Madam Fu and Fu Heyan, saying, “Grandma, both Heyan and I want to have a child in another two years.

After all, we are both in the rising stage of our careers right now.”

Old Madam Fu nodded and said, “Yes, I know that the Qin family is big and powerful.

You are the one in power, and nothing goes without your supervision, but Heyan is a woman, and the risk of a woman giving birth at an older age is something that I dont need to say.

I believe all of you know it.

Go about your business and let Heyan be pregnant first.

Ill get someone to take care of her, alright”

“Its my fault, Grandma.

I didnt think about it.

Ill try my best.”

After receiving Qin Sinians assurance, Old Madam Fus brows relaxed quite a bit.

“Its not that I want to rush you guys, but sooner or later, youll have to give birth.

Its better to give birth earlier than later.

The reason Im not rushing Shi Jin is because shes still too young.”

Fu Heyan smiled.

“Got it, Grandma.

Hurry up and eat.”

Old Madam Fu was satisfied, so she did not notice the sadness in Fu Heyans eyes.

Qin Sinian looked up at Fu Heyan and felt his heart ache.



Shi Jin was too embarrassed to stay in Fu Xiuyuans room for long, so they quickly went downstairs.

“Xiuyuan, is your stomach better” Old Madam Fu hurriedly asked.

“Im fine.

It was just my imagination.

I was fine after I went upstairs.” Fu Xiuyuans words were still calm, but his expression was clearly different from before.

The gentleness in his aura was also much stronger.

Old Madam Fu was relieved.

“Thats good, thats good.

Quick, sit down and eat more.”

After dinner, everyone left.

Shi Jin took a few more glances in the direction of Fu Heyan.

When she saw that she was talking and laughing with Qin Sinian, she was slightly relieved.

Fu Xiuyuan saw that she was looking at Fu Heyan uneasily and asked, “Is anything the matter with Sister”

“Not really.

Its just that when I went upstairs just now, I saw that her eyes were a little red.

I thought that she and Brother-in-law had a little argument.

I observed for a while, but there was nothing,” Shi Jin said.

“Maybe Im overthinking.”

“Brother-in-law has always treated her well.

She should be fine.” Fu Xiuyuan had a deep understanding of Qin Sinian.

Back then, in order to marry Fu Heyan, he had come to the Fu Family more often than he went to the Qin Family.

Shi Jin was slightly relieved.

“That means Im thinking too much.”

However, deep down, she still felt a little uneasy.

She remembered that in her previous life, Fu Henian and Qin Sinians relationship had become weaker and weaker after Fu Henan got injured and suffered from depression.

At that time, Qin Sinian had tried his best to stay by Fu Heyans side, but he still failed to salvage their relationship.

In the end, both of them were depressed and uneasy.

What was the problem

Looking up and meeting Fu Xiuyuans gaze, Shi Jin could only reveal a relaxed smile.


On the other side.

After Fu Heyan got into the car, her mood was obviously down.

She was not as happy as when she was at the Fu mansion.

Qin Sinian held her hand.

“Its alright.

I dont like children that much either.

It doesnt matter whether we have them or not.

Its enough as long as youre by my side.”

Fu Heyan smiled, unable to hide the bitterness in her heart.

How could it be okay As the head of the Qin Group, Qin Sinians child was too important.

Even if she did not consider those external factors, just as the two of them had always been, tolerating and supporting each other was enough.

Deep down, how could she not want to have the fruit of love with the person she loved deeply

She was not someone who needed a child to carry on the family name and when she was young, she felt that she should just let nature take its course, but now that she realized the problem, she realized how heartbreaking it was to be unable to obtain something so simple and natural.

Qin Sinian looked at her and felt terrible.

He knew that no matter what he said, it would only give her pressure.

He could only silently pull his wife into his arms.


“Glory of the Song Dynasty” replaced Chu Jia with another actress with a good reputation and good acting skills.

The incident with Chu Jia had blown up.

So the new artiste naturally knew what to do and what not to do.

The atmosphere in the production team was no longer as tense as before and became harmonious.

Shi Jin quickly finished filming her scenes with her.

Soon after, they finished filming the group scenes.

At the moment, she only had a few scenes left.

Director Cao smiled and said, “Your scenes are completed very quickly.

You can go and do your own things for the rest of the time.

Leave it for later.

Ill take the chance to see if theres anything that needs to be redone.

When the time comes, well spend two to three days to finish filming all your scenes in one shot.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin packed her things.

Director Cao calculated the time and realized that they had finished filming in half the time that they expected.

And even this was the result of him repeatedly polishing some scenes to be worthy of the big screen.

Meeting Shi Jin, he had really met a treasure.

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