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Chapter 443: How Is It Different From Being Banned

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He had experienced many negotiations like this, but in front of Fu Xiuyuan, he couldnt say a word.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he felt like he was talking to his superior.

No one else felt that anything was amiss.

“Are you saying that Shi Jins time and losses are not worth this amount” Fu Xiuyuan looked up coldly.

“No, no, no.

I didnt mean that.”

Fu Xiuyuan said coldly, “If we cant come to an agreement, get someone else to talk to us.”


Well pay for it.”

“As for the cast ofGlory of the Song Dynasty…” Fu Xiuyuans voice softened slightly.

“Chu Jia will be removed.”

“Huh” President Xiao was very surprised.

He had put in a lot of effort to get the company to fight for Chu Jias resources.

This was also because the company was giving face to Chu Ling.

Yet this man in front of him casually said Chu Jia would be removed.

If Chu Jia missed out on such a good opportunity, how was he going to explain it to Chu Ling and earn back the 10 million

Chu Jia bit her lip and looked at Fu Xiuyuan with a pitiful expression.

However, Fu Xiuyuan did not even look at her.

She looked to her manager for help.

Fu Xiuyuans manager was thinking about the crews matters.

Fu Xiuyuans words didnt count at all.

He exchanged glances with President Xiao and agreed temporarily.

“Alright, well leave then.”

Fu Xiuyuan stood up and nodded at Director Cao before turning around to leave.

President Xiao and the other two didnt have the face to stay any longer.

They stood up and said a few words to Director Cao before leaving.

After Chu Jia went out, she couldnt help but cry, “Without this resource, what else can I take on”

“Shut up,” the manager said angrily.

Chu Jia became obedient this time and stopped crying.

It turned out that President Xiao was communicating with the investors ofGlory of the Tang Dynasty.

It seemed like he was still trying to protect her.

Of course, President Xiao wasnt trying to protect Chu Jia.

However, Chu Jia was introduced by Chu Ling, so he had to give Chu Ling face.


Moreover, the compensation this time was 10 million yuan.

Chu Jia hadnt even earned a fraction of it so far.

He tried his best to protect Chu Jia because she was also the money bag for himself and the company.

After President Xiao finished his call, his expression improved.

Chu Jias manager asked, “President Xiao, is there any news”

“Im quite familiar with the investor.

He promised to give me a reply in ten minutes.”

Even so, President Xiao was already full of confidence that he could protect Chu Jia.

Chu Jia hurriedly said, “Thank you, President Xiao.

Thank you, thank you.”

The manager rolled his eyes at her.

“Do you think President Xiao wants to protect you After this incident, you should know your place and focus on filming.

Try your best to pay back your debt as soon as possible.”

Chu Jia swallowed her anger.

“I will.”

As the phone rang, President Xiao picked up the phone.


He spoke for a while, then put down the phone with an ugly expression.

The manager didnt dare to ask this time.

Chu Jia looked at President Xiao anxiously.

President Xiao sneered and said, “Its over.

They didnt agree to it.

You can find another job tomorrow.”

When Chu Jia heard this, she almost collapsed.

The manager didnt expect this result either.

What exactly did Shi Jins people say to the investor

After losing this opportunity, the other dramas that Chu Jia participated in would be affected as well.

The most important thing now was to find new resources for Chu Jia.

Her manager immediately started making calls to connect Chu Jia with resources.

She had to take on a job immediately so as to not affect her future development.

However, as the calls went through one after another, the people who picked up the call immediately rejected when they heard that it was Chu Jia.

“No, we dont need an artist in this field for now.”

“Oh, Chu Jia is quite pretty, but weve already found someone for this role.”

“Sorry, weve just decided on a candidate.”

The manager had a bad feeling in his heart.

Normally, even if an artist had dirt on them, as long as it wasnt a big problem, it shouldnt have a major impact.

They just needed to find connections to shoot a film and start over.

This time, the manager looked for his old connections, but the answers he got were all rejections.

Shi Jins team was only a subsidiary of Supreme Entertainment.

Where did they get such power How was Chu Jias current situation any different from being banned


Fu Xiuyuan picked up Shi Jin and got into the car.

After getting into the car, Shi Jin casually asked about Chu Jias outcome.

Fu Xiuyuan said calmly, “This kind of person wont appear in front of you anymore.”

Shi Jin immediately understood.

She couldnt help but mourn for Chu Jia for two seconds.

It wasnt easy for her to make it big, but just with Fu Xiuyuans words, she might not be able to receive any decent resources in the future.

She had never been popular before, so there were probably not even many chances for her to go for rehearsals or perform in small county bars.

However, who asked Chu Jia to court death

It was expected that she would run into Fu Xiuyuans hand.

Shi Jin reached out and caressed his face.

“Dont be angry.

You dont have to get angry over such a person.”

“Next time you encounter something like this, tell me immediately, okay”

Shi Jin nodded solemnly.


“When youre not by my side, I dont know what happened to you, and I panic.” Fu Xiuyuans voice lowered.

Although logically speaking, he knew that Shi Jin could handle any situation and evil people, she would always face it alone without giving him a chance to help.

He would worry, feel heartache… and also feel that she did not 0need him.

Looking at his gloomy expression, Shi Jin could not help but hold his hand.

“Yes, Mr.


The word “husband” pleased Fu Xiuyuan, sweeping away all the gloom in him.

His gaze towards Shi Jin was deep and filled with emotions.

He was about to kiss her when Shi Jins phone rang.

She could only smile apologetically and pick it up.

Old Madam Fus voice came from the other end.

“Xiao Jin, Grandma hasnt seen you and Xiuyuan in a long time.

When are you two free Come over for a meal.”

Shi Jin immediately said, “Were free now.”

She gestured to the driver, who was Fu Xiuyuans personal chauffeur and naturally knew where the Fu family mansion was.

He immediately turned the car around and drove there.

When Shi Jin finished speaking, she realized that Fu Xiuyuans aura was a little low, but it was too late for her to change her mind.

Old Madam Fus elated voice was heard.

“Thats good, thats good.

Ill arrange for a car to pick you up.”

Now that things had come to this, Shi Jin couldnt reject Old Madam Fu.

She could only continue to offend Fu Xiuyuan.

“Its alright, Grandma.

We were in the car and we were going to visit you anyway.

Well be there soon.”

“Alright, alright.

Ill wait for you guys.”

Putting down her phone, Shi Jin admitted her mistake and called his name in a low voice.

“Fu Xiuyuan”

Fu Xiuyuan turned his head away and ignored her.

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