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Chapter 439: Face Slapping At The Apology Press Conference

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“Her face isnt made of steel,” said Shi Jin with a laugh.

“Thats good.” Fu Xiuyuans tone was calm, but there was an unconcealable sternness between his brows.

At least Chu Jia was tactful and didnt go for Shi Jin.

Otherwise, no matter how she was banned, it wouldnt be able to appease his anger.

“Dont worry too much, Ive already thought it through.

Lets go, Ill go see Chu Jia.”

Shi Jin stood up.

Fu Xiuyuan wrapped his arm around her waist.

“I just arrived and youre going to see Chu Jia”

“What else can I do” Before Shi Jin could finish her sentence, Fu Xiuyuan sealed her lips.

She had gone for a volunteer medical consultation for a few days and hadnt come back.

The moment she came back, she was already on set here.

Fu Xiuyuan missed her terribly.

This longing turned into this kiss that sealed her lips.

After the kiss, Shi Jin raised her eyebrows.


Fu, I really have to go and see Chu Jia now.

Otherwise, I wont be able to explain what happened today.”

Fu Xiuyuan let go of her.

“You really dont need me to accompany you”

“Yes, I can settle it myself,” Shi Jin said softly.

She opened the door and walked towards Chu Jias dressing room.

Chu Jia had already finished her interview and returned to her dressing room.

She was enjoying the support on Weibo.

Shi Jin knocked on the door and Chu Jia came over to open it.

When she saw that it was her, she seemed to have expected it.

She smiled and said, “Shi Jin, are you looking for me”

“Yes, Im here to look for you and talk about what happened between us.” Shi Jin walked in and closed the door.

Chu Jia was not afraid at all.

Now that she had the upper hand, it would not be easy for Shi Jin to turn things around.

It was impossible for Shi Jin to do anything to her in public, right

She smiled and said, “I know that you didnt do it on purpose, so I didnt blame you.

Shi Jin, we are considered acquaintances.

Whether you hit me or scold me, I will consider the big picture and not let our personal grudges affect the filming.”

She suspected that Shi Jin had a recording pen with her, so her words were flawless.

“So, theres no need to apologize.

Ive never blamed you, have I Ive already made things clear with the reporters,” Chu Jia said as she crossed her arms.

Shi Jin smiled and looked at Chu Jia.

After her experience in the entertainment industry, Chu Jia had really grown up.

She was no longer as frivolous as before and did things in a sloppy manner.

It was indeed worth celebrating.

“Although you dont need me to apologize, I still feel an apology is necessary.” Shi Jin took a step forward and walked up to Chu Jia.

“Oh, since you want to apologize, then say it.

Im not blaming you anyway.

My face will be fine after resting for two days.”

The corners of Shi Jins lips curled up.

“I hope I can apologize to you publicly and let everyone know that our matter was indeed a misunderstanding.”

Chu Jia did not know what Shi Jin was up to.

If she apologized publicly, it would not be beneficial for her.

After all, the scars on her face were makeup effects.

The more people saw her, the greater the risk of being seen through.

“No need.

Dont make it so troublesome.

Just tell me directly.

I still have things to tend to and dont have time to cooperate with you.” Chu Jia refused.

Shi Jin took a step closer and stepped on Chu Jias foot.

Chu Jia struggled, but was unable to break free.

She said angrily, “What are you doing Shi Jin, what are you trying to do”

“Not doing anything.” She pushed Chu Jia back into the chair and exerted more force on her feet.

Chu Jia heard the sound of bones breaking.

She said nervously, “Shi Jin, what did you do to me My feet, my feet…”

An intense pain came, causing her expression to change drastically.

“Shi Jin, you broke my foot!” Chu Jia was really angry this time.

“Im going to sue you, how dare you!”

“Chu Jia, Ill be waiting for you at the apology conference this afternoon.” Shi Jin retracted her leg.

Chu Jia raised her hand and wanted to slap Shi Jin on the face.

However, her injured leg could not exert any force.

Her body tilted and she fell back into the chair.

Chu Jia screamed, “Shi Jin, I wont let this matter rest like this! I want you to pay with your life!”

Shi Jin walked out slowly.

Chu Jias assistant rushed in and saw that her feet were swollen.

“Jiajia, are you alright”

“Its Shi Jin.

She injured my ankle.

Call the doctor!” Chu Jia panicked.

She did not want her injury to worsen by moving.

“No, no, call the doctor from the company to come here.”

There was a doctor in the company who worked with them regularly, and he was soon called over.

After the doctors examination, medicine was applied to Chu Jias injury.

The doctor reminded her, “You need to rest for at least half a month.

Its best if you dont walk or do any strenuous exercise for this half a month.”

“I need to film, I cant rest for that long.”

“That cant be helped.

If you insist on exercising, not only will your injuries heal slowly, but there will also be serious repercussions.”

When Chu Jia heard this, she was distraught.

Apart from the filming of “Glory of the Song Dynasty,” she had other work opportunities.

If she were to rest for that long, all her opportunities would be gone.

Shi Jin!

She gritted her teeth.

It was all Shi Jins fault.

She had never expected that Shi Jin would appear in her dressing room and hurt her in the name of an apology.

Shi Jin was ruthless!

“Immediately attend the apology press conference prepared by Shi Jin!” Chu Jia didnt want to be hurt for nothing.

Her original magnanimity was gone.

The apology press conference was ready.

In order to create hype, Chu Jia had already arranged for reporters to be present.

This time, Fu Xiuyuan naturally wouldnt hand the entire scene over to Chu Jia.

Of course, he didnt need to prepare special reporters.

He just needed them to stand in a neutral position.

On the internet, the netizens had also prepared peanuts, melon seeds, cola, and soda, waiting to watch the drama unfold.

Chu Jias fans were also waiting for justice.

The spectators were even more excited.

An apology press conference, where the involved parties personally apologized.

This was simply an unprecedented annual event in the entertainment industry, attracting countless people to wait.

Before Shi Jin appeared, Chu Jia came in with a wheelchair.

“The person apologizing didnt come, but Chu Jia came first”

“Shi Jin doesnt seem sincere.”

“I believe our daughter didnt do such a thing.”

“The commenter above must be suffering from cerebral palsy.

Shi Jin has already admitted it herself.

Why are you still trying to cover it up”

“Does Shi Jin want to apologize or deny it”

Chu Jias eyes were red from crying.

She was no longer as magnanimous as before as she said, “Shi Jin injured me.

I always thought that it was normal for her to stumble, so I didnt want her to apologize, nor did I want to cause trouble for the production team and everyone else.

However, Shi Jin insisted on apologizing..

I thought that it would be good for everyone to coexist peacefully, so I opened the door and invited her into my dressing room.

Who knew that she didnt come to apologize to me, but hurt my leg instead!”

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