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Chapter 441: Life Is Like a Drama, It All Depends On Acting

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Everyone was enlightened.

“So the doctor Chu Jia invited is someone she knows.”

“No wonder.

Chu Jia pretended to have an injury on her leg.”

“I thought it was strange before.

She said that Shi Jin was the one who injured her face, and then she said that Shi Jin was the one who injured her feet.

Its almost as if Shi Jin has nothing better to do than injure her all day.”

“What a mouth full of nonsense!”

Shi Jin took a towel that was wet with makeup remover and stepped forward.

She said, “Chu Jia, dont be too agitated.

Your face is sweating.

Let me help you wipe it.”

Chu Jias assistant was about to step forward, but Yao Jiahong and Xiao Li held her back.

Shi Jin took the towel and pinched Chu Jias chin, wiping her injured left cheek.

When she put away the towel, Chu Jias swollen cheek disappeared, revealing a large patch of white skin.

The reporters invited by Fu Xiuyuan were already prepared.

They aimed at Chu Jias face and gave her a close-up.

The netizens saw this scene clearly.

“Oh my god, the foot injury is fake, so is the face injury!”

“I thought it was weird before.

Shi Jin just slapped her face but she came back with a leg injury too.

I was wondering what was going on.

From the looks of it, it was obviously a scam.”

“This is what real acting is like.”

“Life is like a movie, everything depends on acting.”

“Scamming Shi Jin, shes really willing to do anything to gain popularity.”

Chu Jia could clearly hear the reporters exclamations.

The reporters discussions and the sounds of people rushing over to take photos were also heard by her.

“Stop looking, stop looking!” Chu Jia slapped Shi Jins hand away.

A hint of grievance appeared on the corner of Shi Jins lips.

“Chu Jia, Im just wiping off your sweat.

Take it as my apology to you this time.

Take it as compensation.”

Chu Jia realized that there was makeup remover on the towel in Shi Jins hand.

She didnt dare to stay there any longer.

She did not expect that Shi Jin would dare to forcefully remove the special effects makeup on her face.

Seeing that Shi Jin was about to approach, Chu Jia immediately dodged, but the space on the wheelchair was limited, so how could she avoid it

Seeing that Shi Jin was unwilling to give up, the reporters also surrounded them.

Chu Jia shouted and stood up from the wheelchair, wanting to hide.

After she stood up, Shi Jin stopped chasing and allowed the reporters to chase after her.

She threw away the towel in her hand and watched Chu Jia run out with a cold smile.

After running for a while, Chu Jia finally realized what she was doing.

Was the pain in her leg gone Instead, it was replaced by a pair of light and relaxed feet There were no obstacles when running!

It was precisely because there was nothing wrong with her feet that she ran out of instinct, but by the time she realized it, it was already over.

The reporters stared at her covetously, their gazes slowly shifting from her face to her feet.

There were still traces of special effects makeup on her face, but it was obvious that there was nothing wrong with her.

As for her tightly bandaged feet, the fact that she had run over from that side to this side… was enough to explain the problem.

Chu Jia did not understand why such a problem would occur.

Her previous leg injury was real.

At that time, it was so painful that she could not move.

When the doctor touched it, it was also very painful.

The doctors words were still fresh in her mind.

“My leg is really injured…”

These words sounded so powerless, as if she was trying to cover it up.

The reporters immediately asked, “Then how did you run here”

“Chu Jia, your face is clean and theres no swelling or injuries.

Whats going on”

“The doctor you hired previously is a doctor who has been working with your company for a long time, so are you deliberately perjuring Shi Jin”

“Chu Jia, whats your motive for doing this Is it because youre acting as the second female lead and cant stand Shi Jin, the female lead”

It had to be said that every question from the reporter was very sharp and pointed to the crux of the matter.

When put together, it was the truth of Chu Jias heart.

“Im not, I didnt…” Chu Jia denied, but at this moment, she had already lost all credibility.

Not only did the reporters at the scene refuse to believe it, even the netizens watching the live broadcast refused to believe it.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.”

“Sigh, we were really fooled by this woman.”

“She treated us like knives and spears against Shi Jin.

Not only did she have evil intentions, she was also very vicious.”

“Ive already told you guys that Shi Jin is not that kind of person.

You guys just didnt believe me!”

“Apologize to Shi Jin.”

“How could Chu Ling have such a cousin”

“The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

Who knows if Chu Ling and Chu Jia are jackals of the same tribe”

At the scene, the reporters that Chu Jia had hired silently retreated.

Although they had been paid for the job, they were too ashamed to face their peers after seeing how Chu Jia was exposed.

Shi Jin walked over.

The reporters made way for her when they saw her approaching.

Shi Jin was wearing a black down jacket, which made her look even more beautiful and stunning.

She looked at Chu Jia indifferently.

“Chu Jia, so you lied to me To think that I felt guilty about hurting your face during filming.

I really wanted to apologize and compensate you.”

“I didnt! Its all your fault! You framed me!” Chu Jia thought of her own feet.

“What tricks did you use to trick me! Shi Jin, you did it on purpose.

You set everything up.”

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows.


The reporters at the side could not stand it anymore.

They pointed at Chu Jia and said, “We were here the whole day and witnessed everything that happened.

You said that Shi Jin framed you, where did it start Did she purposely make you put on special makeup to deceive us Did she purposely make you run faster than us after bandaging your leg”

Chu Jia didnt know what to say.

Her eyes were blazing as she looked at Shi Jin.

This woman, Shi Jin, was too scary.

She had tricked her again and again.

“Shi Jin, Chu Jia.” Director Cao walked over and took a test report from his hand.

“Shi Jin, when you were filming today, you pretended to hit Chu Jia.

Your hand was stained with the blood that Chu Jia spat out.

Ive asked the doctor to check it.

Its syrup and dye.”

Director Cao also wanted to resolve the matter as soon as possible, so he and Shi Jin used different methods to prove it.

Chu Jias expression became increasingly ugly.

The flames in her eyes also gradually disappeared, turning into despair.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Thank you for your help, Director Cao.”

The evidence was conclusive..

Chu Jia didnt even have a chance to turn things around.

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