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Chapter 44: A Waste of Talent

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Gu Qinghua was particularly excited.

It was the first time she was so immersed in her performance, so she was still high from it.

She held Shi Jins arm with her fingers intertwined.

“I did it! I really did it this time!”

Shi Jin did not remind Gu Qinghua that she owed her success to the guitar.

She hoped that Gu Qinghua could overcome her fears, even without using a guitar in the future.

Most artists were better at certain styles of performing, but sometimes it was hard to see from their own perspectives.

It was easier for a bystander to point it out to them.

Singers who did not find the right way to perform might end up remaining unknown for years before they finally made a name for themselves.

The same went for actors.

Even if they had decent acting skills, they were unable to have any iconic work in their portfolio until they met the right director.

They needed the right director to help figure out and develop the best way to perform.

Li went over and said softly, “Shi Jin, the car is waiting for you outside.”

“Is Jiahong here” asked Shi Jin.

“Yes, he is.” Li was surprised by her question but quickly answered.

Shi Jin said, “Can you ask him to come over I need his help.”

“If you need any help, just let me know.

He is kind of… held up…”

“Please get him to come over.

Its better for him to do it.” Shi Jins eyes looked smiley.

In the past, she would have coldly said he was not capable of handling things.

She was such an expert at offending people.

Even though Li was a chauffeur, she had now learned to show him respect and smiled as she spoke to him politely.

Li was stunned by her behavior once more before he quickly ran over to Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong looked a little impatient.

He had no choice but to put on a mask and cover half his face before he went over.

He genuinely could not afford the embarrassment.

After he came over, Shi Jin said, “Jiahong, can you please inform the crew that I dont want to work with people who will affect my performance.”

She explained what happened to their accompaniment recording.

Yao Jiahong contemplated.

Was the accompaniment recording enough to save her performance

Since he was still Shi Jins talent agent, it was his job to communicate with their production crew, so Yao Jiahong sighed, “I will talk to Ding Yongjian.”


Thank you,” said Shi Jin.

She did not want this employee to handle her matters from now on.

Since Yao Jiahong agreed to help talk to Ding Yongjian, she went to the car first.

The moment Ding Yongjian spotted Yao Jiahong, he went stunned for a few seconds.

Was Shi Jins agent Yao Jiahong The top talent agent from Supreme Entertainment

He was aware Shi Jin made it into the program due to her connections.

Otherwise, she would have gotten eliminated ages ago.

However, it did not cross his mind that she would have such a famous talent agent!

It was a sheer waste of talent for Yao Jiahong to work with her… Hang on.

Perhaps this implied the talent agency had high hope for her

“I will take care of it right away and make sure everything goes smoothly for Little Stone!” Ding Yongjians attitude was exceptionally good.

After all, Yao Jiahong had trained a lot of top-tier celebrities, so he was highly revered in the industry.

“Okay.” Yao Jiahong nodded calmly.

“Will you be coming with Shi Jin again the next time” Ding Yongjian was certainly not going to pass up on the opportunity to rub shoulders with Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong was frustrated with Shi Jin, so he said impatiently, “I wont be taking her to the filming from now on.”

“I see.” Ding Jianyong wiped the sweat from his brow.

For a moment, he thought he had offended someone important, but Shi Jin turned out to be a nobody.

Yao Jiahong might have just happened to swing by to help Shi Jin out.

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