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Chapter 440: Does Your Face Hurt

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When everyone saw that she was in a wheelchair, they already felt that something was amiss.

They didnt expect that it was Shi Jin who did it.

“How can Shi Jin do this”

“Isnt this too overbearing”

“This is deliberately injuring someone!”

“Why are you waiting for an apology Call the police!”

It wasnt that Chu Jia hadnt thought of directly calling the police, but how could the popularity of directly calling the police compare to Shi Jin apologizing to her in public

Previously, the injury on her face was fake, so she didnt dare to come to the press conference to apologize.

Now that her feet were injured, she had to step on Shi Jin.

She said pitifully, “I dont know why Shi Jin would do this to me, but I believe that I have been conscientious in my filming and have done nothing wrong to her.

Therefore, Shi Jins public apology today is also to let everyone see the situation.

Justice is in the hearts of people.”

Her words caused a lot of sympathy.

Those haters who couldnt find Shi Jins dirt started to jump up and down, creating trouble.

A moment later, the door opened and everyone looked outside.

Shi Jin walked in.

Everyone took the initiative to create a path for her.

She had already changed out of her costume and put on a jacket before striding over.

An old man followed behind her.

He was wearing a white coat and looked like a doctor.

When they arrived at their positions, Shi Jin nodded at them.

Everyone quieted down and waited for her to speak.

It was only then that Shi Jin spoke.

“Everyone, Im here today to apologize to Miss Chu Jia.

During the shoot today, although Ive been very careful and tried my best not to hurt anyone, I was helpless.

During the shoot, as Miss Chu Jia said, it was inevitable that there were some bumps and bruises, causing Miss Chu Jia to be injured.

Here, I want to apologize to Miss Chu Jia for accidentally hurting her face.

Im very sorry.”

Her attitude was very sincere, making the reporters and onlookers speechless.

“In order to make up for my apology, I will compensate Miss Chu Jia for her loss.

I will also compensate her for holding up her work, meal expenses, medical expenses and so on.

I will also discuss with the production team about the delay in filming today.” Shi Jins attitude was impeccable.

She took a look at Chu Jias foot and said, “I heard that Miss Chu Jia injured her foot, so I specially invited a doctor over to nurse her back to make up for my accidental carelessness during the shoot this morning.”

When they heard Shi Jins constant emphasis on being accidental, the onlookers could not help but discuss, “Her attitude is really… If you say its really good, its not that great.

But if you say it was bad, she seems pretty sincere.”

“Anyway, after what happened, my impression of Shi Jin has been greatly reduced.”

“Sigh, I really didnt expect her to be such a person.”

When Chu Jia heard Shi Jins words, she could not help saying, “Shi Jin, you dont have to change the subject.

You were the one who injured my foot.

You should be responsible for it.

Do you dare to admit that you injured my foot on purpose”

“Thats strange.

When I slapped your face, everyone saw it.

Im really sorry.

Ill pay attention to this when filming in the future, but I didnt touch your feet, right Do I have to be responsible for that” Shi Jin pretended to be surprised.

“Shi Jin, Ive always told you to forget about my face.

I dont mind, but youre asking for a yard after taking an inch.

You continue to hurt my foot, and you still dare to quibble” Chu Jia was filled with righteous indignation.

She was no longer as calm and magnanimous as before.

Shi Jin nodded.

She thought for a moment and said, “How did I hurt you When we were filming I didnt touch your feet.”

“You came to my dressing room, stepped on my feet, and pushed me down.

You hurt me.

You came to my dressing room before.

Do you dare to deny it” The production team had surveillance videos, so Chu Jia was not afraid of her denying it.

Even though the dressing room did not have surveillance cameras installed for privacy reasons, as long as Shi Jin admitted that she had come to the dressing room, Chu Jia could make her admit that she had done it.

“In that case, I did go to your dressing room to look for you.

I might have accidentally touched your leg, but I didnt expect you to be so badly injured.

If you want to say that I did it, then just take it that I did it,” Shi Jin admitted.

Chu Jia thought that she would have to expend some effort to get Shi Jin to admit it.

She didnt expect her to admit it so readily.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

Shi Jin looked at everyone with a sincere attitude.

“Since Chu Jia insists that I was the one who injured her foot, how about this I have already brought along a famous orthopedist in the industry and asked him to take a look at Chu Jias injury.

Firstly, I want to express my apology to Chu Jia and secondly, I want to confirm the condition of her injury so that I can compensate her according to her wishes.”

Everyone felt that Shi Jins words made sense, so this suggestion received the approval of most people.

There were also people who recognized that this was a very famous doctor in the industry.

To be able to invite him over to treat Chu Jias injury, Shi Jin was indeed serious.

Even the onlookers did not have anything to say.

The doctor walked to Chu Jia and said, “Miss Chu, do you mind if I look at your feet”

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Ill help too.

After all, it was my fault.”

After saying that, she took the initiative to squat down and help the doctor.

Chu Jia felt a slight sound coming from her bones.

She didnt know what was going on, but she didnt think there was any problem.

After Shi Jin helped him, she stood at the side.

The doctor frowned and said, “Thats not right.”

The reporter quickly asked, “Whats wrong”

Chu Jia became nervous as well.

“Doctor, whats wrong with my leg Ive already seen the doctor, and he said its very serious.

Is my injury worse than he said Is there a cure”

The doctor stood up and said seriously, “Its not right.

Its not that your injury is serious, but your foot is completely uninjured!”

Everyone was shocked.

The onlookers were also very surprised.

However, it was impossible for the doctor to lie.

This concerned his professional reputation.

“How is that possible Shi Jin clearly injured my foot.

My foot was seriously injured just now.

The doctors evidence can testify!” Chu Jia said sternly.

The doctors expression turned ugly.

“You can question others, but you cant question my medical skills.

If you dont believe me, you can ask others to testify.”

He was very authoritative in the industry and had never been suspected by anyone.

Everyone knew of his standing, so it was impossible for him to lie.

Chu Jia was exasperated.

“You were bribed by Shi Jin!”

Shi Jin smiled and stood up..

“Chu Jia, you can slander me, but please respect the doctors professional opinion.

You said that the doctor I hired is problematic, so let me ask you, where did the doctor you hired come from Is he a doctor who has been working with your company for a long time”

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