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Chapter 442: Disgusting

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Director Cao said to the reporters, “Im really sorry, everyone.

Ive let everyone see the unbearable side of the production team.

Originally, today was a good opportunity to show everyone the strength of our production team and our hard work.

However, all of this was ruined by people with ulterior motives.

I apologize on behalf of the crew.

“On behalf of the production team, I have issued a stern statement to Chu Jia and reserve the right to fire her.”

Chu Jia panicked.

“Director Cao, dont fire me.

I was just confused…”

“Chu Jia, previously, Shi Jin thought that she had accidentally hurt you and was very guilty.

She was willing to pay for all your losses and the losses you brought to the production team.

Now that you are the one who started it, what do you plan to do” Director Cao asked.

Chu Jia was flustered and at a loss for words.

How could she have the money to compensate for such a huge loss How could someone like her be able to afford the compensation of Shi Jins net worth

She recalled the generous words Shi Jin had said to the reporters just now.

It turned out that Shi Jin had already dug a hole for her back then and was waiting to set her up now.

Looking at Chu Jias expression, everyone knew that she wouldnt be able to compensate for the money.

The reporters shook their heads secretly.

The netizens who were watching the livestream mocked, “What did Shi Jin say just now The medical fees, mismanagement fees, and the food and beverage fees are all paid without any ambiguity, but when its her turn, theres nothing left to say, right”

“Her actions are disgusting.

She rode off of Shi Jins popularity and now she doesnt have to pay anything.”

“How disgusting!”

Shi Jin glanced at Chu Jia indifferently and said, “Lets end this press conference today.

I dont want to waste any more of the production teams time.

Director Cao, lets continue filming.”

Director Cao agreed.

He could not be bothered with Chu Jia.

After he arranged the scenes, they started filming again.

This time, it was a scene involving Shi Jin and many others.

Under the watchful eyes of the reporters, she quickly passed this take and the reporters were satisfied.

When Shi Jin returned to the dressing room, Fu Xiuyuan sized up her costume.

Under this disguise, Shi Jin looked even more valiant.

However, this set of clothes weighed more than twenty kilograms.

It would not feel good to wear it.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out to help her remove her clothes and felt the weight of it.

“Should I get you a female assistant”

It wasnt convenient for Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li to accompany her to change her clothes.

Fu Xiuyuans heart ached at the thought of how inconvenient it was for her to handle all this by herself.

“Arent you here” Shi Jin smiled.

“Im not spending enough time with you.”

“When youre not around, I can do it myself.

Only when youre around will I rely on you.

Mr Fu, other than you, I dont want to rely on anyone else.”

Fu Xiuyuans brows slightly furrowed.

“Its hard to do everything by yourself.”

“Its easy to get used to relying on others.

By relying on yourself, you can live more comfortably.”

“Then I hope that you can become accustomed to relying on me and not shoulder everything yourself.”

Shi Jin looked up at him.

“Thats why Im getting more and more unaccustomed to not having you by my side.”

“Its my honor.” Fu Xiuyuan held her waist and lowered his head to plant a kiss on her lips.

Someone knocked on the door, so Fu Xiuyuan reluctantly let go of Shi Jin.

Yao Jiahong walked in and said, “Master Fu, someone from Chu Jias company is here.

They want to talk about compensation.”

“Let them wait.” Fu Xiuyuan sat at the side and watched Shi Jin remove her makeup.

He poured her some hot water, his expression calm and relaxed.

Yao Jiahong didnt rush him.

If Chu Jia dared to do such a thing, she deserved such a situation.

When Shi Jin was done, Fu Xiuyuan stood up and said, “Ill go take a look.”

Over there, Chu Jias manager and President Xiao from her company had been waiting for a long time.

Her manager could not help glaring at her hatefully.

She had already known that Chu Jia was restless, and warned her many times.

Who knew that she would still cause such a situation.

The three of them waited for more than an hour before Shi Jins people arrived.

Director Cao also walked over slowly.

Fu Xiuyuan walked in with Yao Jiahong.

When the two of them appeared, President Xiao and the others couldnt help but look towards Fu Xiuyuan.

Seeing this unfamiliar face, they were a little surprised.

Who was this

His aura was extraordinary, even stronger than Yao Jiahongs.

However, Chu Jias manager had already understood the situation.

She heard that this person was Shi Jins assistant or bodyguard.

Initially, they did not think much of it.

However, after seeing the real person, they knew that they could not underestimate him.

Chu Jia stood at the side, feeling anxious.

President Xiao was the first to speak.

“Everyone, Im really sorry about what happened today.

Im deeply sorry for the trouble that Chu Jia brought.

I also want to talk about compensation to make up for everyones loss.”

Director Cao chuckled.

“Ive already asked the finance department to settle the compensation.

Ill give you the details in a while.

As for Shi Jin, you know her status.

Due to todays situation, you prevented her from attending many other events.

We still need to discuss the exact amount.”

“10 million.” Fu Xiuyuan tapped his fingers on the table.

“Not a single cent less than that.”

President Xiao was dumbfounded.

Wasnt this asking price a little too high

Only Yao Jiahong thought to himself, 10 million was going easy on them.

In the time Master Fu wasted here with them, how many 10 millions could he earn To be able to get Master Fu to ask for 10 million was an honor for these people.

Yao Jiahong added, “The ten million we want is indeed not a lot.

This incident has affected Shijin greatly.”

President Xiao did not agree with him.

The negative news that had been brought about by Shi Jin this time was only temporary.

After that, the public opinion turned and fermented, and it had already brought her endless reputation and popularity.

The number of haters turned fans on the Internet kept increasing.

In just one day, Shi Jin had gained 500,000 followers.

And they were diehard fans too.

However, he couldnt say that.

“Thats too much.

Look, Chu Jia has just debuted recently…”

“Youve just debuted not long ago, yet you dare to use such a method to frame others.

If you hang around a little longer, wouldnt you dare to commit murder and arson” Fu Xiuyuan said unhurriedly from the side.

President Xiao and Chu Jias manager couldnt vent their anger and could only glare at Chu Jia.


Fu, Mr.

Yao, can we negotiate” President Xiao asked.

For some reason, in front of Fu Xiuyuan, all the excuses he had thought of before he came no longer worked.

He only felt a wave of guilt and did not dare to meet Fu Xiuyuans gaze, much less make threatening gestures.

Initially, he wanted to make use of the momentum to slowly lower the compensation.

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