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Chapter 444: What Happened to You

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The man was still looking out the window.

There was no response.

“Hubby” Shi Jins voice sounded sweeter.

Fu Xiuyuan clenched his fists, but he still did not turn to look at her.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan had yet to turn back even though they were almost at the Fu family mansion, Shi Jin had no choice but to give up on her efforts temporarily.

The car drove in.

Old Madam Fu was anxious to see them and was walking out to welcome them.

Shi Jin hurriedly opened the door.


Old Madam Fu was now treating Shi Jin like her own child.

She smiled and said, “I saw the news today and was worried at first, but later I realized that that woman did it on purpose.

She looked so obedient and clever.

I didnt expect her to have such dark schemes.”

“Grandma, dont worry.

As long as someone does something bad, there will definitely be flaws.” In front of the elder, Shi Jin was no longer as cold as before.

Old Madam Fu saw that when she was outside, she was very indifferent to outsiders.

Only when she was in front of the Fu Family, she would talk and laugh.

She was very likable and she liked Shi Jin even more.

She glanced at her grandson, who was standing at the side with a straight face.

She could not help asking, “Whats wrong with you”

“Im fine,” Fu Xiuyuan replied.

“Then lets go in first.” Old Madam Fu already knew that he was fine physically, so she was less concerned about him.

She walked in with Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuans gaze landed on Old Madam Fu and Shi Jin.

Seeing that they were getting along better by the day, his expression had unknowingly softened.

When Shi Jin entered, she saw that Qin Sinian was also there.

She could not help, but ask, “Brother-in-law, wheres Sister”

“Shes upstairs.”

Shi Jins relationship with Fu Heyan was different now.

She said, “Ill go look for her.”

And helped Old Madam Fu sit down before heading upstairs.

It had been a long time since Old Madam Fu had seen everyone in the family together harmoniously, and she could not help but smile.

This was a scene she had never dreamed of before.


Shi Jin knocked on the door.

After a while, Fu Heyan opened the door, her eyes red.

Shi Jin did not expect to see her like this.

However, before she could speak, Fu Heyan had already started smiling.

“Shi Jin, you came at the right time.

Check my eyes for me.

Theyve got sand in them.

I cant find anyone to help.”

Her expression was relaxed, and she really did not seem to be hiding anything else.

Shi Jin went forward to help.

Fu Heyan rubbed her eyes and said, “Finally comfortable.

Sigh, I shouldnt have walked around the back yard.

Come, lets go down first.”

Shi Jin followed her down.

When Qin Sinian saw Fu Heyan, he immediately stood up with a doting expression.

This kind of indulgence could not fool people.

Shi Jin knew from her previous life that this man was really good to Fu Heyan.

It seemed that he had not changed at all in this life.

The little bit of worry she had for Fu Heyan earlier had vanished in the face of Qin Sinians attitude.

On the other hand, Fu Xiuyuan sat at the side and did not look at Shi Jin.

He was talking to Old Madam Fu, but it was mainly her asking questions and him answering with a few simple words.

Shi Jin walked to the seat beside him, wanting to reconcile with him, but he still did not look at her.

Shi Jin knew that he was still angry.

She took the cup of tea from the butler and poured a cup for Old Madam Fu, Fu Heyan and Qin Sinian, but she avoided Fu Xiuyuan.

“Is Xiuyuan not drinking tea” Old Madam Fu asked with concern.

“Oh, he doesnt drink tea or coffee.

Hes afraid that he wont sleep well at night.” Shi Jin smiled at Fu Xiuyuan.

“If thats the case, then dont give him any fruit juice or beverage either.

Just pour him a glass of water.” Old Madam Fu did not dare to be careless and quickly replied.

The butler came forward and gave Fu Xiuyuan a glass of water.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up the tasteless water and casually took a sip.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Fu Xiuyuan, does plain water taste good”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan maintained his aloofness, but he finally said a word.

When they were eating, Fu Xiuyuan maintained an extremely indifferent expression.

However, he never liked to talk, so no one found it strange.

Shi Jin placed a bitter melon into his bowl.

Old Madam Fu hurriedly said, “Xiuyuan has never liked bitter melons since he was young…”

“No, I remember he liked it when we were at Orchid Pavilion.” Shi Jin looked at him with a smile.

Fu Xiuyuan picked it up and ate it.

Old Madam Fu had nothing else to say.

“Xiuyuan really likes to eat bitter melon now.” Shi Jin picked up more for him.

Hmph, who told him to ignore her

Fu Xiuyuan: “…”

He took his time to finish the bitter melon that Shi Jin had gotten for him.

Apart from the bitter melon dish, there was basically nothing else on the table that could restrain Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin could only give up temporarily.

Old Madam Fu and Fu Heyan looked at Shi Jin and then at Fu Xiuyuan.

It had only been a short while and the two of them had finished the entire plate of bitter melon.

One dared to pick it up, and one dared to eat it.

“Im full.” Fu Xiuyuan put down his chopsticks.

“Shi Jin, I want to eat some stomach medicine.

Help me get it from upstairs.”

Old Madam Fu became anxious when she heard that.

“Butler, quickly get the medicine for Xiuyuan.”

“No need, just let Shi Jin get it.”

He strode upstairs.

Old Madam Fu was very worried.

“Shi Jin, Ill have to trouble you to take care of Xiuyuan.”

Shi Jin hurriedly followed after him.

Even without Old Madam Fus reminder, she was very worried.

Was it because she had given Fu Xiuyuan too much bitter melon just now

People with bad stomachs could not eat too much bitter melon.

In order to joke around with Fu Xiuyuan, she had given him so much bitter melon, so it was not surprising for him to be feeling unwell.

At the thought of this, Shi Jin quickened her pace and headed upstairs.

When they reached Fu Xiuyuans room, she followed his footsteps and pushed the door open to enter the room with him.

However, the moment she entered, she was pressed against the door by Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and looked at him, unable to hide her worry.

“Is your stomach unwell”

She reached out to touch his stomach.

Fu Xiuyuan did not answer her and locked her in his arms with a deep kiss.

After the kiss, he asked, “Is it bitter”

“A little,” Shi Jin said in a low voice.

“I didnt ask you to eat them all.

I just wanted you to talk to me.”

Who told him to remain angry

“Have some stomach medicine first.” Shi Jin did not want to continue arguing with him.

She had indeed made a mistake in this matter.

He had been busy with her matters for the entire day and she should have accompanied him at night.

She had only agreed to Grandmas request because she had been too quick with her words.

“My stomach is fine.

Its just that theres something wrong here.” Fu Xiuyuan held her hand to his chest where his heart was.

“Im sorry, I didnt consider it properly this time.” Shi Jin apologized softly..

“I wanted to apologize to you in the car.”

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